My dearest brothers and sisters...

My brother and sisters in the LORD...

To convey to you all the blessings your friendships has brought to Deb and I would take me a long, long time to write out and you'd all be blind by the time you finished reading it.

To have those we love turn in an instant into someone you can't even recognize, is a heart and gut wrenching experience. To find that the love you thought was shared, was only a one sided endeavor is always a hard pill to swallow. Having to cut the ties and turn them loose to whatever the LORD has in store for them is to say the least a sorrowful event.

BUT... It is with a happy and joyful heart that I write you this day. Deb and I, as many of you know, had taken in, to heart and soul a few young adults with whom we thought we had made a difference in their lives. Sadly this was not the case. As many of you may know Deb and I have seven children and fourteen grandchildren and counting, lol.

We may have lost the many but we gained the few... Our oldest son was out running amok in his life, and as you may know when you "butt" into what they are doing to show them the errors of their ways... Well you get, yep you get the no talking, no calls, what do you knows. There is not much that these our children and grand children can do that I haven't done twice in my youth or more, trying to convey the wisdom of hindsight and years of living through my own horrible mistakes is only as we used to say being a "buttinski".

To make this short and to the point. Our oldest went to Las Vegas recently and while in sin city our wonderful LORD and SAVIOR kicked the door to his heart down in no uncertain terms. I marvel at how the LORD works and the ways in which HE chooses to do so. He came back from that trip a completely different young man. He is quite thirsty for the WORD and is raiding my study books, movies and picking my brain concerning our best friend, JESUS!!! I currently have him, his wife and four children in the Book of Matthew, and shall move them into Romans soon.

Deb and I went through some rough times these last eight or nine months, but as always we stand firm in CHRIST and come what may, she and I know that HE, will bring us through to where HE wants us. All else is just icing on the cake. Having our oldest come home praising JESUS was a huge blessing to she and I. When the LORD removes something from our lives we MUST always, always stand firm on HIS WORD. HE may take something yes, but HE always replaces it a hundred fold. Having lost the many, we gained the cherished few. So it is with a joyous heart that I tell you of the miracle of another taking the stand for JESUS. To have that one be your son is as I said previously a joyous miracle to behold.

I can not begin to tell you of the peace and joy I receive from you my brothers and sisters. We have been working on this house and property so much lately. Each time we fix or finish one project three more crop up. At least my youngest son isn't asking me if the water is supposed to be shooting out of the closet wall anymore, I seem to have lost the war with the giant red hornet creatures that continually try to take over my pump house and the family room. I wish you could feel the joy you all have brought me, the comfort you have given me when I sat here with leaking eyes, yes and nose hehehe.

I wish you all the most complete joy and happiness that our LORD and SAVIOR can bestow upon you and yours. Yep this old soldier has time again on his hands, oh NOOooo he's back.

Bean I love you to death, I am only salt because I sweat all over the property each day. Hmmm no wonder things "ain't" a growin right down here.

May each of you be blessed a thousand fold.

Your brother and fellow warrior/servant.


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Comment by Cyprium on March 18, 2011 at 4:53pm

I'm so glad to hear about your son Bob...that's an awesome turn around. Nothing feels quite as good as knowing someone close to you is getting right with Him and that He's given you the privilege of being a part of it.


Also great to hear that you no longer have a "half bath" in your :)


Peace in Messiah

Comment by Bean on March 19, 2011 at 1:48pm

Bob! =) so wonderful your son turned to his Savior! Yay! also glad to see you acknowledge 'ain't' as a real word hehe =) good to hear things with the house are progressing and good riddance to that rare closet-fountain lol..

and good riddance in advance to those 'giant red hornet creatures'! maybe you can 'smoke 'em out' lol i don't know.. but maybe there is something that they can't stand to be around (picture of the UN building?) i will put their departure on the prayer list =)

well i'll be looking forward to seeing a weekly column or something by you ;-) please tell Deb 'i love you!' for me. thank-you and take care!


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