Whoever has an idea concerning these vaccine can come up and tell us are they real or good for human bodies.People are on receiving and the death rate still high.Before these virus we used to have people die up to now of various diseases they say Covid .

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Warn everyone you can to stay away from these shots. Please take a look at this video and pass it on to anyone who can watch it who is going to take the "vaccine". Very dangerous stuff.

david omweno ongori said:

They have tried here in Kenya by injecting the elderly people who are 58 and a above and some are being injected at night and they are all dying at these time.At night no movement so your blood clots and you die as the vaccine requires once injected you need to rest and then walk some distance to relax the blood.The heart stops bumping so stay a way from these ungodly practices.

Imagine the genocide that would be possible if these shots had come around in 2023 as they had planned. It would have had FDA approval. Federal/national laws would force it. Thank the Creator that it is currently Illegal to force the vaccine. Anyone following mandates is being gaslighted into believing it is a legal mandate. In reality, people do have a right to say no and must educate themselves and stand up and do just that. Take a look at the video i posted in reply to David. It's life or death. Stand or die.

Tristran Hepburn said:

Vaxxed + 5G = Zombie Army.

An army, controlled by TPTB in a worldwide gameshow for their Virtual World entertainment.

Great thanks we can survive without these deadly vaccines we are staying safe because we are in a rural area.

Tell me; has anyone noticed any decrease in the traffic during the morning or afternoon rush-hours ?

I state that the traffic tomorrow, will be identical to the level of traffic, 5 years ago everywhere on this planet.

If the vaxxed people are dying or unable to drive vehicals, how come nothing has changed ? especially since 5G (supposedely) went live in early January 2022.

Hmmmm, it almost seems that ALL Doom Porn is a LIE.

10 days later, following my previous thread post and still no one has shown video footage of massive decreases in the level of "rush_hour" traffic in their region, considering that the VAX was supposed to reduce the world population via injury or death.

Our brains assume that every electrical input signal from our senses is the truth. What if these electrical signals are all fake ? It then explains why the World will be exactly the same this coming Monday morning "rush-hour" just like it was 7 Years ago.

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