Those of us who accept that there has been a real occurrence of a race of human hybrids, including giants on Earth and the presence of heavenly beings who initiated the existence of those beings are up against two main sources of criticism. On the one side there is the secular world, which will not, under any circumstances support evidence (or even let evidence be known) which could in any way substantiate biblical history. While i don't expect anything more or less from the secular world, it's the other side of the coin that becomes frustrating, and that is believers in biblical history who refuse outright anything which is remotely connected to giants, nephilim or a world history that includes them.

Most believers know secular atheists who rail against the "fairy tale" of scripture having never once read the text which they refute. It's common sense that we can't formulate an opinion on a written record if we are never wiling to read it. Why then, should there ever be believers who are comfortable exercising the same kind of prejudice towards bodies of evidence which thwart their traditional viewpoint? If any group of individuals has a duty to be thorough in their consideration of all facts, it should be us.

World history presents us with a picture that is very very difficult to reconcile to either the mainstream story or even to a biblical one which does not allow for the insertion of some extraterrestrial influence. Here i have complied a "tip of the iceberg" of the anomalous, the strange and the out-of-place which should put these bible references in their intended perspective:

Now it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them that the sons of the 'Elohiym saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. - Genesis 6:1,2

There were nephilim on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of the 'Elohiym came in to the daughters of men and they bore to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. -Genesis 6:4

There we saw the nephilim (the descendants of 'Anaq came from the giants) and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight and so we were in their sight." -Numbers 13:33

In every corner of the globe there exists legends of giants. This alone..just this one fact needs an answer. When we discuss the great flood with a non-believer, we point out that global flood stories The fact that cultures far from one another should retain such similar stories of an event is evidence that it was not a concocted legend, but that it came from the re-telling of a true event. Why then should the same logic not apply to repeated beliefs about the existence of giants...from Australian Aborigines to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Native North and South Americans and every island in between.

Not only do we have stories though..we have hard evidence, the remains of individuals who could hardly be called your "average human being."...

In 1833, in Lampec-Rancho California, buried beneath boulders, soldiers found the skeletal remains of an individual who measured 11 feet, 9 inches. Other discoveries of skeletal remains between 9 and 18 feet include...1887, Eureka Nevada- 11 feet, 1891, Crittenton Arizona -9 feet, 8 inches with polydactyly, 1928, Tensas Perish Louisiana - 9 feet, 11 inches, 1931, Madison Parish, Louisiana - 10 feet,2 inches, 1923, Grand Canyon - petrified remains 18 and 15 feet. Among the most bizarre findings of humanoid remains have been skulls with double rows of teeth and even some with horns.

Besides physical remains, footprints are evidence of huge persons which have walked the Australia were found footprints measuring 2 feet long and 7 inches across the toes spaced 6 feet apart, indicating a 12 foot tall person, another set in the same region with a 10 inch toe span indicates a person 17 feet tall.

Since pictures are reputed to be far more compelling than words..let's look at some..

The mainstream explanation to why there should exist skulls which look like those above is that certain cultures had made a practice amongst the nobility of intentionally deforming the skulls of their children using boards to flatten and elongate their heads. While it is true that some did this it can't be applied to every instance of discovery of an elongated skull. Many of these specimens not only had an oddly shaped head, they had a larger brain capacity. This, of course can't be accomplished by artificial deforming of the skull. Furthermore, one has to ask the question...what on Earth compels a people to intentionally deform their skulls to look like this and why is it attached to the idea of nobility? This is a feature that can be seen represented repeatedly in Egyptian depictions of royalty...

It is important to factor in Egypt's own testimony about their nobility, in that they held to the assertions that their rulers were, in the beginning, "gods" and that the successive rulership was held by hybrids, the children of these "gods". Egypt is not the last that can be seen of the presence of elongated skulls, in fact it is a feature that is present (if not as prominent) in the European noble bloodlines.

Princess of the House of Este - 1400's

We can perhaps safely assume this girl's head was not intentionally deformed in a bizarre, primitive cultural tradition.

The answer of the board-deformed skulls also does nothing to explain a different sort of anomalous skull...

Now to examine the incredible structures and depictions of engineering which exist to this day from a far distant past which defy all explanations of human ingenuity.

Ancient runways cut into mountaintops...

The Great Pyramid...the most perfect structure ever to be built on Earth, incorporating advanced mathematical knowledge and demonstrating perfect understanding of the Earth's placement in the heavens, dimensions, polar alignment and central landmass point.

Sacsayhuaman were these massive stones fit together perfectly like a puzzle with not so much as a hairsbreadth between them?

Who drew these lines which can not be recognized as images from the ground, but only from aircraft?

Who was flying airplanes thousands of years ago?

If humans were capable of these things thousands of years ago by virtue of their own abilities of intellect and discovery then we should see a gradual incline from primitive to advanced and yet that isn't the case. The world was clearly primitive to a point and then without prelude or warning, there is a sudden burst of advanced knowledge from seemingly nowhere. Only a bit over 1600 years passed between the creation of Adam and the flood and somewhere in this time an appearance of greatly advanced technological information interjected itself. By the same token, if we are dealing with a humanity with enough intelligence to understand the concepts which appeared in this era we are not dealing with a superstitious and simple minded people who are given to fabricating bizarre supernatural stories to explain simple, natural concepts. I believe that humans were intelligent pre flood, even moreso than they are now and yet they insist, universally, in ancient times that the source of their advanced technology was beings which arrived on Earth from heavenly realms. In today's world we don't have people insisting that the Wright Brothers were aliens or that Thomas Edison was a "god".

The similar traditions of the religious and historical records of multitudes of cultures worldwide keep pointing to three interconnected appearance of heavenly beings on earth, genetic manipulation and hybridization and finally a catastrophic flood. The Sumerians tell this story, accrediting the beings called the Anunnaki (those who came from heaven to Earth) with their knowledge and with breeding programs which mixed Earthly bloodlines with extraterrestrial ones. The Egyptians mirror this account and term the same being "Neteru" which translates to "Watchers". The Incas kept an oral tradition, as did other Native South Americans, of white skinned, tall humanoids who displayed knowledge and supernatural power far beyond human ability who came and "civilized" primitive mankind, teaching them how to use technology to make their lives more convenient. Babylonians and Assyrians reported a fish/human chimera creature who did the same post-flood.

The Pantheon of deities of these ancient peoples also mirror each other. We can see the same "gods" over and over again between widely differing geographical and cultural sources. By what coincidence of imagination should all these groups of people concoct the same "gods" pertaining to the same functions with the same circumstances surrounding them?

Now in this day it can't be ignored that there are millions of people who claim to have had visual encounters with unearthly beings or craft and that there are tens of thousands who report having been abducted by them...nor can we ignore the similarity that is evident in this with the ancient stories which reflect the same circumstances up to and including genetic experimentation done on human victims whether willing or not. No doubt, these things are a lot to wrap one's mind around for the first time and not the most palatable of ideas that there have been and are intrusive extra-dimensional beings interfering with humanity. In the simplest and most literal of scriptural readings, though, It becomes evident that these things are evidently factual and in knowing that is so, many points in scripture take on a clearer aspect of meaning with it in mind and equip the believer to answer to the fallacies which secular, mainstream science would have us accept. Rigidly refusing to put the evidence to the test on the grounds of "too strange to believe" can only lead to a place where we have no good answer to a world full of mysterious loose ends...and if we, as believers, don't have an answer which fits the evidence, you can believe the enemy will concoct a fable to fill in the blanks.

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Interesting universe or what? How much is being suppressed?























Note: Not sure what all is portayed here and this contains words that are not my own and I can try to find sources for stuff at request perhaps.

With the word 'hybrid', is there a specific percentage range that the mortal must be to fall into this category ?

Is 50/50 human/fallen angel or is 99/1 human/fallen angel adequate for hybrid status ?

the short answer is a fully 50/50 hybrid angel X human..

that being said, scripture indicates their genetic traits persist unto the 3rd and 4th generations... in addition, there are also 'sports' who bear the traits, but who are not genetic hybrids per se..

it's the same basic rule for all species (a) X species (b) hybrids in plants and animals as well.

Tristran Hpeburn said:

With the word 'hybrid', is there a specific percentage range that the mortal must be to fall into this category ?

Is 50/50 human/fallen angel or is 99/1 human/fallen angel adequate for hybrid status ?

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