Watching while the oligarchs plot and the enchanted play into their hands

I am a resident of a suburb of the city of Chicago, Illinois. No doubt, the lot of you have heard about the major preparations the city of Chicago has been undertaking to combat some expected major protesting expected to storm downtown during the NATO summit, spending months strategizing, bringing in out-of-state police, and then some. This has been hyped on the news for months, teasing with warnings regarding Occupy groups who rally for some grassroots-driven change, groups which appeal largely to members of my own generation; 18-30 year old idealists who are eager to be known as the generation that finally stuck it to "the man". I cringe whenever I watch the news and see 20-something hipsters with flannel clothing, beards, and slogans march downtown, butting heads with police and causing what is hoped to be constructive civil disobedience.


It is not that I am for any remote preservation of this system, a system which is and has for thousands of years been built upon Pure Evil. Neither do I have any iota of respect for the Occupy movement. I have no expectation that this evil will collapse in any real way from any grassroots movement of men. Furthermore, I cringe because it is plain to see that the enchanted youths (who are the backbone among the brainwashed within these movements) are only serving the Beast agenda themselves.


Whether you are a flag-waving conservative, a Noam Chomsky-citing 20-something "Social Democrat" with a bachelors degree in political science, or a member of the police or national guard or what have you who will be holding said protestors back (and likely compromising basic human rights in the process), there are multiple ways to end up serving the system, intentional or not, and serving to dehumanize oneself in the long-run.


Don't be a part of the campaign to frame the common people. Look past the lie: It surely comes in many ways, and appeals to various "clicks".








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Comment by Cyprium on May 17, 2012 at 5:00pm
This is what so many of the "awake" crowd don't seem to understand. The outrage that's often experienced when one finds out some truth about the construct of society is followed by "we have to do something about this." It's not a bad reaction to want to right a wrong but too many misunderstand the root of the problem. It's seen as evil men conjoining to do evil together and the things they do and their results are viewed in a humanistic way. The solution would therefore only call for good men doing something to counteract the situation.
The problem is...the root is not human...its spiritual. The human component is simply what's on the surface. There is nothing apart from the Creator that they can't defeat being that their "god" is the most powerful created being that was ever formed. He's clever too...he knows how to work the opposition in his favor and he knows how to pass these subtle strategies onto his human worshippers.
Once again it comes down to the only thing that matters... our salvation in every sense is from Yahushua. Since He is a rock of offense to the world...those that are "in the world" that recognize the evil are not only deffenseless against it, but used to construct their own defeat.

Comment by Cyprium on June 17, 2012 at 7:29pm

Self Esteem = glorifying self. Amen. That's not a real popular idea now is it? That's just exactly what it is though...when we're busy worrying about how much we esteem ourselves, we're just not bothering to esteem anyone else, including our Heavenly Father.

I don't believe any instrument or playing them to be evil in themselves...there are bands out there that are being driven by an "agenda" but that is something to take on an individual basis and with discernment.

Comment by Sinclair on June 21, 2012 at 5:04pm

That symbolic language of the Illuminati is almost everywhere. There's just about nothing you can buy without some logo on it that is a pagan symbol. On television you can't escape it.

I don't watch television really but occasionally things on netflix. I think it helps to know what's going on and then sometimes these shows become educational in a new way. You can see what the enemy is trying to make you believe.

I hardly know a thing about CCM but I don't believe sounds or instruments are evil. I think they can be used the wrong way and for the wrong reason. Certain music can make you more easily suggestible and if the message being suggested by the lyrics is evil, its more easily gotten into your mind.


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