Fraud: The Big Lie of Global Warming [1 of 8]

With the recent scandal (climate-gate) ______________________ Climatic Research Unit hacking incident **You can read the emails in this page:** http://www.ea...

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Comment by Cyprium on October 28, 2013 at 3:38pm

Myth - CO2 (carbon dioxide is dangerous to the atmosphere, raises temperature and reduces oxygen.

Fact - Co2 is exhaled by every human being and animal on the planet, it's higher presence envigorates the growth of vegetation, which can not live without it. Higher Co2 leads to healthier, more vigorous growth of trees and other vegetation... as a result those plants increase their oxygen output.
Myth - Cutting down trees to make room for pasture destroys the Earth's main source of oxygen.

Fact: Grazed pasture land produces more oxygen than a forrest.
Myth - The average person is responsible for consumming the resources which result in the waste products which pollute the planet.'

Fact: Those who are poisoning the atmosphere are doing so with intent and not with such innocuous substances as Co2 but with heavy metals and genetically modified bio-material. The Environmental agenda proceeds from the same authority which ensures that this intentional poisoning is carried out.

Myth - It's all about saving the planet.

Fact - It's all about making you believe that you are responsible for what they have done and so are content to yield to draconian measures which demand you give up property, rights and even your life to "save the planet".


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