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Comment by Sinclair on December 21, 2017 at 10:41am

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." - 2 Ti 1:7

No one trusting in Messiah is going to the lake of fire.

"Trump calls Pope comment 'disgraceful'"

How do you get the impression Trump is obeying the Pope? The Pope hates him. He's had nothing but scathing criticism for him and it couldn't have been more clear he was disgusted with their meeting. Inspite of the Pope's bitching about his immigration policies and stand on climate, Trump hasn't changed his direction on any of that.

The move of the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a decision made by congress two presidents ago. These are the headlines of the MSM talking with zero fact checking behind them.

You're wrong that people are turning away from Him. I have been with this fight from the first second it began and have watched as droves of people who were once blue-pilled atheists come to the realisation that there is real evil in the world and therefor real good. This is a revival, not a falling away. We were once on the fringe, knowing that a global cabal exists. Now every day more people are understanding the depth of the Satanic hold these "elites" have exercised over the world. This is a movement where thousands of people all over the world pray daily for YHWH to take the victory here. We don't doubt Him.

"Ever wondered if the speculated nuclear war with Hellary & Russia was a lie to make Americans vote for Trump. Who wants Russian Satan II missiles turning Earth into another asteroid belt ?"

Clinton and her peers sold massive amounts of nuclear grade uranium to Russia for personal profit. You suppose she didn't know what they'd do with that? The agenda to lay this country flat was no joke. It remains a threat because NK is also armed with US nuclear capability as they are not even a country, but a CIA outpost. Trust me, these folks have places to go and ways to escape whatever they plan to do to the populace.

"As His Word said nothing about the World killing everything with cancer, proves that the nuclear war was never going to happen."

Then 5G will never happen either. Praise YHWH.

The Democratic and Republican parties need to burn. It's a fake system. What comes next will be determined by who's will the populace chooses to follow. YHWH's or Lucifer's.

"Always judge a person by the fruits they bare. So far Trump has done nothing in exposing the pure evil contained within all elitist secret societies."

Not true. How much time have you got? We can start here:

Human traficking networks crashing and burning everywhere. first month -

Thousands more since. 900 yesterday alone.

Release of JFK files: "JFK assassination files: CIA, FBI among agencies lobbying Trump to delay release of some files" -

If you looked at the infographic above you saw that he bombed a CIA instalation in Afghanistan.

Denies "climate change" scam -

Publicly announces that the US political system is "sick" and "rigged" -

Isn't shy about invoking our Creator's protection - "“There should be no fear. We are protected, and we will always be protected .?.?. And most importantly, we will be protected by God.” -

On 9-11 - "They have papers in there that are very secret," he also said, referencing the 28 still-classified pages of the 9/11 commission report. "But you will find out." -

I can list more.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 22, 2017 at 5:07am


"Human traficking networks crashing and burning everywhere. first month -"
Correct especially with the Saudi Arabia hit on trafficking people and the drugs ship recently busted in the Caribbean.

JFK files. A lot was simply acknowledgment of what was already known. Again, lets state that the Old CIA wants to hold back the truth so that the peasants feel good with the NWO CIA White Hats that want the truth exposed. The devil pulls the strings of both sides.

Next will be UFO disclosure. Again 'Nothing new under the sun'. The 'good' guys disclosing the truth will be trusted and loved as they patrol the streets for being so 'truthful' with past secrets.

But again, its all the Old World Order being burned to the ground. The Bible already states who comes next.

Drugs are illegal and the false Christ must fake a perfect New Utopia, hence he pulls the plug on all his drug cartels like Afganistan.

i just have a bad feeling about this. Recent dreams have shown that the fallen angels (Greek myths) are going to easily tempt multitudes into a new spiritual era which is why everyone has been made so poor. Apparently they often squabble amongst themselves and when conversing with them at a banquet and stating "I thought only humans fight amongst each other", a female goddess (Hera ?) just smiled and laughed stating that 'it happens with us as well'. Like whaaaaaat, no way man !!!

i agree, people are waking up. But what is the majority going to turn to when the Catholic church is so corrupt at the top ?

David Icke mentioned that 'The current order is following a "dead" god with this US Embassy move'. How many of his followers are going to classify God as this dead god (Kronus) ?

How about George Orwell's book 1984. USA + Britain (Brexit) are set to be against Europa. Crumbs, the EU just stated that Poland is not a Sovereign nation. The shear arrogance. America is correct with Climate change as it is a lie and not the first time the ice caps have melted. But again, Divide & Conquer with Climate Change vs Climate Denial.

Sinners can fake negativity against the Pope and the Pope can also lie. i trust no one in high power.

Rumor says that the FEMA camps are for all pedophiles, corrupted people and the UN troops in Chicago are actually Home Guard US troops dressed in blue uniforms. Well we will see. But again, its out with the old and in with the phoenix, 2018.

Oh surely Trump knows about the Anti NWO houses being vaporised in California recently whilst Pro NWO houses, dry pine trees and golf courses were untouched by fire that was supposedly  'everywhere'.

Comment by Sinclair on December 22, 2017 at 6:54pm

Let me just state that i am the last person you could have ever expected to trust "someone in power" and even now my eyes are glued to every chess move. I'm not going down a wrong path simply because this person is leading there. I held fast to a strong conviction that no man in power could do right but little by little i've not seen the fruits of a person that is backed by the powers of wickedness "in high places". Every step this man takes is met with nothing but overwhelming resistance in all factions of society except us, the "insignificant" voices of the little people.

If you don't hate trump you can't be accepted anywhere. Yea, the PTB have a million tricks and i've seen 90% of them and have sat here expecting the other 10% any day now but just as there is Judas, there is also David. Remember that guy? There is no question that YHWH can raise up a giant slayer when His people need one.

As i told you, the enemy is fightling hard because this was to be the last stage before the NWO came to be and now there is resistance at a level they never expected. not unlike a bird dropping a bread crumb in the LHC. Their biggest card is alien disclosure and they are on the brink of releasing that can of worms. I've yet to see anyone on this side of the fight be even slightly intrigued by the notion of aliens landing. We already know why they will do this.

This person's blog you've posted to gives messages which we put on the front page, usually in the form of a song and graphic. Most of them foreshadow the upcoming events. One that was up a couple months ago, before anyone even guessed what was going on in California was a warning that the Deep State was using direct energy weapons to start those fires. Trump knows. This is war.

"No UN troops. Fake." - Q

Don't you notice the MSM pushes the anti-trump narrative, the "resist" movement, antifa, entertainment, religious leaders, Thousands of paid for shills online to get everyone of every demographic and belief system to believe the same. (i can prove it). You are now in the mainstream believing exactly what these people have been hired to disseminate. (again- i can prove it).

The only channels spreading the truth are deep below the surafe of all this noise and only brought to the surface by people who are dedicated enough to search for it. If the pTB want us to cheer the new leader of their New World Order they are doing the worst job ever.

Latest message is - people asked this to become more public. "we listened". The current song/graphic on the front page foreshadows this also. Watch there if you want clues.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on December 23, 2017 at 5:00am


Remember Trump stated that he was going to get to the bottom of Chem-trails considering the state of his son. Once he became POTUS, sudden silence.

"Every step this man takes is met with nothing but overwhelming resistance in all factions of society"
"Don't you notice the MSM pushes the anti-trump narrative"
Can you prove that this 'resistance' is legit or staged. If Trump is assassinated then it is legit. Otherwise i believe its all staged.
Again, the old corrupt MSM needs to be erased. Interesting how FOX is pro-Trump and foxes are cunning little predators. Oh how the little hens are sleeping and we all know what happens next.
FOX in English gematria is 666.

However, there was a rumor long ago stating that Pence is a real nasty. If Trump died, Pence would make Hitler look like a man of Peace. All enemies of Trump would be sent to FEMA camps in a day and never seen again.

"There is no question that YHWH can raise up a giant slayer when His people need one."
Are you speculating that the Rephaim are about to rise and walk amongst mortal humans. Now that would be interesting in terms of disclosure.

"I've yet to see anyone on this side of the fight be even slightly intrigued by the notion of aliens landing."
They are going to be ripped to pieces by the 2 billion people who have lived below the poverty line since WW2. These fallen ones gave their technology to the Nazi's and that technology has been withheld from the peasants ever since.

Heads will roll when they land. There was even a rumor that a UFO watched the jets slam into the WTC on Sept 11 2001. Again, they did nothing unless it was a US Black Ops UFO.

So, 2 opposing points of view. Well, if Trump is David then 2018 will be good for peasants. If not, then the 1988 Economist magazine front cover will become reality next year.

Qanon - Sounds like 'Q' security pass along with 'anon'ymous. Why not just disclose everything instead of leaking vague bread crumbs ? Just drop a nuke of facts on the public and let the peasants decide what to do with it. Enough people have awakened to take care of the stunned people when all conspiracy theories become reality.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on January 3, 2018 at 3:14pm

i see on the main webpage a picture of a spreadsheet that contains flight details.

Slight problem: anyone can create a spreadsheet.

So far, no heads have rolled, no Live TV footage of the evil-doers being judged.

For all we know, they are all living a life of luxury on Guantanamo (safe island) in the sun whilst America freezes.

On top of that, will there be DNA proof showing that the evil-doers were not replaced by clone, double, computer graphics.

Then to cap it all, if they are possessed by demons then killing the body will change nothing.

Imprisoning the low ranking pedophiles will change nothing if the entire chain of command is not imprisoned as well.

Comment by Bean on January 4, 2018 at 7:55pm

the difference between what's happening now and what has always happened, is that what's happening now is ensuring a complete awareness shift across all humanity..

this is a thing which is very helpful should you need the entire world awake enough to actually understand the gospel when they hear it..

people who do not understand the difference between good and evil, and those who deny evil exists at all, are not able to hear reality at this moment, because they have zero foundation for understanding reality...

in other words, they live in the spiritual matrix...

public disclosure of the evils from the enemy - especially the pedo part (not to mention, Seth Rich) - will ensure that remaining in that spiritual matrix will be impossible, because the proven facts will shatter the entire system...

people will *have* to hear the truth and thus, *have* to choose a side.. it's a thing which is very helpful should you need to ensure all the world has the same fair chance to choose life, before it all ends for the current age...

the human resources involved are not different than any of us.. they know the end is coming now and they want to make sure it involves exposing these monsters...

we all want to see them go down.. these things must be, and are going to happen one way or the other... we all want to see these things happen the way they are happening now.. with those Satanic pedos being exposed...

they have been running the world, and running it into ruin.. and that will not go unnoticed when the truth of their crimes is told...

for one brief, shining moment in this age.. things will work completely against the PTB despite whatever attempts they make...

'member when they thought they solved a problem by crucifying Yahushua... only to get played for fools 3 days later when it was obvious He rose..?  i bet they were super-upset as time went by and His people only grew stronger, despite their attacks...

this is the same dynamic now... for this short open window in time, everything they do will backfire and only help us.. this has been the pattern since day 1.

later there's going to be a falling away.. but there has to be something the whole world will be at risk for falling away from.. and the whole world must be unified in something, before the majority of them can fall away from it.

for one shining moment, innocents will be vindicated, and i'm personally counting the moments.

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on January 5, 2018 at 7:00am

Slight problem:
With the current system exposing all corruption, people are now able to pick a side. Mammon or Jesus.

If Trump does disclose secret technology then many people will pick the mammon side.

Then as the entire old world order burns to ashes via these corruption scandals, the fake Christ (phoenix) arrives through Project Blue Beam.

The fake Christ has to be so 'Mr Truthful' and what better world to walk into than one where all truth is known and all evil has been exposed.

Ever wondered if this is an event to expose true Christians that get 'Raptured' into UFO's and killed. As a persons meat-suit does not matter, God gets the faithful spirits and protects them.

Well, lets see if those microwave crowd control towers in NYC get taken down by Trump. Or the 5G network is moth-balled. Or certain houses are not turned to dust whilst nearby dry pine trees survive the '100ft high flames'.

Lets see if any of the scalar weaponry is exposed. Time to reach the end of the 'Rabbit Hole', not stay looking at it.

Had a dream in December where 99% of people's eyes changed and were exposed to the truth of everything. Some were angry, the rest were at a loss as to what to do next.

If Christians do speak the Gospel and people are able to listen then fine. If those same Christians suddenly vanish then obviously an entity is silencing the Gospel.

Comment by Edwin on January 7, 2018 at 5:48pm

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