Morgellon's - The Possible Result of Transhumanist Experiments

If you have never heard of Morgellon's disease, it is no wonder but if you live with it, you live with a nightmare that is not only a horror because of the physical damage which is done to you, but because there is a good chance that no one, including doctors will recognize the fact that you are physically ill.

This strange disease has only recently begun to affect great numbers of people and the numbers are growing. Perhaps this is, by itself an odd kind of blessing for those suffering from it, since greater numbers mean greater attention and recognition of the problem. Those with Morgellon's often begin their experience with the disease having a sub-dermal itching which will not subside, feeling as if something is crawling beneath the skin. Usually next it will be noticed that strange, tiny fibers of various colors (red, blue, green, yellow) are pushing their way through the surface of the skin. Later, open lesions develop over the body where the fibers are most present.

Even though the medical field is known for loving to invent new diseases and designating everything under the sun as some kind of illness, (obesity, addiction, restless legs) this is one disease they refuse to acknowledge exists. It should be wondered why this would be the case and why it should be almost regarded with anxiety by medical practitioners to be cornered with a case of it. Most mainstream doctors insist this is an ailment which is completely imagined. Below is the testimony of one sufferer's trip to the doctor -

" I'm at a loss. How do I get my doctor to test me? He flatly refuses and when I got upset and took my pants down to show him the backs of my legs/rear end, he took a fast step back and wouldn't touch me or allow tests.

He called in another doctor and together they tried to convince me it was "folliclitis." I left with a prescription for anti-fungal cream (Fucidin) and Novo-Doxylin (Doxycycline Hyclate)100mg - to take twice daily for one month. The pills make me physically ill (and taste like gasoline so I stopped taking them) but the cream does work temporarily. Any suggestions? I haven't been back because the doctors here are useless. "

With no research in the medical field for people to make sense of what this disease is and what can be done to cure it (it is generally considered incurable) people have been left to do their own research and maybe that has not been such a bad thing. Without the bias of a controlled field of science or the drug pushing interference of the FDA into research for Morgellon's, people have found they are not as stupid as the establishment tells them they are, and are capable of coming to some helpful discoveries and reasonable theories. Many suffering from Morgellons have studied the fibers which have come from their bodies under microscopes and have made available the photos of what they found. Usually what can be seen of these fibers is that they are long, segmented strands, looking somewhat like the body of a worm but yet they are not a parasite.

What these fibers are, are hollow Polysaccharide filaments, polymer carbohydrates much like sugars except for the great number of molecules in their chains. Starches are a natural example of a polysaccharide. Morgellon's sufferers have often noted that they are swarmed by fruit flies and other sugar loving insects. This makes sense since their bodies are infested with polymer carbohydrate strands. In the understanding of a fruit fly, they are a giant, walking piece of fruit.

It might be a great mystery why and how there would come to be polysaccharide strands emerging from people's skin causing lesions or why they would be multicolored, except for a certain piece of very interesting evidence. When the fibers are analyzed they universally come back positive for the DNA of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. This is a strain of bacteria which is used in the genetic engineering of transgenic crops. The bacteria serves as a transport which injects foreign genetic material into host cells. It operates first by finding a wound in the host tissue, it then attaches to the cell wall and causes the tissue there to form a gall (in a plant) or lesion (in a human). Argobacteria requires a carbohydrate energy source and would benefit from a polysaccharide enclosure.

Thanks to the work of a demonic company named Monsanto, nearly everyone in the united states has eaten genetically engineered food and it is the goal of this company aided by the FDA and the government generally that the only food available are their abominations.

Monsanto was originally a chemical company founded in 1901. Saccharine made from coal tar under the brand name Sweet'N Low, agent orange, aspartame, Astroturf, plastics, pesticides like DDT, herbicides like Roundup and research conducted on uranium for the Manhattan Project besides many genetically engineered species of crops are some of their achievements.

The effects of genetically modified food on animals who have been fed it have been variously cancer, bleeding stomachs, abnormal blood cell development, deformed liver testicular and pancreatic cells, underdeveloped organs and higher offspring morbidity.

Monsanto is the world's biggest seed developer and they are in the process of doing all they can to eliminate their last competitors. 90% of soy beans and 80 to 85% of all corn grown in the US is Monsanto gmo product. It is clear to me that Monsanto and gmo engineering has let loose on humanity a pestilence which has the ability to change your own DNA, and so effectively change what you are. Perhaps the only question to be asked is whether this is intentional or a byproduct of greed and if intentional, why?

It is well known that Monsanto has often been the supposed benefactors of impoverished areas of the world or areas which are recovering from disaster, offering food and seed. On some occasions such as in Haiti recently, those people have refused to take the "gift", understanding as American's tend not to, that what those foods are is poison. There is no doubt that greed is a part of all things the NWO does and yet we have more than sufficient evidence to know that they are interested in eliminating more than 80 percent of the world's people. Enough tests have been done with GMO food to understand the results of eating them is genetic mutation and a host of physical ailments but yet these things are not only on the market to buy, but are dominating it.

It would seem the effect of causing the injection of foreign DNA into the human host is an intentional design of the product. Those affected with Morgellons are largely Rh negative or carriers of the recessive trait. This is perhaps due to the acidity or lack of acidity in the bodies of those affected as Morgellons seems to thrive on an alkaline environment but is that cause and effect a planned one?

What has also been recorded in tests of Morgellon's fibers is that they begin to produce red blood cells which are not of the host body itself. It has not been tested to know what the Rh factor of these red blood cells are but they are clearly manufactured and not products of the human body as they are perfect in structure, having no natural irregularity of shape. If there is an agenda to affect Rh negatives particularly and change the nature of their blood what would this mean?

The Elite are transhumanists. They believe that not only do they carry a divine bloodline and right to rule the masses as they see fit but believe in a future where by their technological innovations they can enhance their own DNA and achieve an evolutionary next step and eventually immortality. The Rh negative factor being common among them, they might seek to use those of the same blood in the populace as lab rats to conduct mass experimentation on, while the same methods, instead of producing symptoms of Morgellon's, would simply kill those of an Rh positive blood factor by cancer or immune deficiency.

If Monsanto and gmo crops are allowed to become the main source of food in this country we will see worse than just a few thousand people with debilitating lesions and perhaps the end result is far more horrifying that most want to imagine.

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By Dr. Mercola
"Genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes could be released into the U.S. environment as early as January 2012.  A private firm is planning to initiate the release of the GM mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. 
The first GM mosquito release took place in the Cayman Islands in 2009, and the second in Malaysia in 2010.
Now, residents of the Florida Keys, like those of the Cayman Islands and Malaysia, will be subjected to these genetically manipulated insects, without having any say in the matter."
Natural Society reports:
"The mosquitoes are genetically modified with a gene designed to kill them unless given an antibiotic known as tetracycline.
Offspring of the GM mosquitoes will receive this same lethal gene which will kill the offspring before it can ever reach adulthood.
As more genetically modified mosquitoes mate with wild mosquitoes, the idea is that more and more offspring will be produced with the lethal gene, thereby reducing the mosquito population.
Of course the risks these mosquitoes post ... are highly unknown ...
With the release of genetically modified insects could come the downfall of both local and global ecosystems ..."

It's a crazy world when naturally-raised hogs could be cleaner than the local farmers market dairy and produce..  =/  We don't eat pork products either.. they definitely are not healthy.. it's pretty interesting that swine are the animals most physiologically similar to humans.. even when people catch on fire, their skin smells the same as pigs do when they are being cooked.. yuck!

Thankfully, Yahushua is not only our Savior, but also our Healer!

I used to have a taste for everything that's bad. I eat kosher now, it is a much healthier way to eat but its true that you can hardly eat clean even when you're trying to now. They just keep adding these nasty transgenic foods and where does that end? There's going to be cross pollination and all that. It would be real nightmare if one day there were no pure foods growing anymore.

Tabitha McCourt said:

Another reason to eat kosher; It is possible that pork may be fine to eat under the NT because of Peter and Paul sitting down and preaching to gentiles, but I won't do it because of the negative effects it has. I do not judge anyone for eating it. I just pass on it. The real thing we are to do is not abstaining from pork, but making sure we are not eating stem cells and transgenic food. I would definitely eat pork before I would eat anything that has human DNA or stem cells in it!!!

Cross pollination is when a plant of one sub-type pollinates a plant of a different sub-type. That wouldn't be too much of a problem between types of squash, for example (except you wouldn't end up with the precise kind you were trying for).

In what i think Sinclair is referring's the pollination of a non GMO crop with GMO pollen.

So...if you happen to be a farmer who planted a field of good, pure non-GMO corn but your neighbor planted Monsanto genetically engineered corn...that contaminated corn pollen can pollinate your good corn and the resulting seed (which is the part of corn we eat) will be GMO. That is a very disturbing fact when it comes to thinking about the future of natural food.

To add insult to injury...when this happens, Monsanto will SUE the farmer who's crop was contaminated for patent infringement if they attempt to save their own seed.

Not only is this company polluting the world with unclean food but they are driving the good farmers out of business.

Yes, Monsanto has a patent on all their genetically modified crops because they literally did invent them. This goes way beyond simply crossing two species of plants..this is a lab creation. They use a certain bacteria which can transfer foreign DNA into the host cells of an entirely different species (like putting insect genes in a tomato)...once the crop is genetically changed to a bug/tomato, it might look like any other tomato but it is, indeed, part bug.

That same bacteria and renegade dna can then change the human dna of the consumer into tissue that expresses what the insects tissue would. Yikes.....

All things are possible with Elohim and man does not live by bread alone.... i certainly wouldn't discount the possibility of being able to live without food but even for those who could not achieve such a thing...remember... He sent manna once. :)

Breatharian sounds like it could be convenient in a way but I'd really miss food.

Tabitha McCourt said:

That is horrible. The GMO guys sue the good guys. Horrible. I guess this is what Tureh means when it says do not sow two different seeds in the same row together. Because they will be genetically modified.

What? Some crazy genetically altered thing is patented. That's insane!!! Goodbye natural food. If we all could adopt the "Breatharian Diet" which I just shared some interesting info on we would be in great hands. By the reading, I discovered you have to gradually work your way into it before you can fully live on light (photosynthesis) and go without eating and drinking supposedly.

There are now crops which will not even germinate without having Monsanto's "Round-up" sprayed on them. This is leading to a trend where crops can not reproduce themselves so not only is the end result of transgenic manipulation contaminated food, but a food shortage.

The article to which this thread is attached tells how agrobacterium, the bacteria used to transport foreign DNA into host cells, might very well be at the core of why there is such a thing as Morgellon's.

Some things you might like to know about some of the ingredients you named:

MSG is a neurotoxin that damages the brain as well as endocrine functions.

Sodium Nitrite is converted into nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic.

aspartame is created from the waste product of genetically modified bacteria

hydrogenated oils are usually made from GMO corn or rapeseed. They are changed at a molecular level so that the end product is not only genetically modified but a highly toxic substance as well.

mono and diglycerides, same as above.

L-cysteine, as you said comes from human hair as well as feathers, hooves, horns and petroleum byproducts.

High Fructose corn syrup is actually fairly toxic in any amount. It's almost always made from genetically modified corn, often contains mercury and has been unnaturally modified into a form which is particularly difficult for the body to metabolize which can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Healthy sweeteners in moderation are raw cane sugar, honey or agave nectar. Stevia is a good sweetener which is entirely free of sugars.

Modified corn/food starch - the modification comes by way of chemically or otherwise synthetically changing the properties of the starch in some way. Since it is not in its natural form, the body does not know how to digest it. This can lead to digestive issues ranging from chronic indigestion to "leaky gut" syndrome. While the word "modified" in the term does not reflect genetic modification, one has to remember that over 80% of this country's corn sold as food is genetically modified and so being the cheapest source for corn starch, whether modified corn starch or not, it is almost all GMO.

Tabitha McCourt said:

Yes All Things are possible with Aleim. The Insect-Tomato thing, I heard about somewhere. Can't remember though. But when you mention human DNA, it is scary. If this DNA gets into food and then it is made GMO, we could be committing cannibalism. A big YIKES!!! I sure would not want to end up doing that. and the sad thing is that most people do not care about what is in their food. Things I can't tolerate are:


Sodium Nitrite (in high amaounts)


& Caffiene

Things I don't want are:

Hydrogenated oils

Mono & Diglycerides

L-Cystiene (I found this could be made from human hair. Yuck!!!)

High Fructose Corn Syrup (even though its safe in moderation, I heard it was genetically modified glucose)

When products say things like Modified Corn Starch, or Modified Food Starch, does that mean GMO?

Out of curiosity, is it possible that chemicals can alter the bone structure in todays nephilim population and as a result a persons skull can start to alter in such a way that it looks like 2 demon horns are slowly growing as the years tick by ?

GMO's and chemicals are two different issues that compromise food safety these days. A GMO is actually a chimera organism which is consumed as food and can alter the DNA of the one who consumes it. That would be true of anyone, whether hybrid or not.

Even though it is theoretically possible to cause physically dramatic changes in genetic expression by purposely changing or rearranging certain genes in a lab setting, it is highly unlikely that consumption of GMOs or chemicals in food would cause such a specific and physically dramatic change in any person. The usual result is disease...either autoimmune disease, cancer or something which expresses itself in the way that the symptoms of Morgellon's does.

Some recessive traits which can very occasionally show up in hybrids include features like double rows of teeth, horns or six fingered/toed hands and feet. These are naturally recessive traits and the infrequency with which they show up in the modern population makes one think of a sudden mutation...but those traits are very old and occurred much more frequently in generations past.

With the advent of goals like transhumanism, it isn't unlikely that traits like these and even weirder things might be purposely enhanced in lab settings to create the appearance of the fictitious "next evolutionary step" for mankind.

Have you heard of Clifford Carnicom of Carnicom Institute – Research for the Benefit of Humanity The Carnicom Institute is a non-profit health and environmental educational and research organization serving the public welfare. We do not advocate any proprietary:

  • Clifford E Carnicom Aug 12 2006 Edited Aug 16 2006 ... The Morgellons disease is characterized in part by the presence of a host of unusual skin conditions, ..

I'm a victim of nano-tech. I was placed on this nightmare list after I sued a defense contractor connected to wall street, local politicians after they murdered my husband on their property. Rather than pay me with a 99% chance I'd win, this is the horror they've done to me. Its been a living nightmare.

What is it about RH positive blood factors?

Hi, Chris. Do you exhibit the symptoms of Morgellon's? I would be interested to hear more of what your persecutors have done to harass you. Take courage in the fact that you are alive, though. Our Creator does protect His people. Keep your faith strong and seek His shelter when it becomes hard to move forward.

I have not heard of the institute you mention and i might be naturally wary of organizations that support the environmental agenda, but i am interested in looking at it further.

"What is it about RH positive blood factors?" Did you mean RH negative? The positive factor is what the majority of people have. The Negative factor is the "anomaly" which has been noted to come with various unusual traits and tends to be found in the families of the generationally wealthy and powerful. Some have also claimed that the negative factor is tracked in the general populace by intelligence agencies.

Chris said:

Have you heard of Clifford Carnicom of Carnicom Institute – Research for the Benefit of Humanity The Carnicom Institute is a non-profit health and environmental educational and research organization serving the public welfare. We do not advocate any proprietary:

  • Clifford E Carnicom Aug 12 2006 Edited Aug 16 2006 ... The Morgellons disease is characterized in part by the presence of a host of unusual skin conditions, ..

I'm a victim of nano-tech. I was placed on this nightmare list after I sued a defense contractor connected to wall street, local politicians after they murdered my husband on their property. Rather than pay me with a 99% chance I'd win, this is the horror they've done to me. Its been a living nightmare.

What is it about RH positive blood factors?

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