Its not often our closest star gives us a show like the one they're saying here. I sometimes wonder if that is Really what is happening. If its not cloudy, I'll be watching for it. Supposed to be a nice show of "Northern Lights"

Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth
Published August 03, 2010

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory snapped this X-ray photo of the Sun early in the morning of Sunday, August 1st. The dark arc near the top right edge of the image is a filament of plasma blasting off the surface -- part of the coronal mass ejection. The bright region is an unassociated solar flare.
Earth is bracing for a cosmic tsunami Tuesday night as tons of plasma from a massive solar flare head directly toward the planet.
The Sun's surface erupted early Sunday morning, shooting a wall of ionized atoms directly at Earth, scientists say. It is expected to create a geomagnetic storm and a spectacular light show -- and it could pose a threat to satellites in orbit, as well.
"This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on Aug. 4," said Leon Golub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "It's the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time."
The solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection, was spotted by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which captures high-definition views of the sun at a variety of wavelengths. SDO was launched in February and peers deep into the layers of the sun, investigating the mysteries of its inner workings.
"We got a beautiful view of this eruption," Golub said. "And there might be more beautiful views to come if it triggers aurorae."
Views of aurorae are usually associated with Canada and Alaska, but even skywatchers in the northern U.S. mainland are being told they can look toward the north Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for rippling "curtains" of green and red light.
When a coronal mass ejection reaches Earth, solar particles stream down our planet's magnetic field lines toward the poles. In the process, the particles collide with atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, which then glow, creating an effect similar to miniature neon signs.
The interaction of the solar particles with our planet's magnetic field has the potential to create geomagnetic storms, or disturbances, in Earth's magnetosphere. And while aurorae are normally visible only at high latitudes, they can light up the sky even at lower latitudes during a geomagnetic storm.
Fortunately for Earth-bound observers, the atmosphere filters out nearly all of the radiation from the solar blast, so the flare shouldn't pose a health hazard, experts say. Pilots and passengers in airplanes may experience increased radiation levels akin to getting an X-ray.
The solar particles also could affect satellites, though scientists think that possibility is remote. Orbital Sciences Corp. believe a similar blast may have knocked its Galaxy 15 satellite permanently out of action this year.
This type of solar event has both government officials and satellite manufacturers worrying.
NASA scientists warned recently that high-energy electric pulses from the sun could cripple our electrical grid for years, causing billions in damages. In fact, the House is so concerned that the Energy and Commerce committee voted unanimously to approve a bill allocating $100 million to protect the energy grid from this rare but potentially devastating occurrence.
The sun's activity usually ebbs and flows on a fairly predictable cycle. Typically, a cycle lasts about 11 years, taking roughly 5.5 years to move from a solar minimum, a period of time when there are few sunspots, to peak at the solar maximum, during which sunspot activity is amplified.
The last solar maximum occurred in 2001. The latest minimum was particularly weak and long- lasting.
The most recent solar eruption is one of the first signs that the sun is waking up -- and heading toward another maximum.

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In Five Days the World Could End (As You Know It)
If you woke up in five days and there was no electricity, no internet, no cell phones, what would you do? As for me, I'll answer that question at the end of this article. But why worry, it's not going to happen. But it could and I'll explain it briefly.
In five days, a large “benevolent monster” of a sunspot is turning to face the Earth. The most active part of the entire sun since 2005. And “it's still growing,” according to Jess Whittington, a forecaster at the federal Space Weather Prediction Center. This “benevolent monster” of a sunspot will only be facing our planet for two weeks.
The consequences of this is dire, if you only understand what happens if this “benevolent monster” of a sunspot unleashes it's full fury upon our small planet. Let's go back in time to 1859.
From August 28 until September 2, 1859, the earth faced a similar scenario such as what is occurring in five days. On September 1, 1859, the largest flare came unleashed a coronal mass ejection straight at the Earth. And just 18 hours later, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm hit the Earth.
In Boston, the light was so bright that even at 1:00 AM, people could read the newspaper without any other light sources around them. The currents in long Telegraph wires in both the United States and Europe experienced induced ElectroMagnetic Force. Fires broke out in the telegraph offices and even shocked the telegraph operators. Auroras were seen in Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Italy. This was the 1859 solar superstorm.
In five days, the electric grid to the United States could be virtually destroyed in the northern Half of the United States. With 130 million people without electricity for 4 to 10 years as 350 transformers are destroyed. The entire Alaska Pipeline could erupt into a fireball. All land line telephones could be destroyed.
So in five days, if a solar superstorm such as the one that hit the Earth in 1859 hits the Earth again, then I'll calmly sit back and open my Bible and read it under the 1:00 AM lights.

Really...really badly.... the broadband doesn't like to work on its own whim...we do have dial up as back up though. Normally...dial up is reliable if a little slow. Today it informed me that the modem was "being blocked". I also have an account back up....tried the alternate account...finally got online. It is Slower Than Ever though....and yes i know one gets used to the speed of broadband but...having dealt with dial up many times, i had the seconds it takes to load things down to a well memorized science.


Something is very wrong with this picture...

 ok, well, I cannot access any wifi, which I know is a danger to one and all in the household when it is running especially to a net book, which is what I have.  But downstairs it works.  My room is upstairs, in fact my suite is upstairs and  I do probably spend way too much time with the netbook running next to my sleeping head.  It think it odd.  I do still have wifi and dsl, so I suppose I am thankful.

I've got to spoil it for all the believers in the Mayan "prophecy". It has to be a bunch of crap. Lots of reasons. 1: doesn't this seem like every other "get yourself in a big panic" hoaxes that the rats running things pull on the public? 2: 12-21-12 looks great to a numerologist using a current calender. That just equals evidence that they invented this date as coinciding with the Mayan prophecy. 3: What prophecy by the way? There's no prophecy. 4: Wait, there is a prophecy. It goes like this - "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

The big excitement over this date has lost a bit of steam over the months, so i guess they need to throw a bitof fuel on the fire to keep it hot.

End of the world speculation after new Mayan discovery
Archaeologists in Mexico have confirmed the discovery of a possible second Mayan reference to the date 2012, offering further ammunition for doom-mongers predicting an apocalypse next year.

Stuff is happening slowly but i think the elite like to give folk these wild, big events to panic about so they don't notice the little changes sneaking up on them.

I mean big rumors. If they're worried about the world exploding in 2012 they won't notice all the new ways their food gets poisoned and all that.

No i don't suppose the whole world will crumble to pieces tomorrow morning but....there is a bad moon rising. A red one even. If you're feeling cranky...blame the moon.

Tristan, actually no, it works perfectly downstairs though.  I can hold it over my head while whislling dixie and hopping on my left foot and sometimes it will work up there.  But... I am also kind of being more diligent with my health since this too.  I turn my wifi off at night when the computer gets turned off.  I am not sure why its not working, but we are dealing ok with having to do our netting downstairs, I guess. It is kinda strange thought isn't it?

yesterday as I traversed the delta of Texas, I was noticing the coverage of the system, its about every 4 to 6 miles that there is a tower to ping, they have to over lap a bit to insure over lap, lol.  I notice when I cross the bay,  I will lose connection, depending on whether or not the wind is blowing.   That bridge is one mile at least.  I have a cable based system, so that is strange we had problems at the same time, but my system is not the same as yours at all.  Not an air based system.  I think mine could have been a spiritual thing.  I was sleeping next to a radioactive wave pulsing unit of death all night long for months.  I am feeling better now.  I should take better care of myself, I know that.  But sometimes we need the reminder.  Like getting a ticket for not wearing your seat belt.  Yes, I did that too this week. lol.  You remember really easy for the next year or so. Be blessed.  Try whistling dixie, Tristan.

Biggest solar storm since 2005 underway, will peak Tuesday

January 23, 2012

Fast on the heels of a solar storm that delivered a glancing blow over the weekend — triggering bright auroras in Canada and Scandinavia — the sun released an even more energetic blast of radiation and charged plasma overnight that could disrupt GPS signals and the electrical grid Tuesday, especially at high latitudes, space weather experts warned Monday morning.

Already, the storm could be disrupting satellite communications as streams of radiation from the sun bounce across the Earth’s magnetic field, which extends above the surface into space.

“With the radiation storm in progress now, satellite operators could be experiencing trouble, and there are probably impacts as well to high frequency [radio] communications in polar regions,” said Doug Biesecker, a physicist at the Space Weather Prediction Center, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colo.

Such radio blackouts can force airlines to reroute flights between North America and Europe or Asia.

Jupiter, Moon To Shine Closely Together In Night Sky Monday

By: Joe Rao
Published: 01/20/2013 09:22 AM EST on

Stargazers looking up as darkness falls on Monday (Jan. 21) will notice an eye catching pairing-off between two of the brightest objects in the nighttime sky, weather permitting.

The moon, appearing as a waxing gibbous phase, 78 percent illuminated, will appear to stand close below a very bright, non-twinkling, silvery "star." But it won't be a star that will be keeping the moon company on America's Inauguration Night, but the largest planet in our solar system: Jupiter.

Across much of the United States and southern Canada, this will be closest that the moon and Jupiter will appear relative to each other until the year 2026. On Monday night, the moon will be about of 248,700 miles (400,500 kilometers) from Earth, while Jupiter will be nearly 1,664 times farther out in space at a distance of 413.8 million miles (665.9 million km).

During Monday's stargazing event, observers have the chance to see what astronomers call an appulse a very close approach of the moon to Jupiter. An appulse is a phenomenon caused by perspective only. There is no close physical approach in space between the two objects involved. Astronomers insist that appulses have no direct effect on the Earth.

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