More Axe-Grinding Media in an Age of Deception

Sometimes there are those days where you are reminded a thousand fold of the craptastic nature of the system that still is. This very evening I have seen two peices of media that have made me want to throw feces at the television monitor:


-The Channel 10 news "informing" me that a study has been done that does away with the notion that vaccines of any sort have links to causing autism in children...the statements implying "we mighty specialists in the medical field with fancy ph.d's have known all along there is no link., but you simpleton conspiracy theorists just HAD to think there was..." there was an interview or two of someone-or-another medical "expert", this and that, fireworks to cement your labotomy...


Now...what sense can a rational sentient being make of this? If you're of a deceived train of are- or atleast the brainwashing is trying to impart is- here is yet another piece of evidence backed by the heralded institutions of Science and Progress (loaded terms now, for sure...) to set your conspiring self straight...these are old wives-tales afterall, you know! Snap out of it, citizen!


If I recall right...the broadcasters were even advertising the segment as if those "old" notions of autism being linked to vaccines- were lies! They used that word...oh, the in-your-face desperation now...would people buy this even a decade ago? Are we so complacent now? Is the flouride in that high of gear?


-Second annoyance: I saw for the first time, a commercial for an upcoming Hollywood production, of another exorcism related flick in a short span of time....I recall seeing some time back one for "The Last Exorcism". Mind you...I didn't end up seeing it...I think I'd rather shove shards of glass in my eyes...however, I noticed a common theme between this advertisement for this latest movie (The Last Rite, or something like that?) and "The Last Exorcism"...a blatant narration of "it will make you question your faith"...or some such. I noticed a similar statement in the narration in this latest "Last Rite" or whatever the cripe it is called. I don't think I need to explain much here.....


Pardon the unrefinement of this blog. I literally just watched that previously mentioned advertisement, and felt the need to rant, to the highest degree...


Please, comment. With a whole world gone mad, I feel alone in my quiet rage...



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Comment by Sinclair on January 6, 2011 at 4:25pm
i saw this movie, The Last Exorcism, myself just last night. this fellow who's been in the multi-generational preaching and exorcism business decides he doesn't really believe in demons, or the Almighty for that matter. just the same, he continues his business because it's some sort of therapy for his clients. he goes on one of these house calls in Louisiana where there is what you might say an obvious case of possession of a young girl who turns murderous. all throughout you're back and forth wondering if the girl is really possessed or just psycho.
at the end he finds the whole town conducting what appears to be Satanic rituals with the girl on an altar and he runs towards the fiasco as his companions run away from it. they're chopped to bits, and the movie ends without ever showing what became of him or what the ultimate conclusion you're supposed to come to is. maybe it's the devil? maybe the whole town is off their head? the man himself is the sort you just want to give a right good beating to, a convenient way for entertainment to portray a Christian (in their thinking) he doesn't really believe in what he does, he takes advantage of people's faith for monetary gain. he's a perfect pig. that's exactly what "they" like to show of Christianity and most non-Christians enjoy believing every bit of it.


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