Food Supply to Collapse after Outbreak? Billionaires Predict "Global Problems"

A 2015 Soros-funded think tank predicted a 2020 breakdown of the global food supply following an outbreak -- just as Bill Gates' 2019 "event 201" simulated a...

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Comment by Sinclair on February 17, 2020 at 7:26pm

Some of my thoughts on Coronavirus based on the picture that's coming together through various people's research - i can source these things later if any one wants to look into them, but just to get it up here right now (without hunting down the links) i'm omitting that. 

First of all, we definitely can't trust things coming from China itself so there are a lot of theories and this covers some of them, but widely agreed upon is that it's a bioweapon. It seems to have been a bioweapon that was prepared for a time in the future but not this soon (Basing this off the fact that it was allegedly stolen out of a Canadian lab by the Chinese.) There are vaccines already patented for it, so obviously someone foresaw it coming.

It has inserted genes that are also common to HIV and Lyme. In fact, there is a lengthy list of diseases that its common to, but these two are interesting because we were already aware that there was a high likelihood of those two being bioweapons. Research on diseases developed from a common source began post WWII on Plum island. We're told Lyme is caused by borellia and Aids is caused by the HIV but according to research all were developed from a mycoplasma called fermentans incognitus.

How do chemtrails and 5G fit in? - Information has come out of official sources saying Coronavirus can be spread by "aerosol". This was differentiated from "airborn", which is interesting. Chemtrails could certainly directly deliver a payload. There is more to know about that, though. The pathogen can apparently be "turned on" with certain frequencies. Chemtrails are noted for having metal particulates which are then "charged" by tech we're all familiar with - HAARP, however 5G can also be weaponized to do the same as HAARP in a more subtle, targeted way.

So here is where China and the CIA are involved. The CIA has been working closely with China for a while, using them as a proxy to destabilise the US. Perhaps you've heard of the recent disclosure of the fact that Chinese espionage agents have been paying off state's governors, etc to push their agenda. All with the blessing of the CIA, of course. China's company, Huawei, was suppose to take the lead in making 5G tech for the US and most other countries. The company weaponized the tech. The US has rejected the Huawei tech, while the UK is flirting with the idea of accepting it. POTUS allegedly had a very angry chat with Johnson on this subject recently.


Comment by Sinclair on February 17, 2020 at 7:27pm

..continued 2/2

The Chinese government and its partners in the Cabal are watching the people of nation after nation begin to reject globalism and actively fight against it (with some notable success). Nothing could be more terrifying to them than the vast Chinese populace joining the rebellion. It has to be stopped at all costs. China takes the bioweapon from the Canadian lab, releases it on theirown populace and turns on 5G. The inevitable happens - depopulation in full swing. The hope is that not only will it prevent the rise of Chinese citizens against their own government but it will spread across the globe and halt the progress of anti-globalism elsewhere.

Except the US will not have weaponised 5G and without that the coronavirus may make people ill, but it will not trigger fatal immune responses. There are still chemtrails, however. Who's doing that? A company called Evergreen Air? It is an airline that has historically served the CIA and been involved in the trafficking of drugs, guns and humans as well as spreading chemtrails. Bill Clinton was "known" for his involvement in the CIA's traficking of cocaine to the US. Interestingly, Evergreen is Hillary Clinton's secret service code name as well. The Cabal is desperate for a hard kill solution but i feel that we're going to be ok here. I've been watching a lot of plans that they believed were rock solid turn to dust. I believe there is already a solution to the CIA's programe coming forth now.

As for agenda 21/30, i think they already missed the boat on it. It has seemed for several years now that the propaganda was working nicely and people were very much on board (in general) with the climate change narrative. Definitely all the talking heads of media, science and education were pushing it, but here's something that's been an eye opener for me: the "majority" is an illusion. There is only an illusion of consent on things like this out there. It's not real when it comes down to encountering real people. There is a real majority out there that never gets heard because they have been drowned out by media and all those other talking heads and shills. The real majority is getting louder, though. It's harder for them to drown it out. Little by little, those who did actually buy the propaganda are questioning the whole charade. We don't want anything to do with their plans and we're making it known. My personal prediction - the UN's days are numbered.

Comment by Seeker on February 19, 2020 at 11:02am

Thanks for your comment Sinclair!  I've had to read it a few times as there are so many points of interest mentioned.  We also have differing perspectives, so you will pick up on things I am not focusing on and v/v. I completely agree with you that "the majority is an illusion"!

What are your thoughts on 5g altogether?  Do you think it is a neutral technology that can be weaponized (as you mentioned) or it's just bad altogether?

Can you post any info you have on Evergreen Air?  

I am not sure if I believe the reports coming out of China.  WE really have no way of *knowing* what is actually going on there.  The reports of ppl's behavior is so very bizzare that I can't help but think that it is a 1) Wuhan virus is a man made bioweapon 2) It seems that this scenario has been used in predictive programming since the 90's 3) whether the scenario in China is actual or not, I cannot say, but the whole theater of it feels like a psy-op.

What I appreciate about the presenter of the video's perspective is that he links these things to the "grand solar minimum", a natural, observable, repeating pattern of weather.  During such times, unstable/unseasonable weather has been shown to affect crops, cause an uptick in viral outbreaks and resulting political and popular upheaval.  It does seem that the globalist cabal is hanging from the edge of a cliff by their dragon claws and they are scrabbling to stay "alive".  They are either causing this upheaval or manipulating it for their benefit.  Global control of food production in a time of food scarcity is a no brainer for them.  China is gaining more and more control of the food producing areas of NE Africa.  They are also a large producer of the pharmaceutical drugs western countries depend on.  I wonder if "nationalism" as a movement isn't so much about the sovereignty and strength of nations returning (as we are inclined to feel that it is), but rather only replacing the crutch we have been given with a different one.  The UN's days are probably numbered.  But like hydra, if one head is cut off, what head will appear next?

Comment by Sinclair on February 19, 2020 at 2:21pm

What i think of 5G - my immediate reaction was to strongly distrust it and there has been enough information out there for several years that give anyone good reason to distrust it. I have to think that in a vacuum, it's neutral. In other words, without anyone's agenda attached. The problem with any tech is usually the fact that imperfect human beings use it.

Here's a different angle of consideration, though, that i had to account for - it exists and we can't take it back. The genii is forever out of the bottle. Unless we can go back in time and erase knowledge from collective humanity, someone somewhere will use it and it's more powerful than its predecessor technology. That can be seen as analogous to gun control. When you just don't have the tech available to a society who sees it as bad, you only have criminals wielding it.

Dealing with that reality, the best solution is to put the best of the technology in the hands of those who are most likely to wield it ethically and as a society do our level best to choose those people for those positions.

If China has 5G, the US must have 5G because if China is allowed to have a monopoly on this ability that is a pretty dangerous advantage. The question then only is whether or not we trust those in leadership in the US to use it benignly. Right now is the first and only time i've believed that can happen.

here are some links on Evergreen to check out:

I was inclined to think the entire coronavirus thing was a hoax except for looking at the media and gauging that they didn't really want to make it seem like a big deal. I'm slightly leaning toward the side of thinking something is really killing a lot of people there but i could be wrong. Maybe the media is getting smarter about their psyops. I have seen some videos i'd consider convincing but they're from China so not proof. I don't know Chinese, so these people could be rattling off their shopping list for all i know.

I've heard about but not really researched grand solar minimum. Geo-engineering is definitely playing a part, perhaps in conjunction with natural events or in defiance of them. They seem to be doing a lot of blocking out the sun and i notice when they don't that the sunlight is pretty intense and warms things up very quickly. I can tell you as someone living on a farm that the last two years have brought so much rain that hay prices have doubled and people have been selling off livestock more than buying. Hay sources actually ran out altogether last spring, even at feed shops. Everytime it floods here i think of the Q post "watch the water".

As for what comes next after a push for globalism - well i think nationalism is truly the only way to have a choice or chance at freedom for anyone in the world and the safest distance from a beast system we can achieve. But, of course that doesn't mean that one nation can't end up rising and being led at some point by a tyrant who begins chipping away at the security and freedom of other nations. Nor does it mean that shadowy orgs and societies won't infiltrate even a nation with the best of intentions. In fact, it will happen. There's really no question about it. It's just a question of how long people can manage to not repeat history. How vigilant can we, the people, be?

Comment by Sinclair on February 19, 2020 at 6:46pm

Comment by Seeker on February 19, 2020 at 9:37pm

This is intense. How are these videos getting out?  I don't think China is as tight as N Korea, but I wonder what platform they are using to get these past their government?  Also, when she says they are "just doing this for money", I want to know more what she means.  Who is gaining monetarily and how?  And have you seen the video of citizens spitting in what appears to be an attempt at spreading the disease?

Comment by Sinclair on February 20, 2020 at 6:08pm

That's my question too - how are they getting out? I've had some pretty defensive responses to asking that question on social media which led me to wonder if there was something to hide concerning their origin. I've been answered "VPN" etc., but VPNs have been existing for a while and i don't recall seeing Chinese videos before this.

Not sure exactly what she means about doing it for the money. Maybe it's not unlike saying the elite are profiting off their slaves. Of course it's about a lot more than money but some people haven't gone that deep in the "rabbit hole" and money is an easily understood motivator. 

I have seen videos of people going around licking items and food on shelves. I don't know what to think of it. I have a hard time understanding what would make anyone want to do that.  

Comment by Seeker on February 23, 2020 at 3:21pm

Yes, it's very curious.  All the info coming out conflicts with something else.  The numbers change as far as fatalities. And again, the behavior is just *so* bizarre!  I have heard some theories connecting the symptoms with 5g.  Will see if I can find. Here's the vid I did mention.

I appreciate these links and will look into them.

Also, in a previous reply you mentioned the rain and flooding and how it affected the farm you work on.  I recommend Ice Age Farmer here on YouTube and on Discord.  He has lots of info on GSM.  What you experienced has been happening to lots of farmers and will have an affect on food prices and availability.  I believe it will be a compounding problem as we move into the coming years.  The growing season is shorter and the weather unstable and unfavorable.  Adapt 2030 channel is pretty informative as well.  I suggest putting by some staple foods, just in case.

Hope you're doing well!

Comment by david omweno ongori on February 25, 2020 at 8:47am

No traveling to China no any other goods from these  country to the other in the world ,its total sin which has all caused these repent the days are very short.

Comment by Sinclair on February 25, 2020 at 2:39pm

The only explanation i can think of for people intentionally spreading the virus is that someone

is employing these people to spread it. Of course Chinese culture has become pretty warped and

sadistic behaviour seems to be almost a norm. (They eat animals alive and are notorious for

various kinds of animal cruelty). Maybe this is just what happens in a culture in this situation

that's been programmed to not care about life.

I've seen the Ice Age Farmers videos around. Haven't watched one yet but i'll check that out.

We're really hoping for a drier year. We had to sell off half our flock of sheep and are retaining

only 3 bred ewes, so not many lambs this year. 2nd cutting hay is $8 a bale - that's a huge

expense when you're using 5-6 a day so we're only feeding 1st cutting (which is lower nutrition).

We might have to adapt to these things by changing what we raise and grow but i do feel like this

isn't going to break farmers IF they are willing to do that and work with what comes instead of

trying to do the same old things. Mono-cropping, for instance, is a bad way to go, as is raising

one type of commercial "improved" livestock. Diversifying and switching to hardier, land-race and

heritage breeds would help a lot.


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