Thoughts? Theories? 

-Do you remember Jif Peanut Butter as Jiffy Peanut Butter?

-Do you remember Interview with the Vampire as Interview with a Vampire?

-Do you remember Sex and the City as Sex in the City?

-Do you remember the Berenstain Bears as the Berenstein Bears? 

-Do you remember Barbra Streisand as Barbara Streisand?

-Has it ever felt like a celebrity died in the past and yet you came to find out that they were apparently still alive?

-Do you remember Hitler having dark eyes?

-Has it ever felt like you remembered a word spelled differently in the past?

-Have you ever heard a song and felt like it had different lyrics in the past? 

-Has it ever felt like a map looked different in the past? 

-Did you think opaque had more to do with translucent than something not able to be seen through at all?

-Do you remember a Biblical verse in a favorite version of scripture as being slightly different in the past?

You might toss stuff away as coincidence or the result of a phonetic mistake or something else, but are you sure you didn't slip into a fresh cycle or age and carry along some memory from a previous one?

What's truly coincidence if you consider stuff here?

How much is the Mandela Effect related to the CERN LHC and is there a phenomenon associated with it that has been becoming more widespread in recent years?

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There are a lot of them I can think of more mundane explanations for. I, myself, recall "Berenstein" Bears, though. I can't tell you if you should chalk that up to being a part of a mass hallucination of letters or something more. We might be hard pressed to ever prove that there was a time manipulation involved if there was one. If the difference of information matters...I think He will allow us to know it.

Whether or not these small details have truly ever changed, it brings to mind the point that should the enemy be allowed to acheive his goals of changing the laws of times, the vast majority would not readily understand that anything had changed, even if a minority insisted that they recall a different reality.

By much less technically difficult means, the enemy already continuously changes the human perception of reality and for the most part, human perception falls in line without a struggle. There will come some manner of great dellusion that will sweep nearly every mind into a new perception, leaving only a remnant who cling to the truth. Ultimately, all of this is exactly what He told us would happen and all of what the enemy has done and is doing to deceive the whole world only proves the truth of the word of YHWH.

"This is secondary, so I didn’t think to include it at the time:

– I also remember very clearly blogging on the eve of the date when the CERN supercollider experiment was supposed to go online in September 2008 about how I would feel if this were the end of the world. I later found that same blog entry and:

A) No references to CERN
B) The date on which the supercollider went live was different relative to publication date of blog entry
C) Reports of a small accident/malfunction which delayed full operation of the supercollider after initial launch."


So there is an anime called Steins;Gate that has much to do with the Mandela Effect and a group called SERN and a LHC? In a very first episode a main character remembers being at a lecture that was actually cancelled and notices a living girl he saw dead before and in a second episode he remembers John Titor from 2000 and is surprised to discover he is just popping onto a world scene in 2010 and things associated with the Mandela Effect do not stop there maybe. And how thought provoking is Steins if a Berenstein to Berenstain switch is arguably a most widely accepted Mandela Effect change?

i just did a bit of research on this and it just straight up confused me but i do recall, if i am right, bernstain bears being bernstein bears

"7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time."


Perhaps only the Father knows what this has to do with time travel and laws of physics and the Mandela Effect, but what is not worth mentioning?

I recall Hitler having brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes. I've been paying attention to how things are brought up to your conscious mind but are always in play in your subconscious mind. it's really amazing because these things will pop up and you'll forget soon afterwards and it's shocking once you realize things like Hitlers eyes changing color because they aren't new and they all seem so familiar.

If there Truly are MTE type changes occurring in reality, is there a common theme or message that is coming across?

Are we losing more often than we are gaining when it comes to letters and people and places and things? Jiffy to Jiff to Jif? Double Stuffed to Double Stuf? Sketchers to Skechers? MacDonald's to McDonald's? Depends to Depend? Frebreeze to Frebreze? Reddi Whip to Reddi Wip? Barbara Streisand to Barbra Streisand? Cruella Deville to Cruella De Vil? Charles Schultz to Charles Schulz? Rod Sterling to Rod Serling?

21 Kids and Counting to 19 Kids and Counting? Luke I am your father to No I am your father? If you build it they will come to if you built it he will come? Curious George missing tail? Missing Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin? Missing Henry VIII portrait? Missing scene or character from movies? Less US states and Great Lakes and no Taured or Arctica or island off the western coast of Australia or a US President Thomas Moore?

Is dilemma more simple than dilemna as a result of using less letters? Is Berenstain more simple than Berenstein as a result of using a more prime letter? Also consider Reba McIntyre to Reba McEntire?

Are we simply forgetting things and being mistaken or could it be that there is some kind of conservation being done in a second law of thermodynamics themed way?

When there are changes being made and something is added or more complex, what stands out?

C-3PO getting a replacement silver leg? Are we in a current reality that has received a little patchwork to make us stable?

The neighborhood to this neighborhood? Did we originally hear a Mr. Rodgers/Rogers sing in an existence where there was one course of history or plane of existence or dimensional neighborhood and then later transition into an existence where there was more than one?

Life is like a box of chocolates to life was like a box of chocolates? If history is repeating in a sense and we have experienced very similar lives before, was life a lot more of a mystery to us in an original timeline in some subconscious way?

We're going to need a bigger boat to you're going to need a bigger boat? Is it more like we are on our own personal journey, now?

Mirror mirror on the wall to magic mirror on the wall? What if we are in a reflection of reality that had less magic before?

Chic-Fil-a to Chick-Fil-a? A restaurant associated with Christianity that had a title with a word associated with fashion and pride changing to one where it did not?

Sex in the City to Sex and the City? Is this a hint that history is being somewhat tamed up in a behavior way if the later is somewhat less erotic?

Tiananmen Square Tank Man making it through a tank confrontation alive? A more peaceful earth?

Nelson Mandela living longer and going on to help lead earth toward changes associated with peace? A more peaceful earth?

Billy Graham living longer? Maybe it's debatable what he's actually done and I'm not sure who isn't rightly called a wolf in sheep's clothing, but how about we look for themes if overall he has led to more people standing by John 3:16?

Hitler's eyes changing from dark eyes to ones more associated with the so called Aryan race? How interesting if Hitler is said to have been inspired by a blond race of superhuman warriors and the so called Aryan race is highly associated with the word nephilim? Did Hitler somehow become less Israelite and more like the offspring of rebel angels?

Also, what is most popular in regards to switching back and forth as far as a change if some people have reported things switching and then switching back? Fruit Loops or Froot Loops and Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? Phrases associated with multiple circles or the letter o? If I felt more familiar with Ouroborus than Ouroboros, was I alone?

Do these events have anything to do with the New Age 'Law of Attraction' ?

In other words, when a distinct comparison can be made between what something is now, to what you remember it as, then it is verification that your life path has just shifted slightly.

Here is one. What does it mean when your past memory of a location has a distinction about it and in a dream you are at that location and notice a change in the place itself. The following day, you look at the location using Google Street View and low and behold, your dream was closer than your 20+ year memory was.

Its as if, the dream world is constantly up-to-date with the world even though your memories are ancient.

Consider here?

What if there is an enemy trying to make ages or timelines repeat to avoid judgment and the Creator is using it as an opportunity to perfect stuff like a pot maker working a pot on a potter's wheel?

I just came across another one that is really relevant in regards to what I have been going through lately and it helps suggest He is making salvation more easily obtainable for people with changes by making some stuff more simple and easy to understand maybe. If you consider this, what do you expect to come next?: Judge not,

It you have a regular Bible you use, how about look up Matthew 7:1 and prepare to be shocked and ask yourself if it seems it became somewhat more simple and less archaic sounding?

If you consider this, what do you expect to come next?: Judge not

i now strongly believe that i will be returning to a 3 year period of my past this coming June/July. Due to recent poverty i cannot do things now that i could do for free during 1984-1986.

i sinned against my family in a major way during the summers of '84, '85 and '86. If Jesus is about to allow me to relive those 3 years again in a sinless manner then i will gladly accept it. There was so much freedom back then and opportunity to enjoy the life that Jesus gives us for free.

Maybe i have judged myself.

Jacob said:

If you consider this, what do you expect to come next?: Judge not,

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