EP73 - Interview with Nate Cain, FBI Whistleblower

Buy the Film: https://bardsofwarfilm.com Support the work via PayPal: paypal.me/bardsofwar Nate Cain is a Patriot. He risked everything to reveal the active ...

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Comment by Sinclair on February 25, 2020 at 2:43pm

Well worth the time to listen to in its entirety, this is the testimony of a former FBI contractor who came across damning evidence against the Cabal and found the courage to step up and bring it to light. This interview connects a lot of dots in the scene behind the scenes of Q and "TheStorm".

Q dropped his name twice before this last drop that included his interview.




Nate Cain is a strong Christian who only knew he had to do what was right though it cost him his security, peace of mind, relationships with family and community and much more. He deserves our heartfelt thanks and prayers.

It's hard to listen to this and not be that much more convinced that what we've been witnessing is put in motion by the Creator. He gave men like this the courage to do what they had to do to

complete His Plan.

Comment by david omweno ongori on March 5, 2020 at 9:39am

Thank you Sinclair for sharing these wonderful video we have enjoyed it is very nice and very educative.


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