As Bean recently stated, i need to start a thread to vent my thoughts instead of flaming another thread into ashes.

Personally, I do not trust any politician so Trump and Hillary are on different faces of the same coin.

Here is what makes me feel that Trump is simply another cog in the works to usher in the Antichrist.

1) Chemtrails. Trump stated before election day that he was determined to get to the bottom of chemtrails. Since becoming President; silence.
Maybe its a shield to stop the enlarging Sun from invoking the Great Awakening.

You-tube has former US Lieutenant Colonel Roy Potter mentioning some interesting info concerning 'Wet-Ware' and why chemtrails are dimming the sun. If Roy mentions this and the popular TV series eRevolution got canned, how come Trump has said nothing on the same issue ?

Economist Magazine January 1988.
2) The democrats and republicans are the Old World Order. Both parties are designed to burn into the ground. Trump is an outsider linked to neither party.

Out of Chaos Comes Order. With the programmed self induced suicide of the old world order, it is only natural that the Nu World Order will rise out of it all like a phoenix.
Notice the year (2018) on the badge that the phoenix wears. BitCoin leading to a cashless society.

3) Remember Obama stating 'We Want Change'. Everyone naturally assumed it was change for the better. Well, history states otherwise.

Everyone wanted change and voted Trump into power. Again everyone assumes it will be for the better. i state it will be the opposite.

4) If a peasant is poor, will they take the Mark of the Beast ? No, as they have nothing to lose especially money.
If a person is given money, via jobs returning to USA, will they take the Mark to hold onto the money they have ? Very likely.

Blacks are getting jobs now as jobs return to USA. This will mean more people will gladly choose the Mammon and not Jesus.

5) Trump has been silent on the scalar weaponry used on those houses in California. He is also silent on the Artic blast that has covered almost all of USA.

If Trump has got Yahushua right behind him, what has he got to fear by speaking the truth about how the houses in California were burnt to ash yet nearby dry pine trees miraculously survived 100ft flames.

6) If Trump has got Yahushua right behind him, why not mention the fact the scalar weaponry was used on Fukushima to start Revelation 8:11 where a 1/3 of world water (Pacific Ocean) turns bitter (radioactive) ?

This will never stop. What happens when that radioactive core reaches the Earth's crust ? Every bubble will contain radioactive particles as it melts deeper towards the Earth's mantle.

7) The posts by Q-Anon are so far rumors and speculation. This reminds me of the 'Truth' department in the book '1984' where everything the department said was 'fact'. The 'thought' police were also mentioned in the book. In conjunction with nanites this idea of 'thought' police is now possible.

The Mark of the Beast in the forehead.

Where are the mental processes such as planning in a brain ? In the frontal-lobe or forehead. Control those thoughts via nanites and everyone becomes a zombie or one of the Hive.

8) The popular TV series 'eRevolution' got canned after many people joined the dots between nanites, chemtrails and all thoughts being monitored. The devil wants no privacy of thought.

9) Q says that the elitists are being taken to 'Gitmo' on unchartered private jets. Whats to say that they are not vanishing to D.U.M.B's instead, out of harms way before something bad happens on the surface or this Great Awakening stuns everyone ?

10) Pence just stated that the US Embassy will be moving to Jerusalem during the fall of 2019. This means that the 7 Year Tribulation has just been given the Green Light to probably start in 2020 during Trump's Presidency. We will see who is in power in 2020.

As you can see, i have my doubts about Trump being there for the peasants. i see him as a cleaner, cleaning up all the filth of the swamp ready to usher in the Antichrist who is programmed to be Mr-Goody-Two-Shoes.

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Has anyone there registered a speedup of world events over the past 30 hours (2PM G.M.T Saturday) ?

I don't know if God just 'cut-to-the-chase' and is about to let demons influence everyone’s emotions, to show their true side of good or evil.

Not sure about speed up, but things are Happening.  People are the focus.  Remember, demons can't influence someone who rejects them. 

"People asked for arrests. Gave one example. Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing. Trust the plan." Q

Did Q deliberately upload the picture wrongly because that camera on the other window looks like a eagle in flight ?

Problem: Eagles beat Patriots in the recent NFL match. As every NFL game is rigged and every military service has a Eagle in its emblem, the TPTB just stated that they have successfully destroyed all US patriots chances of taking back USA.

Again, going by what Q said in this statement, many people living below the poverty line will not see "the Plan" coming to fruition as starvation finishes them off today ?

One guy who analyses TPTB pictures that come up on Twitter, predicted the recent economic crash of 666 points. He believes Q is Hillary. So far, nothing can prove him wrong. At present, YHWH could be allowing TPTB to stay in control.

EDIT:  TLDR - they wove their own noose trying to set a trap for us, then put that noose around their own necks and gave us the other end... of course we're going to take it! :)

the elite rigged one of their own games.. they were showing what they want to be true - not what *is* true... they won by 8.. in other words, infinity ∞

we already know they want to loop time, infinitely, to avoid judgment day.. and we know that's not happening LOL!  these people are living in fantasy land, where they pick and choose what they want to be true.. in other words > delusional.

making the stock market drop.. once again, rigging their own game.. that is not new.. they want to beat their chests like apes to try to intimidate those they believe are invading their territory.. but once again, same thing, they try to send a message, drum up support, basically pep-rally their supporters into believing they still got this.

Q is like WikiLeaks, the material is always 100% accurate.  And the material shows the elite are losing grip on the things that no longer belong to them... for example, POTUS was *duly* elected by the people and their representatives in the electoral college... probably, for the first time ever in the history of the US.. ...because POTUS was *duly* elected, the people of the country are the only ones with the legal right to dictate how the country is governed now... which is the opposite of how it has been.. in the past, the elite governed by the elite.. to hell with the constitution of the country, because they were running a business, not a country... DJT is currently LEGALLY running BOTH.  He is the CEO of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES *and* the Commander in Chief of the country of the United States of America.

Remember Yahushua said render to Ceasar?  Well, that principle is now working in OUR FAVOR LOL!  And there is nothing they can do about it because we are only using the system THEY created.  Their own devices are what have snared them.  They wanted a mass collective conscious of facebook and twitter users... well they got it, and now it's working AGAINST THEM lol... and there is simply not a thing they can do to change our success with their traps, other than destroy the trap itself - which they will not, because in the process of ensuring humanity was enslaved, they themselves orchestrated their own enslavement and they cannot now continue trying to carry out their plan, without those tools.  Catch 22, all the way around, in every direction, from every angle, and last - but best - a total surprise to them.  But our Creator had warned His people to Expect the Unexpected.  We did, we do.  Looking at the facts it's undeniable.  If you want to be convinced or not convinced, look at the facts.  Read the Q crumbs.  Read the Q map, follow the research site.  Think for yourself and let no one else dictate your understanding but the Holy Spirit.  I'm not going to go on defend Q watch.  You're going to have to make your own decisions based on logic, and making posts about what you "disagree" with isn't going change anything, and there's no getting around that.  This may sound harsh, but i hope it doesn't.  The truth is self-evident, see it, or don't. You've been provided a lot of information, facts.  There is much more you could find if you really want your answer.

Yahushua said seek and find, not seek and keep seeking... we are Finders.  the truth IS out there :)

mene, mene, tekel, upharsin

It seems a few people (roypotterqa) who often post on Youtube, have found reason to state that the OT quote above is now in play.

i have no clue as to the impact on the World that this statement will have. Maybe you can help me out here.

roypotterqa has also mentioned that 'Q's breadcrumbs are now worth nothing because people want real truths and action. There is plenty of evidence now due to the recent Memo.

Then we have 'ouroboros' where as you stated, the system of TPTB is devouring itself. But out of the old comes the new like a phoenix rising out of ashes.

"because POTUS was *duly* elected"

Are you 100% sure about that ?

i follow the Spirit and so far i see everything as a rigged game. For me, a certain planned event has happened 1 week ahead of schedule hence i believe that things will happen between now and next Thursday.

In accordance with 'Q's posting [#693] and the OT statement above, next week should be a game changer.

i fully agree that Yahushua allows the devil to get his minions to ruin peoples lives (Job) because He knows that if they survive the 40 Year Trial then they will be stronger in faith towards Him. However, many do not make it that far and commit suicide.

The frustration that Q's breadcrumbs are now creating could be doing more damage than help.

i just don't think there will be any traction on this discussion here.. everyone is too busy working to spread the truth around...

Matthew 24:4

"See that no one leads you astray."

Q has done an awesome job at obeying Jesus's statement. 3 months after it all began and what has changed in the day-to-day routines of 99% of the peasants ? Nothing.

Fine. Lets leave it. Q flatly stated "Suicide Weekend". Well, are TPTB committing suicide or not ?

Q Post 722
"should not be participating in discussions."
Like i said, Q's puppet strings are pulled by the devil.

All who disagree with Q's 'TRUTH' must be shunned away.

Oh how so many people got taken down the Rabbit Hole by the Pied Piper into total darkness.

Q just dug their own grave and jumped into it. Similar to a liar that gets themselves into even more trouble as the lies spew off their fork tongue.

working from the bottom, up, exactly how long does it take to *eliminate* the effectiveness of the socio-political PTB around the world, in a fashion that avoids mass hysteria, ensures all who want to get out of the traps they've been forced into by the PTB, can and do get out safely, avoid and evade every single life attempt on every single person involved in pushing for exposure of accountability for the perpetrators, while still running the country, the corporation of the united states, and a fully-fledged citizen population.

tell me exactly how long that takes, and exactly how it's done out in the open.  remember, it's from bottom, to top /_\ 


1990 Poll Tax Riots in Trafalgar Square, London. A day where a few people spoke out forcing the Government to do a 'U'-turn.

Ok; violent with a few shops burning to the ground, but proportionately, things carried on the following day for UK citizens as normal.

What is actually wrong with throwing a napalm bomb under the cauldron that is slowly cooking the peasant frog ?

Do a full disclosure after distributing the military hardware to insure that everyone carries on working each day. A.k.A JADE Helm. Erase debt. This will be relief for 99% of people and anger for the banksters - oh well. Free clean energy devices mass produced and given out freely to limit the hardship of people. If the MIC complain, remove their weapons and lock them up.

If there are problems with rogue MIC personnel then allow Russia and China to 'help out' with their military personnel on the streets of USA. Doom Porn has always made it sound bad. What if these outside troops actually work alongside US Patriot troops helping the peasants run the country as normal ?

If people do panic and run for the hills, there are plenty of unemployed people with similar talents that will gladly take their place for a wage.

The banks are practically a computer system especially the algorithms of the stock exchanges. So just make sure the same algorithms are kept running.

Stop all chemtrails and let the people see the change in the sun as it probably has increased in temperature from Spectral Classes G to F over the past decades.

Disclosure will give people hope. Otherwise grinding peasants into the ground will make every 'sinner' one day say, 'I have had enough' and start tearing apart those people who they see as enemies as they have utterly nothing to lose. Remember that guy who flew his bi-plane into that US Federal building many years ago. Amplify that scenario of anger by 100 million grumpy Americans.

The Zombie movies show this anger. A scientist says in '28 Days Later' that the monkeys are infected with the 'Rage' Virus.

Ever wondered if the 5G network going live soon, is set to microwave anyone who does riot, when full disclosure does occur ? People will be warned of this. They have even placed microwave towers in New York city for this potential rioting.


Bean said:

tell me exactly how long that takes, and exactly how it's done out in the open.  remember, it's from bottom, to top /_\ 

National Strike.

If tax payers do not work, then Government officials get no wages.

The military then has the option to imprison everyone in FEMA camps or lock all non-patriot people in prisons.

Either way, all gov officials from bottom to top will get no wages.

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