Greetings brothers and sisters.


Does JESUS give us birthday presents? Well let me tell you a story I witnessed myself this past week gone by.


4/13 was and is Deb's birthday. She as many of you know has had a rather rough time finding a permanent job. She had applied with the state here many times. Had been offered a job with the "transit authority" but because she had given her word to another firm she declined that job. That job turned out to be the "job from hades" and was horrible for her. She had looked and looked and applied and applied here, there, and everywhere to no avail. The depression of being the main income provider caused her to become depressed, thinking no one would ever hire her let alone the state.


She had applied with the office of Public Safety here, branch of law enforcement in Oklahoma and heard nothing. On her birthday she was working at temp job, I was fighting the hornet, gopher and other assorted insect peoples in my never ending war of attrition with them. The phone rang and the lady on the other end asked for Deb. Immediately it came into my brain she got the job. You and I both know who told me that, yep our SAVIOR.


So our loving LORD and SAVIOR will give us what we need, when we need it. Please let me assure you all, HIS timing is, as always absolutely perfect. Deb started her birthday present job this morning. She was smiling so much... I thought "wow the top of her head may fall off backwards" how do I explain that to the kids.


On a more somber note. Our oldest son is still gung ho for JESUS. It is just that I am concerned regarding the Church he attends. They put on a play at the church a cut down version of the PASSION by Mel Gibson. I said nothing. Saturday he called and was all excited because he was now dressing up as the "easter bunny." Were I to explain the errors of the bunny crowd, Deb and I would alienate him. He already looks at me like I haven't a clue to anything regarding JESUS. Do we call him on it, do I try to set him down and explain what the easter garbage is really all about, or do I wait until he thinks he does GOD a service and sends Deb and I to the chopping block. I know that is a grim assessment, but the times we find ourselves in now are the birth pangs of what is to come. I fool myself not in the least, I stand on what JESUS has said concerning these days. Even our own children will turn us in, thinking they do GOD a service.

This being the case and the times we find ourselves living in... Well, Deb and I have a become "invisible plan in place", should things become to ugly for believers in this country, well then one day we are here and the next morning... Where did they go they were here last night.

Deb and I are both well. I have the garden in and things are growing like... well weeds, those are growing too.


May the LORD keep you each in the palm of HIS hand.



Bob & Deb.




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Comment by Cyprium on April 18, 2011 at 4:57pm
Hello Bob...

That's great news to hear that Deb received that job she needed for her birthday (and by the way, happy late Birthday Deb :) ). It can be really, really tough having patience for His timing, especially when we usually don't know what His timing will be...but He always comes through. Lessons in faith and patience for us..that's why we have to wait sometimes.

As for your son... that's a touchy sitution there, i know. I believe sometimes we can get so eager to share the truth with people who are still babies in their faith that we end up choking them with it. I also know, though, that they are important issues and there has to be some right time to share them. I'm not perfect in that, by any means...i've made mistakes in sharing too much too soon and i think it's foremost of importance we seek Him to let us know when the "right time" is.

Presenting the information in the right way helps too. If it is the right time, try to collect the very basic facts about pagan traditions (like easter bunnies) and present them in the most simple and non-confrontational way possible. Some uncomplicated historical documentation can be useful. The name of "Easter" alone is pretty tough to argue against in that it derives from the name of a pagan fertility goddess (Ishtar). After simply showing your son a few things, try posing the question "do you believe your Savior would have any part in these sorts of holiday traditions?

I hope this helps...let us know how things go.

Peace and blessings in Yahushua

Comment by Bob Wood on April 18, 2011 at 5:31pm

My dear brothers and sisters,


This is why I bring these things that arise here, before I go off on a tangent. I am as Cyprium said waiting for the right time. I am going to wait until after Resurrection Day is over before I bring this matter up. I have been gathering some information to present to him, then he will have to do the research to verify what Deb and I show him. Thank you Cyprium for the wise council.


As always your friend and HIS servant,




Comment by Cyprium on April 18, 2011 at 5:52pm
You're very welcome Bob... but you know He deserves all the credit when i say something that makes sense, lol. I'm glad it helped though.
Comment by Bob Wood on April 19, 2011 at 9:04am

Hehehe Absolutely correct. I shall thank HIM for giving you that "good sense" to "make sense" and I hope this made sense. lol.



Comment by Cyprium on April 21, 2011 at 6:44pm made perfect sense!

Comment by Bean on May 15, 2011 at 10:09pm

Bob! i somehow missed this discussion =/ but Happy Birthday Deb =) and congratulations on the job YHWH gave you =) He is so amazing and i pray that He prospers you in your work to be a strong example of the love of Yahushua =)


Bob congratulations on winning the gardening war.. even if a few battles are still raging on ;-) and i pray Yahushua further opens up your son's eyes and primes him for the harder truths ahead.. i know He'll give you His perfect timing too =)


Hope y'all continue to do well and be blessed in Yahushua =)


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