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As many of you know I was a soldier for many years, one of my MOS's was Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare specialist or NBC. I was the Battalion NBC NCO while in Europe for over three years. I trained many units during that time. I am currently keeping a very close eye on what is taking place at the reactors in Japan.

I have to hit the books for a bit so I can get my facts correct. But radiation levels that we are hearing about are HIGH over there, very high. I caught one report and then I saw it no more that the levels in some areas are 10,000,000 times higher than normal. This is astoundingly high and I believe we are being fed baby food again when the raw steak bone would be best.

So bear with me a few more days as I gather some information regarding this matter. I am reaching out to some other old soldiers to validate my suspicions. Once I have the facts right I shall post my findings for you all to view. I value all of your input on these very interesting days we are blessed to be living in.

On a lighter note the Red Hornet people have received a lot of reinforcements and the battle continues. I have been getting the garden ready and I now see that the mole and gopher folks have join in the battle on the side of the Hornets.
You know this means war! I am armed with black flag and garden hoses.

May our LORD and SAVIOR bless each and every one of you.


Bob & Deb

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Comment by Prodigal Son on March 30, 2011 at 4:31pm
Thank you for checking on this matter as you are able. The available reports about this situation are very conflicting, and mainstream media should be expected to not give a full, true story of what is actually occurring. From what can be sorted out from the many reports is that there is a great deal of concern among the residents of the surrounding area, they are afraid enough to flee. I have since heard rumors of more than one source of radiation and the "aftershocks" in the region continue. I wonder if the final desired outcome which the controllers have in mind is an incredibly devastating nuclear incident if one has not already happened.

Peace in Messiah


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