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Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 13, 2017 at 3:07am

All that is happening is the hidden handlers of the Hydra are simply chopping off a few expendable 'public' heads of the current beast system.

The dollar (fiat) system is dying ready to be replaced by a cashless (BitCoin) system. The same demons will be in control in the SWIFT Bank of Switzerland. Same applies to the new money exchange system with the BRICS countries.

Are the globalists terminating 'Club of Rome', 'Council of Foreign Relations' etc ? No.

Erasing Hillary will change nothing. Nuking all secret globalist clubs, fallen angels & Rephaim will make this world better.

The only time that is going to happen is when Yahushua returns after the final battle in the Valley of Megiddo. Until then, this world will go '1984', 'Brave New World' with a fake cleanup.

BTW from a contact, Trump has been put into power by demons who pulled all the strings during the US election.

The Old World Order (Democrats) is burning itself right now because out of the ashes rises the Pheonix, the New World Order.

Out of Chaos Comes Order - The Nu World Order

Comment by Edwin on December 13, 2017 at 11:09am

All things that must happen will happen but the time for this is now.

Dig deeper. Your contact is wrong. Wait and watch. Merry Christmas.

Comment by Sinclair on December 14, 2017 at 6:11pm

@ Tristran

All this is not just targeting a few public people. The top players are on the list. The house of Saud was the first to fall which Q foreshadowed.

"Q says on Oct. 31, mentions

“cleaning house


On Nov. 3 he askes

“Why did JK (Jared Kushner) travel to SA (Saudi Arabia) recently? What is SA known for? Where do the biggest donations come from?”

That weekend the Saudi Arabia purge happens.

Rothschilds are next and have already targetted but the first attempt failed costing Captain Mike Green his life.


"Are the globalists terminating 'Club of Rome', 'Council of Foreign Relations' etc ? No."

No, we're terminating the globalists. Hillary is a Rothschild puppet but hardly the limit of who's targetted. She's simply iconic in the battle because she is the element that was the red pill for the populace.

Trump is not initiated. The demons and their human puppets are doing all they can to destroy him. They most certainly didn't want him there. The uninitiated are not allowed in their playground. Especially the uninitiated who oppose their goals and have the wealth/influence to make a dent in them. I don't care what else he is beyond this. He's our window of opportunity. The Creator is the Real power of the people.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 16, 2017 at 4:22pm


"Trump is not initiated. The demons and their human puppets are doing all they can to destroy him. They most certainly didn't want him there. The uninitiated are not allowed in their playground."

Seriously. Come on. Can you not see that Trump is handled by the rich as well.

Classic Divide & Conquer tactics. The scum knew the US peasants could see that there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans. So insert a 'groomed' outsider, a genuine business man who knows how to run a business hence return USA back to business days of old, back to a booming economy.

Trump Wall: Who said anything about keeping illegals OUT ?

DONALD Sutherland had a wall built in the film 'Hunger Games' to keep all Americans IN. JADE Helm put that 'fictional' film into 'wait mode' with all the 'Districts'.

The Saudi's take down the other half of their clan. Power just simply changed hands.

Its all false hope.

When the Old World Order public heads of state are gone and alien technology disclosure occurs with equal distribution of virtual BitCoin cash is given to the peasants, 99.9999% of the world population will be begging for the Nu World Order.

The front cover of the Economist 1988 stated 'Get ready for "The Phoenix" world currency by 2018'.

This entire game show with Trump was planned to crash the current system for hell to rise next year.

The days are getting shorter as Yahushua stated in Matthew 24:22

Comment by Kathy on December 16, 2017 at 5:24pm

What is the point of arguing the details? Sit down and watch His will.

Comment by Sinclair on December 16, 2017 at 6:42pm

I guess you didn't even check my links.

See that fellow up there - David Brock? We've all read his handbook. Literally. Your post reads just like it. Your talking points originate from there. Stop regurgitating that stuff and think for yourself. I've read this exact post at least 1oo times before you put it here. That's not the sign of a critical, independent analysis.

Everyone knows Trump is rich. I said he's uninitiated.

"Classic divide and conquer tactics". Just don't use that phrase anymore. It's not yours. I know because i keep seeing the intelligence community throwing it out there in a desperate bid to keep propaganda alive. But we should be divided because good is naturally divided from evil and this is a war.

The wall argument is also borrowed. No worries. No wall is going up on the Canadian border. You have a lot to figure out about what the agenda is that the elites have for imigration.

Whether you know it or not you're propping up a narrative that was invented by the people you claim to hate. When did you stand against evil lately? If we can see evil happening and we have a voice to speak against it and your opinion of one guy gets in the way i don't rightly know what you think you're doing for His name's sake.

The New World Order will come someday no matter what anyone does. That doesn't mean we sit here and groan about the shite this world is and look the other way when we have a chance to make a dent. It's not a final victory. We know that. What it is is our time to show the world the whole truth and force that truth out into the light and liberate those that were tormented by these people. Lives will be saved and for sure everyone's life will change but no one will have the excuse "i never knew".

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 17, 2017 at 3:10am


"What is the point of arguing the details? Sit down and watch His will."

That is the problem. Many people are sitting down feeling this false sense of security when they should be in panic mode and instead accepting the fact that Jesus is the Sacrificial Lamb who died on the cross. He is the ultimate 'Get out of Jail Free' card.

They all need the Spirit of the Lord in their soul and sealed.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 17, 2017 at 3:40am


"I said he's uninitiated."

Totally blind then.

Going by the selfies of the famous who cover ones eye and see themselves as the partially blind, it seems that the people are going to be led blindly across the 'checkered floor' shown in some Tarot cards into the NWO. Right up to the sacrificial alter.

Have chemtrails stopped ? No

That fact speaks volumes as the 'speculated' nanites fill every person ready to be activated just like the excellent sci-fi series 'eRevolution' showed.

The series mysteriously got canned after these nanites in the air formed a mind reading matrix and viewers started to join the dots. Link this with the upcoming 5G cellphone network and it all fits into place.

With 'uninitiated' Trump doing, lets say, disclosure of all Fallen Watcher alien technology and giving it freely to the people, everyone will love him.

Imagine if that technology can only be accessed via the Mark of the Beast. Billions of fools will sell their souls in seconds.

Add free energy, cheap food and enrollment into a New NASA 'explore the universe' company and everyone will take the Mark.

Oh and its quite odd how NASA keeps speculating how Mars is getting closer to green Earth and Earth is being scorched to become Mars. Almost like 2 colonies want to do a Swap Planet one day.

Comment by Sinclair on December 17, 2017 at 6:07pm

"That is the problem. Many people are sitting down feeling this false sense of security when they should be in panic mode"

I don't think, obviously, what Kathy implied is apathy and there is no one on this side of things that is sitting in idle apathy. The side you're speaking from wants to "panic". There's never an appropriate place for panic as far as a Christian is concerned. No matter what, fear is from the enemy.

But i don't get that you're doing your due diligence in seeking the truth because you aren't addressing much of anything i say. You're just repeating words of alarm. It seems pretty emotional and not objective.

I don't think you know what "uninitiated" means. It surely doesn't mean "blind". To be uninitiated means that one hasn't been inducted into the Luciferian cult.

Presidents have been inducted figureheads with no real power traditionally. They have only answered to their handlers in the cabal. This president with the will of the people behind him is attempting to wrest power from this cabal, destroy the globalist agenda and run the office independant of power system. The power system is still active and actively waging physical, real warfare and terrorism on the people. Not only are they still using chemtrails, they're using weather manipulation and direct energy weapons. They have murdered thousands of people since this began. The war is real and there is real danger. We will see the last gasp of these ruling elite as the most dangerous time in these events.

Nonetheless, much more would have happened that has been thwarted. If they had been successful in every attempted strike, the US would have been a nuclear wasteland by now. There is nothing they won't try to do to stop this.

If you're paying attention, the alien disclosure you're speaking about is ramping up but it's not Trump who is trying to introduce aliens to the world and deceive us about what they are. Check the sources of where these disclosure hints are coming from:

This will be the ultimate play, they think. No one will remember their crimes against humanity if "aliens" show up. They're WRONG.

So again, i ask you to stop listening to the noise on the internet that will always releft a very well funded campaign to misinform. Check facts, be objective, address the points and remember that: with men, these things are impossible, but with YHWH ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. - Mat 19:26.

all things.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 18, 2017 at 4:47am


"You're just repeating words of alarm. It seems pretty emotional and not objective."

Correct, because those who have witnessed the Lake of Fire know where sinners are heading and that place is, well, lets say; 'indescribable' in terms of the level of pain and despair that souls will end up enduring for eternity.

People think that Jesus has put Trump into power and given America a temporary reprieve. But with Trump obeying false Prophet Popey in the Vatican and Jerusalem now 'officially' being recognized as the capital of Israel, everything is being setup for the Antichrist and the 7 Year Tribulation.

Sinners are close to hell now and are turning away from the Gospel as they believe they have plenty of time.

Ever wondered if the speculated nuclear war with Hellary & Russia was a lie to make Americans vote for Trump. Who wants Russian Satan II missiles turning Earth into another asteroid belt ?

As His Word said nothing about the World killing everything with cancer, proves that the nuclear war was never going to happen. Same applies to the EMP attack. It will never happen because what humans will be alive after every US nuclear power station goes 'meltdown' when the diesel fuel runs out after the electrical grid goes off-line. Multiple Fukushima's on both US east and west coasts. Only 1/3 water (Pacific Ocean) goes bitter, not all world water.

The Democrats and old Republicans burn themselves into ashes ready for the Pheonix to rise in 2018. If Trump is in power during 2018, then his handlers are the same as before.

Always judge a person by the fruits they bare. So far Trump has done nothing in exposing the pure evil contained within all elitist secret societies.

The old world order is currently in disarray because Out of Chaos Comes Order - the Nu World Order. Everything is staged.


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