Are the Catholics have the future to what they are doing?

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i'm ex-Catholic.. our childhood catechism centered around the figures of the catholic church, not the salvation in Yahushua nor learning the Bible.. it was all learning about being Catholic, not learning about being saved in Messiah.

There are a lot of ex-catholics with similar stories. But you must remember a few things. First Salvation is Yahushua is a personal choice, and that choice is presented to the RCC laymen in many ways. This is the same for Protestants, and all other Christians. All denominations who preech the Gospels, and adhere to the Apostles Creed are showing their congregation the path to heaven. Regardless if the RCC also likes to include extra biblical followers of Yah in their litature doesn't take away the fact they do preech the Gospel every day to their laymen. No catholic presbyter that I know would discourage a layman from reading the scripture. It is encouraged. It's read at the breaking of the bread to remember the last supper every morning multiple times.


Nobody can force you to invite, submit, and accecpt salvation in Yahushua. Thats the individual's choice. It's the individual's choice to study scripture outside of worship service no matter the denomination. In all congregations there are lukewarm believers, and full believers, and others as well. To single out a certain group of brother Christians because of the mistakes of corrupt officals is strange. Every denomination including non denominationals as well have some corrupt officals.


Lots of kids who attend Catholic schools, or Christian, or Jewish schools grow up very secular. not because the school's spiritual teachings were bogus, but because the individual grew up to become a person who wasn't concerned with Yah, or spiritual matters. Wasn't the schools fault it was a personal choice.



We are all called to serve our father in a pleasing manner and we have to read the bible.

Yes Matthew no total submission to our Savior Yahushua no life.


don't know anything about either of these guys, but as an ex-catholic believer on Yahusha, i found this interesting..

not saying the version of Catholicism the exorcist is involved in is any better than the 'novus ordo' version he speaks out against in the video.. but the facts remain the same, the RCC is a spiritually dangerous place to be.

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