'What fresh hell is this?' we might ask. The sky is not falling..or at least it isn't yet..but the earth is sinking. Lost amongst the myriad of strange and disastrous events that we've seen take place on the planet lately is a phenomenon which hasn't been receiving it's due attention. All over the world..giant, gaping holes are opening up in the earth...some having a confoundedly perfect, circular shape...great abysses which threaten to swallow up homes, roads and people.

This might sound a bit wild and made up..but the facts are, it's happening...everywhere. When looking into all the locations that giant sink holes have taken place..i couldn't even complete a list for the number of them that can be found and the time it would take to round them all up..but here are some that i've complied:

In Guatemala, we have what looks like a man-made well shaft...but this hole opened up in the earth without anyone lifting a shovel...

Following the strange sinkhole in Guatemala there began a plague of sinkholes across China...35 massive, gaping holes from April until the middle of this month...

In Canada on the Trans-Canada Highway this hole opened up across two traffic lanes. It will require 50 trucks hauling gravel to the site to repair the road...

In Chattanooga Tennessee on Interstate 24 east, this sinkhole appeared over a 40 by 18 foot wide area and is 25 feet deep...

In the area of the Dead Sea...sinkholes are a serious problem..in fact so serious, people are afraid to walk or live in the area. Every day new sinkholes appear..some large enough to take down entire farmsteads...

Derry PA has a plague of sinkholes on their hands which the residents are becoming very concerned over..and placing blame on the township's water system, the situation threatens to cause huge losses in property...

The very street which is nearest to where i am sitting has had a sinkhole problem which seemingly will not go away...the repair crew has been at the site three times in the last few weeks attempting to repair it so that it will not reoccur. An acquaintance who lives in a township some 30 miles from where i am reports that a sinkhole is threatening to claim a large portion of her front yard.

Something has upset a fragile balance of energies within the earth, something which is causing an implosion of sorts of the earth's surface in areas. Remembering the Pandora's box of repercussions which was opened when someone decided to drill into a deep oil and methane reserve in the Gulf Coast...a reserve which stretches far up into the North American continent, might we not be seeing the results of the ill-advised tampering with a delicate pressure system that was not meant to be tampered with?

Interestingly, i had earlier written on the Gulf Coast spill and the possible ( and possibly prophetic) implications of it, pointing out that if this event implied a certain prophetic fulfillment in Revelation concerning the sea becoming blood, that a number of other prophecies would maybe have to precede it in order for it to qualify. Now then...this would be one of those prophecies...

"I looked when He opened the sixth seal and behold, there was a great earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became like blood. And the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place".- Revelation 6:12-14

It occurs to me that with such a phenomenon of sinkholes opening up all over the globe...if any very massive earthquake were to take place in the near future, we might very well see mountains being swallowed up and islands sinking. I make no claim to know that this is surely the case, but it seems far from impossible that there is a perfect storm of apocalyptic possibility convening over the wreckage which has been strewn in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Different article same sinkhole in germany with a better picture.

Kathy said:
Huge sinkhole opens in front of Brookings City Hall
Written by Arwyn Rice, Pilot staff writer November 07, 2010 03:14 pm

A 20 foot by 30 foot sinkhole opened in front of Brookings City Hall overnight Sunday.

The 23-foot deep hole was discovered by Brookings police officers at about 1:30 a.m., Lt. Donny Dotson said.

City crews worked through the night to discover the extent of the damage and prevent the situation from worsening, Public Works Supervisor Bob Schaefer said Sunday afternoon.

"They were able to stabilize the walls a little bit," Schaefer said.

Police department offices are close to the opening. Police will monitor the hole hourly. If there are any changes to the hole, crews will return.

There is no immediate danger to city structures, but a large portion of Elk Drive crumbled into the hole.

Elk Drive is closed between Fifth Street and Ross Road and is not expected to open for some time, Schaefer said.

There will be no easy fix, as water from broken culvert gushed through the deep hole, carrying away even more soil.

"This is going to be fairly extensive," he said. "It's very unstable ground and the weather isn't good."

Sinkhole appears in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – A sinkholesuddenly appeared in a village in Hanoi on December 21, swallowing the kitchen of a local family.
The sinkhole unexpectedly appeared at 3 pm, December 21 in the kitchen of a family in Ang La village, My Duc district, Hanoi, startling the family and locals.
A member of the family, Nguyen Thanh Binh, told VietNamNet that his family drilled a well that day. After a while, workers put down three pipes and the water suddenly didn’t run out anymore. They left the site.
Immediately after they left, the area around the well sank. The family’s nearby kitchen also collapsed into the hole. Luckily, nobody was injured.
The hole is around 6 metres deep and 6 metres wide.
The family reported the phenomenon to the local authorities. Experts from the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment came to inspect.
Locals are very worried waiting for the experts’ conclusion.
This is the first sinkhole reported in Hanoi so far. Meanwhile, many have appeared in HCM City causing big problems in Vietnam’s largest city.
HCM City authorities have recently tried using modern equipment to find sinkholes. At the same time, scientists are researching possible reasons for the appearance of sinkholes

Scientists are sounding the alarm: the mysterious cracks appear across the planet Scientists do not know what to think about: South America is bursting at the seams. In southern Peru, suddenly appeared a huge crack length of 3 km and a width of about 100 meters. Anomaly occurred in the district Huakullani Chukuito province near the famous Lake Titicaca. A crack has appeared almost immediately: the earth like a burst at the site of a large tension, the far scattered huge chunks of soil. Interestingly, the crack did not appear in the earthquake. In general, there was no catastrophe, the earth simply gone. The crack occurred on level ground and is not associated with any disasters. Scientists are confused with this fact. Cracks also appear in neighboring Bolivia. And not so long ago, the crack happened in Africa – Ethiopia. Maybe these phenomena is common nature: the continents literally split in front of mankind. (BetaNovosti) http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2011/03/07/scientists-are-sounding...

weird asia news


back in January. overnight appearance 70' W x 200'+? D

Leshan, Sichuan, China



That's a lot of sinkholes being reported!

Sinkhole Closes Mission Flats Road - (CFJC News)

Sinkhole closes Meredyth Drive : News : MySouthwestGA.com

Girl dies, father hurt in crash caused by sinkhole

Sink hole closes Weld County Road 20 1/2 at County Line Road - Longmont Times-Call

Big sinkhole growing larger in South County | ksdk.com

Tarpon Springs homeowners wonder if homes will be swallowed by sinkhole

Caltrans makes repairs to sinkhole on Highway 87 | abc7news.com
Generally speaking...entertainment has always mirrored what the controllers doing or planning and many of the elements of their belief system. It's a way to saturate the minds of the populace with suggestion. Most feel these things are clearly divided in their minds from "reality"...most don't think they can make a difference in what they end up believing. The effect it has on the minds of children, in particular though, is very profound.

Remember the film "The Core" in 2003? Some very interesting parallels in that movie to recent events..including birds falling out of the sky in large numbers....here is some of the synopsis:


"After a series of disturbances caused by instability in the Earth's electromagnetic field, leading geology expert Dr. Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart) and fellow scientists Serge Leveque (Tchéky Karyo) and Conrad Zimsky (Stanley Tucci) learn that the Earth's molten core has ceased its rotation. Within a year, the Earth's electromagnetic field will collapse, irradiating the planet....
Meanwhile on the surface, the public becomes aware of problems after lightning super storms appear in cities all over the world. Finch is unable to stop worldwide panic but instead learns of the top-secret project "DESTINI" (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative), which is to be deployed if the Virgil fails. Finch relays his information to Keyes, who discovers that Zimsky was one of DESTINI's lead scientists. DESTINI, according to Zimsky, was designed as a weapon to propagate earthquakes through the Earth's core, but it unintentionally stopped the core's rotation instead..."

Ohio Sinkhole Devours Four Football Fields Of Land, Stretch Of State Highway 516
Near Dover


Now that the election is over, things are getting back to normal in Ohio.

It took only a few minutes for a massive sinkhole to devour several acres of land and a stretch of State Highway 516 on Wednesday, WHYC reports.

The hole, spanning the area of roughly four football fields, collapsed near a lake where the Newton Asphalt Company has spent years dredging for sand nearly 50 feet below the surface, according to Fox Cleveland.

"I've worked for the [Ohio Department of Transportation District] 16 years and I've never seen anything of this magnitude," District 11 Director Lloyd McAdam told First Coast News. "It's very unusual that something like this would happen."

"It appears to me that dredging took away the bottom of the slope," McAdam added, "and that probably eroded away and started cascading down, and just started filling the hole and filling the hole."

Some locals fear that the sinkhole could grow larger.

“I'm not sure what to make of it. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life,” said Jennifer Smith of Dover, according to Fox Cleveland.

The stretch of highway remains closed indefinitely, WTRF reports.


The Sink Holes Continue....


Monster sinkhole that swallowed Kansas pasture turns tourist attraction... and it's getting bigger



Collapsing Earth: Why Are Giant Sinkholes Swallowing Cars, Homes And People All Around The World?

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