Dazed & Confused

There is an alarming phenomenon taking place that i can see accelerating by the day. It's rather like being trapped in some terrible B movie...Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Where once a person might talk to the average stranger on the street and strike up a meaningful conversation and there were those little normal response indicators in tone and body language and the eyes as to how a person was receiving the things said to them...

Now more often people tend to stare in blank, dazed surprise to find themselves spoken to at all and respond in a strange, detached robotic manner as if they are running a response program of selected scripts... but just like an automated answering service, if you happen to interject something which has no pre-programmed response you receive a weird sort of error message written on a face that almost flashes the message "does not compute".

Another alarming symptom i notice is an abominable, increasing lack of ability to write or speak in more or less correct and understandable English. I'm no obsessive compulsive grammar nut..nor do i begrudge anyone the occasional typographical error (being a pot, i wouldn't call that kettle black), but when i notice that even journalists, writing professionally for news sources can not spell or use at least moderately good grammar..i have to wonder would these people have managed to keep their jobs in that field 30 years ago?

The statistics on this would indicate that even people of an older generation who have used good spelling and grammar and punctuation throughout most of their lives, suddenly have become more inept at it.. as if they have lost some basic knowledge that they once had. Chalk it up to a snotty attitude perhaps.. but i refuse to relate to typed expressions like "wht r u dng?" and "sup?"

I recently listened to a comment by a Georgia congressman who stated he was very concerned about overpopulation, particularly the overpopulation of Islands like Guam. He believes there is a chance that if too many more people reside there, the island will tip over...capsize... because..islands float on the water?? Are we really living in an age where there are adults..and elected officials no less, who believe that islands float on the water and can possibly tip? What happened here?

Why are people losing their cognition? One could certainly point to the fact that the activities of a normal day include television, video games and ipods instead of hunting for dinner, raising farm animals and growing ones own food and medicine. The things people fill their days with now do not require thought or skill aside from how fast they can move their thumbs and as we all know..use it or lose it.

There is more to it though, it's not just a pervasive lack of common skills and mental exercise, nor can it be said to be a poor educational system to blame for it entirely (though that certainly doesn't help). There is something amiss with the population's innate potential to comprehend and retain information. It would seem to figure by reasonable conclusion that the enormity of this problem points to some wanting it to be so..

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”
—Saul Bellow, To Jerusalem and Back, 1976

Let's take a look at what humanity is exposed to in this generation, from cradle to grave....

Parents are recommended to have their child vaccinated with up to 24 injections by age two...most if not all of which contain mercury, adjuvants, live viruses, genetic material from various animals and a cocktail of toxic additives such as formaldehyde. The result is damage to the immune system and by extension, the brain..in worst case scenarios the onset of autism occurs.

Food that people consume on a daily basis contains a wide range of incredibly poisonous substances that are chemicals...Not Food... you would never eat these things if they came in a bottle with a skull and cross bones on them..but eating them as ingredients to food is so commonplace that people literally don't care what they are. Even if you do care..best wishes to you in your attempt to eliminate them from your diet as the food supply is saturated with them and organic eating can get expensive (though more than worth it if you can manage it).

Some more obvious examples are MSG, EDTA, Aspartame, artificial colors and flavors, and Aluminum Ammonium sulfate....some more sneaky ingredients are Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Enzyme Modified Soy Protein, and Hydrogenated Oils. The result of a life of eating these ingredients predisposes one to a multitude of diseases, immune dysfunction and eventually early onset senile dementia.

Most people no longer have the luxury of owning their own water well from which they can draw untreated, natural ground water with all it's vital trace minerals. Now for the most part, people drink from municipal water supplies from treatment plants which regularly add chemicals such as Fluoride ( known to have been useful to Hitler in Nazi Germany for making the masses docile), Chlorine, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead... all in all..a whopping 60,000 toxic additives are used at various treatment plants world wide...many of which cause a wide range of inhibited brain function and psychosis.

We all hear a lot about air pollution these days..but most of what we hear about is geared toward demonizing every day life..the so-called "carbon footprint". Incredibly enough, some would have you believe that CO2 is a dangerous gas...the very stuff humans and other creatures exhale. In reality CO2 is not dangerous and is actually very necessary to the ongoing survival of the planet as plants require it for their respiration.

What is horrifically dangerous is going on over your head probably on a greater than weekly basis, depending upon your location. The next time you look overhead and notice the sky criss-crossed with white trails, don't be fooled, those aren't commercial aircraft. The long-lasting white trails which will streak the sky on certain days with grid patters are released by high altitude planes that you can witness for yourself.

They are intentionally spraying poisons into your atmosphere. The contents of the trails vary but the most common components are Barium Salts, Aluminum Oxide, Depleted Uranium and, bizarrely enough, red blood cells.As you are probably already aware...heavy metal toxicity is extremely damaging to the brain, and aluminum in particular destroys memory retention.

Here's one that is good at making enemies..since this is a society with a long held tradition of elevating the medical arts and their importance in everyday life to the status of a divine gift, it is hard to make friends pointing out the true nature of this greatly esteemed practice of pharmaceutical love.

The best place to make yourself aware of what it is is in scripture.. have a look at the word "sorceries" used in the book of revelation and then follow that to the Greek word it came from. You will find Pharmekeia..the definition of which is the use of drugs,,after that, magic. Don't be too fast to define what a "drug" might be..we can't add to this definition the implication of "illegal" drugs or abuse of drugs...obviously modern drug laws hold no affect to what terms in scripture mean...nor can one use something condemned by the Almighty without abusing it. We can't fornicate just a little and expect that to be ok.

The root of the Greek word came from a "deity" in the minor Greek pantheon called Pharmaros, which is in turn a Greek corruption of the name Armoni...which was one of the 200 fallen Watchers stated to have been a master in the arts of medical remedies. Not only is there a moral consequence to drug use but there is a physical one, as there is not a single drug made by man which will not cause more harm than help eventually.

The worst of these drugs are psych medication which are particularly damaging to the nervous system, addictive and cause more psychosis than they prevent. The FDA admitted to having the goal of seeing over 70 % of all children on psychiatric medication in the coming years.

This world is under a spell...to some degree it is one imposed on them unbeknownst to them..but to a large degree it is, now, after years of multi-generational programming and covert poisoning, a matter of apathy which keeps people unconcerned enough to not search out the truth and act on it. A lazy will and an untrained mind leaves the door open for the emotional abuse of the devil. A mind unable to assert itself against the programming of the system becomes a willing slave...and of course a prime target of "Strong Delusion".

"Pause and wonder! Blind yourselves and be blind! They are drunk, but not with wine. They stagger, but not with intoxicating drink."
- Isaiah 29:9

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