Earthquake off Indonesia's Aceh triggers tsunami alert
An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 has struck offshore near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, near Aceh province.
The quake struck 214km (133 miles) south of Aceh's capital of Banda Aceh, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.
A local tsunami alert was issued and later lifted by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
The site is very near that of 2004's 9.2 magnitude earthquake. About 220,000 people were killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami the quake triggered.
The epicentre of the latest quake was at a depth of 61.4km, about 66km (41 miles) south-west of Meulaboh district, the USGS said.
The district, and other parts of Aceh, were devastated in the 26 December 2004 earthquake.
Ring of Fire
The quake hit at 1259 (0559 GMT). Local media reported some houses were damaged and power lines knocked down, Associated Press news agency said.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center lifted its tsunami watch several hours after the earthquake.

The earthquake caused some panic in parts of Aceh
"Sea level readings indicate that a significant tsunami was not generated," the Hawaii-based centre said in a statement on its website.
"Therefore, the tsunami watch issued by this center is now cancelled."
The USGS earlier said it believed there was no threat of a destructive, widespread tsunami but the possibility of a local tsunami existed.
Indonesia is located on the volatile Pacific Ring of Fire, a belt of tectonic activity girdling the Pacific Ocean that triggers earthquakes and volcanic activity.
Aceh is on the north-western tip of Sumatra, one of Indonesia's main islands, and is frequently rocked by earthquakes.
One last year near Padang in West Sumatra province killed more than 1,000 people.
About 170,000 people were killed in Aceh from the 2004 earthquake and the tsunami it launched.
The waves spread across the Indian Ocean to cause death and destruction as far away as Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

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White House readies ‘US Shake Out’ to prepare citizens for earthquakes

In an event called the “Great Central U.S. Shake Out,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are reaching out to areas in the Midwest that could be impacted by an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line.




Prodigal Son said:

"HAARP Website Taken Down to Conceal Evidence of US Weather Modification and Earthquakes?


The Haarp site is now back up and running after a few days of not even being mentioned in search engine results. Oh...what were they up to?


Only a 3.9, but the biggest earthquake to strike the area in 300 years...did you feel that one Tristran?

"The Worthing Wobble: Teacups rattle on the south coast after earthquake strikes in the English Channel"

Washington Monument leaning after Virginia quake. I might not have been unhappy to see it fall


I don't know about that picture but there are some cracks in the thing. A police officer first said it was leaning and the media is saying its not. In fact they sound a bit personally offended at the idea. I think I'd like to see
that stupid thing topple myself but they'll never stand for anything happening
to their precious phalic symbol, They'll have it fixed quickly, I'm sure.
4-Foot Crack Found in Washington Monument
DC is a bit like Hell's Disneyland. (Well wait, Disneyland has some hellish background itself now, doesn't it?) Any sort of Luciferian symbol the heart desires, there it is. It's probably little wonder that folk could be as oblivious as they are in the face of a thing like 911 when they've got that place sitting in their backyard and never asked why in the world is there an Egyptian obelisk or or a statue of Ashtoreth there.
Nice of the west coast to be mocking. They have buildings made for earthquakes. None of that over on the east. A lot of people could have been hurt in a thing like that and I don't think I'd be laughing sitting over there just waiting for the next big tsunami to be their turn.

These two articles have some rather interesting theories. Something to think about at least.


Two shallow 5+ magnitude earthquakes strikes U.S. south of key U.S. government centers.

Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.

with a four foot crack in it.. the Washington monument probably is leaning.. even 4 cm off center is a lot with a structure of that height.. personally, i wouldn't mind if the thing fell over, crumbled, imploded, vanished.. etc.. as long as no one was hurt.. also, the VA earthquake sounded suspicious (probably to most of us) right off the bat.. would not be surprised to learn that it was conducted, rather than just experienced.

I'm not claiming this to be what i believe with certainty happened...but a something to investigate...


Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.

Ya'll remember when at the start of summer, the big floods along the Mississippi and the birds falling from the sky in Arkansas?  That was when dutch since first began showing us all those haarp rings over the eastern states.  Now this possible detonation.  I have friends in South Carolina who felt it.  New York City to South Carolina is a huge area.  Could they be trying to trigger the  Madras fault and keep failing?
Yes, i remember well the birds falling from the sky. It actually happened in many places world wide. The reason they gave was fireworks. Not a viable reason for all places it happened at that time, and of course there is the question as to why not years before? It seems a bad storm is now tracking the east coast. Why, i wonder, is the east coast suddenly a seeming target?

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