"THE SOYLENT HOLOCAUST: “They shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm.”
Some Chinese people are known to be eating babies, and the news, which has been circulating through the internet and via email, is shocking the world.  An email report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos and fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.
    The report went on. A town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now in focus. Chinese folks there are enjoying baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular…
    Dead babies can be purchased in Taiwan for 70 US dollars for being used as grilled delicacies.
Though rumors of this horrific ‘delicacy’ have circulated for years, most have believed them as the ’fodder’ for horror films. A Google search brings up no fewer than 17 non-related reports, though there are thousands of linked corroborative sites ranging from the sarcastic twilight zone humor to actual recipes, restaurants and video and photographic descriptions and details.At a price of $30 to $40 per bowl, instructions and condiments supplied, these grotesque attractions come with all of the artistry and composition of the high ground of an etherealness of an indulgent ambrosia.
Although China does have laws prohibiting the eating of the human fetus, the strict one child policy provides additional income and high incentive for such barbaric catachresis and brutal atrocities.  And if this barbarity permits only a moral reaction consider the next elevation: the Jezebel of Jezebels: use of “gourmet” body parts as the newest and most demanded version of the Fountain of Youth...
While contrasting eastern and western morals and transcending dignity and the inherent right to life, Dr. Baklinski reveals the humanism, hedonism and heresy of materialism and ultimately the unmitigated egoism which is ultimately responsible for this “terrorism in the womb,” considers the various possibilities which most certainly bring scandal to the Peoples’ Republic and effect a less than anticipated financial explosion resulting from the ethics of self-inflicted Chinese genocide. And we continue to call our ‘achievements’ the “height” of man’s progression?
But it couldn’t happen here.  Really?
Generation Next for Obama – Uniting Generations
“Ordinary business operations”
Consider the February 28, 2012 ruling of President Obama’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) decision regarding PepsiCo’s use of HEK (Human Embryonic Kidney) 293, human embryonic cells derived from aborted fetal remains to produce flavor enhancers:
From Natural News, March 17, 2012:
    The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. LifeSiteNews.com reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes “ordinary business operations.”
Pepsico contracts Senomyx, a US biotech company whose research goals are to amplify and enhance flavors in food products.  HEK 293 is also used in products, Kraft Foods, Cadbury Adams, Campbell’s Soup, Nestlé SA, Trident, Dentyne and Halls cough drops (see below).
Soylent Green – or worse?
It can’t be: it’s not on the label -
In 2005, the New York Times published an article, Sugar and Spice, and Biochemistry:
    Unlike artificial sweeteners, Senomyx’s chemical compounds will not be listed separately on ingredient labels. Instead, they will be lumped into a broad category — “artificial flavors” — already found on most packaged food labels.
In September, 2011, health activist Dr. Joseph Mercola added yet another twist to the biotech/DNA spiral: What you don’t know about flavor enhancers can harm you:
    HEK293 originally came from a healthy, electively aborted baby whose cells were then harvested and cloned.
 Morally Tainted: Products Made Possible by the Killing of Innocent Human Life
    We live in a culture of death — a reality that means we truly do need labels that warn consumers: ‘This product was madepossible by the killing of innocent human life.’"
The story of the Chinese infants being used for food has been labelled by many a "hoax". This is based on the assumption that pictures and articles related to this have been connected to a Chinese "artist" by the name of Zhu Yu who allegedly created life-like food scrap fetuses and ate them in front of an audience. However, Zhu's own story was that the fetuses were real and obtained illegally.
Other articles dealing with this subject are unrelated to the artist, Zhu Yu, were reported by journalists who were present when the buyer received a female fetus and the pictures that go along with the story say it all. It is one thing to make very life-like art but these photos show the type of detail that one would not expect is possible in mere art. From the discoloration of the tissue and transparency of the fragile skin to the way boiled flesh on a whole body would really look.
Please be warned, there are extremely disturbing photos at this link:
It might be that much like many things which are horrible but true, the idea of people eating infants is simply so overwhelmingly despicable that the first reaction most have is deny it.
There is really no basis for the denial if the reasoning is "too horrible to be true" though. It is no hoax and no conspiracy theory that fetal cannibalism has been a part of western life for some time in the form of "natural flavor" enhancement in Pepsi products and vaccines.
Much like the same backwards logic that allows people to unthinkingly consume most anything else in their food as long as it is not evident to their senses, few would probably think twice about buying Pepsi even after having been told this fact.
But having to see the evil in the form of a dead child is too much for most. It is not such a giant step to take, though. It is only a matter of not having to lay eyes on the crime that ended up in your food.

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Murray...i can't blame you for your sentiments...i feel the same way sometimes. This is really where you just stop and say "can it get any worse?"... but then again, do we want the answer to that?
Barry... Wow...if i could ever be sure i was reading an account of someone who was demonically possessed, this is it. It sounds like something right out of a zombie movie, does it not?

No, i would say cocaine had nothing to do with something this demonic. I don't know how reprobate a mind can go before it won't come back..i'm willing to give the worst of the worst the benefit of the doubt...that there is always a hope if they will call out to Yahushua. I have seen some pretty bad seeds come back from some pretty dark places.

But what this says about the world in general....i think it says that Father is just about done waiting.

It does, indeed, read like the fiction of a zombie movie. Entertainment often precedes what is about to occur in the real world, but i think we all hoped this would not be one of those things.

Schizophrenic Christian believed he was beheading a space alien



Wonder if they would point out if he was an atheist?


From the link you posted, Kathy:

"In an interview with Chris Summerville, head of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Li said he started hearing in 2004 what he believed was “the voice of God.”

“The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus (and that) I was to save people from a space alien attack,” he said, according to a transcript published by Canadian media."

I am not sure i see where the evidence lies that he was a Christian. A follower of Yahushua would not assume they were the second coming not to mention other details which would be contradictory. That, in itself, would cancel out the foundation of faith based on Messiah.

What i do notice is one of many media attempts to make the enemy's point for him and a man who is no doubt overcome with demonic influence.

No, i don't think they would have bothered mentioning if the man had been an atheist who believed he was killing an alien for the betterment of his species.

The baby fetus soup is so disgusting i get a sick feeling in my stomache just thinking about it!
However, Pepcico, or so I've read, uses the cells (from a fetus) starting in 1972 (pepsico) they started researching thrir formulas on the cells.
as far as I've read the cells do not go into the formula, and is only used based on research.
tbh, i didnt write that link down, but theres a Wiki on HEK 293

Yes, you are correct David. Pepsi products do use fetal cells in producing their new flavors. That is actually a topic we have discussed here before and i wish i could point you to the place it was posted but that will require some time. If you search the forum you may find where Bets has posted the list of products that fall under Pepsi. Some you might not have known belonged to them as well.

@Prodigal Son
yes but i said "researched" their formulas, not "put into".

What in the world is with all the people eating people lately? Is this really a sudden phenomenon or is media just focusing on this for some reason?

According to the media, it's "bath salts", or rather a designer drug which is marketed for that supposed purpose..not your ordinary epsom salts. However, the use of this particular designer drug isn't new...and through the years and phases of drug preferences like LSD, etc which have run their course in society...i have yet to hear of one that causes an epidemic of people-eating.

"Ivory Wave," "Purple Wave," Vanilla Sky," and "Bliss" -- all are among the many street names of a so-called designer drug known as “bath salts,” which has sparked thousands of calls to poison centers across the U.S. over the last year.

Citing an “imminent threat to public safety,” the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made illegal the possession and sale of three of the chemicals commonly used to make bath salts -- the synthetic stimulants mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. The ban, issued in October 2011, is effective for at least a year. During that time, the agency will decide whether a permanent ban is warranted.

WebMD talked about bath salts and other designer drugs with Zane Horowitz, MD, an emergency room physician and medical director of the Oregon Poison Center.

First of all, what are bath salts?

"The presumption is that most bath salts are MDPV, or methylenedioxypyrovalerone, although newer pyrovalerone derivatives are being made by illegal street chemists. Nobody really knows, because there is no way to test for these substances," Horowitz says.
Why are they called bath salts?

"It’s confusing. Is this what we put in our bathtubs, like Epsom salts? No. But by marketing them as bath salts and labeling them 'not for human consumption,' they have been able to avoid them being specifically enumerated as illegal," Horowitz says.
What do you experience when you take bath salts?

"Agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, suicidality. It’s a very scary stimulant that is out there. We get high blood pressure and increased pulse, but there’s something more, something different that’s causing these other extreme effects. But right now, there’s no test to pick up this drug. The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you they have.

The clinical presentation is similar to mephedrone [a chemical found in other designer drugs], with agitation, psychosis, and stimulatory effects. Both of these agents should be of concern, as severe agitated behavior, like an amphetamine overdose, has occurred.

A second concern is the ongoing suicidality in these patients, even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. At least for MDPV, there have been a few highly publicized suicides a few days after their use," Horowitz says.




And now we have this.....

"Horrific: Mother kills, eats baby in Texas

In what appears to be the worst probable case of Post-Partum Psychosis ever, a Texas woman brutally murdered, dismembered and ate her newborn child.

The woman, Otty Sanchez, was a diagnosed schizophrenic and known to struggle severely with issues of psychosis, but the murder was obviously a huge shock to relatives and authorities. Like Andrea Yates before her, Sanchez heard voices and believes Satan influenced her. Scott Buchholz, father of baby Scotty and fellow schizophrenic, broke up with Sanchez last week. He is now calling for her execution.

    “She was a sweet person and I still love her, but she needs to pay the ultimate price for what she has done,” said Scott W. Buchholz, who referred to his child as “baby Scotty.” “She needs to be put to death for what she has done.”

Buchholz, who was at a Whitesnake and Judas Priest concert the night his three-week old baby was murdered, added that Otty Sanchez should “burn in hell.”

Responders to the scene are unlikely to ever forget what they saw when they arrived at the house Sanchez and her two older children occupied. Baby Scotty lay dead- decapitated, face torn away and three of his toes bitten off. Sanchez was on a couch with self-inflicted wounds to the torso and throat and shouting that she’d “killed her baby.” The other two children in the home at the time of the brutal murder were unharmed..."

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/30950/horrific-mother-kills-eats-baby-in-t...

In case some of you don't recall this...the Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a mock preparedness "novel" called "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" last year. The idea, they claimed, was to teach preparedness for a pandemic event through a fictional account that would appeal to readers.


Bizarrely enough...this year we have the real deal...or at least a number of people who suddenly thought eating their fellow humans was an alright idea for some reason.

Maybe because of the CDC handbook on preparedness for a zombie event..they've made a public statement assuring people that this is not, in fact, a zombie pandemic:

"CDC to America: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse"

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/06/04/cdc-to-america-there-is-no-zomb...

Well..perhaps it isn't...but who else thinks its odd that the CDC chose to illustrate preparedness through a novel about a zombie pandemic some months (?) before cannibalism becomes a sudden trend in the news?

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