The history and ideology of the occult societies that have been behind the events that have shaped our world and how they all stem from the tree of knowledge...

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Comment by Sinclair on February 9, 2020 at 11:27pm

Hi Charlene, glad you're still around. I'm curious to know when you found this vid because there has been a sudden surge of her content on the Voat Q forum. Her main focus seems to be debunking the Q movement. She gets a lot of things regarding that factually wrong, which i wouldn't mind discussing the specifics of.

She says she has to disable the comments because she's talking about "touchy subjects". Sort of eliminates the opportunity to challenge some of those things.

Her Instagram account is (not sure how to put it) uncomfortable. -

I spend a great deal of time debating people paid to spread every kind of propaganda with a pretty limited narrative for every angle, so don't mind me if i sound a little weary here and don't take this as directed at you personally but, please, for love of Truth and everything right, people - all i'm asking of anyone watching from the sidelines is - don't take anyone's word for what's happening right now. Not the media, not the alternative media, not social media, not youtube pseudo-experts. Please, come look at the source. Come hear from its (real) people and please don't believe for one moment that God "can't", "shouldn't" or "wouldn't".

I knew quite a bit about the occult before any of this began. Being the last person on the planet who would have ever wanted to trust a government or its leaders 4 years ago, there is a reason i've chosen to now and i have experienced some pretty hard core spiritual battle as a result. AMA.

Comment by Seeker on February 10, 2020 at 2:15pm

Hi Sinclair!  How have you been?  Very well, I hope.  I came across this video probably in the same way I came across this forum...randomly and it resonated.  I can't remember the details.  I do not know much about her. About as much as I know about anyone in this group...but what she says makes sense to me.  Are you on the Q forums?  I am not and don't know much about them either.  I did notice that the comments are disabled, but I also notice that more often than not, the comment section is not an edifying tool.  Uninformed and uncensored people use it to attack and argue instead of learn.  Free speech, I get it.  But I am not generally alarmed when comments are turned off, even if I find it disappointing sometimes.  Also, the more stringent censorship on YouTube content creators is a factor, especially given her subject matter.

I do not ever presume to say what Yah can't, shouldn't or wouldn't do...outside what He himself has said.  He won't lie.  He won't abandon His ppl.  He won't turn away anyone who truly comes to him.  He won't lose.  He won't allow his word to return to him void.  

As far as trusting a government, I didn't 4 years ago, I do not now, and will not in future.  I voted once and immediately realized the farce it was.  I engaged in a protest in Washington DC against the Iraqi war and then read the lies the Washington Post propagated about the event the following day.  I thereafter, distrusted thoroughly, most media.  

I do not "appeal to authority".  I do not know if this woman is an expert or if she even claims to be.  She seems to me like we all are, someone who is trying to put together what is true based on experience, information, insight and an intrepid nature.  She seems suite solid in her faith in Messiah and Yah.  That is not a light thing to me.  So I listen and absorb what she is saying to add to what I know and can understand.

I do not debate.  It is exhausting and doesn't usually produce much in my experience.  I am much happier since I deleted my FB and am very limited on Instagram.  That said, I am more than happy to post here or anywhere really, things that I find valid and that I think someone else may benefit from.  I do not wish to dissuade or persuade, only to present.  

I am not anti Trump.  I am not pro Trump either.  I almost voted for him and much, much, much preferred him to the alternative. But in the end, I did not feel led to participate. I trust no government.  None.  Ever.  I trust my Elohim and in His Messiah.  No need to place my trust anywhere else.  He will accomplish His purposes by whatever means he chooses.  That is my peace and faith and joy.  I watch and wait.  There is one King and one Redeemer.  One rightful ruler and He is coming.  And that is what I know is where we are best focused.  *We* won't save humanity or punish the evildoers.  That is his job and He is coming to do it. :))  All praise and glory to Him alone!

I pray that you receive victory in whatever battles you are being faced with Sinclair!  Yah is able to do all things above what we could even imagine and hope for!

Comment by Sinclair on February 10, 2020 at 6:12pm

I'm doing pretty well. Better than ever, maybe and i hope you are too. :u)

Yes, i actually read the first Q drop about an hour after its post and i've followed it ever since. I'm on 8kun and Voat QRV frequently. I was also on the Q subreddits before Reddit banned all things Q.

Let me explain that "government" is not what i'm really trusting these days. Actually, my deep distrust of government is what is behind the people i support now. I trust the Creator and agree completely that His word won't return to Him void. I believe His promises and i trust HIS plan.

You're correct that voting was a farce. It was a farce because they always have rigged it (as i'm sure you know). I just want to propose a thought to you, though. What would happen if something intervened once in that old routine? What if someone removed the rigging apparatus just prior to a vote?

You're right to identify the media as a propaganda weapon. Intel agencies have run the media here and abroad and we literally have to ask ourselves if anything we see on a television is ever true.

That also extends to social media. There is a very heated information war unfolding. That same mockingbird running the media also is running social media. I'd not discourage thoughtful consideration of someone's take on the matter or hearing them out in what they believe with all due discernment, i just think that giving an opportunity for a rebuttal of that view would be fair of her.

No need to debate. All i'd like to request from you, one believer to another, is just to watch what's happening and be vigilant and trust the Creator.

Well, i wasn't a voter myself and i wouldn't have voted if i could have. I hardly paid any mind at all to the months leading to the election. I never expected there to be any difference. Couldn't have expected it in a million years. It's really not government. Really it's just heaven lighting a fire.

WE can do all things through Christ our strength. None of that means evil will not exist on earth or that the evil will not ever get in power again or that the events of Revelation will not occur as written. It means that Satan does not have a right to rule this world and we've been letting him do that. Christ took back the keys. We are supposed to kick this out in His name and its only when we will not call in faith on Him to stand against it that Satan will raise the throne of antichrist.

I know He will personally end evil on earth forever and that is something we can not do. It's just that i see it sort of like this analogy: someone recently said "at least an infant goes to heaven", in reference to abortion. But i don't see the fact that infants are going to heaven as a reason to not care deeply about their mortal lives being ended here and now. I believe we're supposed to intervene in His name because this world was given to us and we were empowered by His resurrection and ultimately we have failed as His people if we do not stand up and cast the evil out.

Maybe Satan has psyop'ed us with defeatism for a reason. 

Anyway, that's my take on it. Thank you for the prayer. The struggles are the price of fighting but it's all good. He's my strength. Blessings in Messiah.

Comment by Seeker on February 11, 2020 at 12:23pm

You make good points!  Yes, we have been given power to tread on snakes & scorpions, ie authority over the principalities, through Messiah!  I do not see that the president is acting in His name or that he has accepted Yahushua as his own savior.  He proudly states that he alone is the help we need & the answer to our problems. He seems to signal the Name of our King while also not coming under his authority, by his own admission.  Some dismiss that, I do not.

You also rightly state that we fail as His people if we do not cast evil out.  But again, we do that in Yahushua's Name.  For His glory & kingdom.  Not for humanity, bc humanity already has a savior.  Only one. We point all to him for salvation, not ourselves nor mere people we can "vote" in/out of offices, which men created for their own purposes, to oppose other governments, that also claimed to be instituted and legitimized by divine authority.  And we don't do it by or for "the Light".  For even the accuser himself masquerades as an angel/messenger of such.  We simply continue to proclaim the good news, announce and advance his kingdom with our testimony, bind the spirits that *are* ruling by right (as I understand it, this world was placed under our dominion by Yah and we ceded our authority to the Serpent in the Eden, when he challenged the Creator and we were deceived and then sinned).  Because the authority rests with Yahushua we can now rebuke the claims of the enemy in all things.  In Messiah we are more than conquerors.  He is not coming to establish or reestablish any country, but HIS OWN KINGDOM.  Which is already among us and He is the banner over us.  Isn't that glorious?!

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.  I can certainly appreciate the good things this administration is doing.  But I do not trust it.  I do not feel that I have a defeatist mentality, I hope I am just using discernment.  You asked what would happen if "something" intervened in the election process; what if "someone" removed the rigging apparatus.  My answer is this: We are seeing what would happen.  My questions are *What* is the something?  *Who* is the someone? and *Why*?  Whose authority do they claim to be working by?  When I think of the Serpent tempting Chava in the Garden and how he tempted Yahushua in the wilderness, I notice how he tempted them by offering what was *already theirs*.  The Trojan horse seemed like a gift.  And Scripture tells us that in the last days *if it were possible* even the very elect would be fooled.  How?  How could the enemy almost fool the ones who actually belong to the Kingdom of Yah?  These are things I think about as I do what you asked, which is "watch what is happening and be vigilant and trust the Creator".  I am not for or against this president.  As I said, I almost voted for him, which is incredible given my legitimate mistrust of government.  But something in my spirit checked the impulse. (More than an impulse, the rational consideration.) Maybe that's why what she says here makes sense to me.  She says in one video that we have been made to believe that all this is a battle bt good & evil when really it's a battle bt bad & evil.  A slave, whether to a kinder or harsher master is still a slave.  And a master is loathe to ever let a slave go.    

I am glad for what is being exposed and I know that all things will be exposed.  I rejoice in anticipation of our freedom from this very great oppression.  I will see my King with my own eyes in my lifetime, I believe.  That is where my enthusiasm goes and in proclaiming the truth that he has already come, provided a way out. He is coming again and this time to truly drain the swamp. Come that day!


Comment by Sinclair on February 11, 2020 at 11:09pm

Actually, the president talks often and emphatically about faith in our Creator and the power of faith and prayer being essential to be the foundation and success of the country. I've never seen another president do this. Media doesn't mention it. The only way people pick this up is to watch his speeches and addresses that the media often doesn't cover. If you haven't watched his speech for the March for Life, i encourage you to give it a watch. You might be surprised at what you hear and it's the norm for him.

Do you believe that mercy and defense of innocent lives can and should be done in His name? If we successfully abolished abortion and human trafficking in His name, is this not to His glory? It's not that it's a matter of another Saviour in the sense of eternal life - but didn't He command us to stand in the gap here while we await His return? Do we allow these things to continue passively if we could, in faith, call on Him to raise an army ignited with the Holy Spirit to defeat this evil? He said we'd do great things. What better time than now?

What if the intervention was ultimately our Father in heaven, even if He worked through flawed people to get it done? It wouldn't be the first time (or the last) He's used flawed people to get His will accomplished.

All the things you're considering were very much a part of my early thought process, almost down to the letter, so i relate to that. I had extreme resistance to believing this was legitimately a good thing. I've been waiting for the enemy to pull a fast one and expected something which seemed appealing. The Satan vs Lucifer concept is one i'm very familiar with.

To give some background here, i was involved in the Pizzagate research just before Q became a thing. The day those emails dropped i had an overwhelming knowledge of something out of nowhere. I "knew" instantly (for no real reason) that a bomb of devastating results had just dropped on the Cabal and that "we" (the people) would win. I did not trust or really know much about DJT at that point but when Q began to post i had enough motivation to put aside every single pre-supposition i ever had about anything and watch.

A few things to consider with an open mind here: Where is the Cabal's support for DJT? Where is the media support for Q? Why is there such a desperate attempt to hide what Q is saying from the world? If DJT is answering to a Cabal puppet master, why do they seem so powerless in the "worldly" concept of the word? Every elite faction, organization, every global government, every intel agency, every secret society, hollywood, Rome, every media outlet, fake Christian organization (ie: Christianity Today), every progressive institution, university and state run school - all against the POTUS and Q. If there is someone trying to trick us, why hide the performance?

I use to believe i was sure that the day of His coming was near, and it may well be, but i'm also ready to admit that i don't know. Only Father knows. What i do know is that if He comes while i am on earth, i won't be sleeping. I will be fighting.

Q said "those who know can't sleep". So true. I've known the lowest depths of their evil for a long time. but, i BELIEVE we can walk on water. :u)

Comment by Seeker on February 12, 2020 at 12:40pm

Yes! I have heard his speeches and listened to him talk about faith.  It is inspiring.  But I have also never heard him say that Yahushua is *his* savior, in public or private.  I have heard him say that he enjoys the feeling/ benefit of going to church and I have heard him deny ever asking for forgiveness for his sins.  I mentioned that he *signals* our faith, without actually seeming to claim it.  That is what I have noticed.  

I was very moved by his speeches when he campaigned and if I watch one of his addresses, I simply watch him without consuming any follow-up or commentary from pundits or media.  I did not know about Q then, and still don't now much about it/him/them(?).  I was intrigued by the man and in agreement with his platform, especially in regards to the sanctity of life.  If there had been zero difference bt him and the other candidate, this alone would have been very persuasive.  I never disliked him, I wasn't even neutral about him.  That is not to say that I trust him, even though I wanted to. Again, I had a check that I could not explain at the time.  It wasn't apathy or defeatism.  I do not doubt that The Most High can and does used flawed people (I mean which of us, isn't?).  That, again does not cause me to trust a man.  Especially one, who to my knowledge, has never claimed Yahushua as Lord.  Of course we should show mercy and defend the weak and most certainly in His name.  But again, many in the last days will tell Messiah what good things they did in His name and he will send them away from him because they were workers of iniquity.  I am going to quote Bible Study Tools and link their site about the meaning of one of the words translated as "iniquity" :  "Primarily, it denotes not an action, but the *character* of an action".  So, I just watch.  I do not or at least try not to assume who is behind Q.  I believe the media, the elite, globalists, Hollywood, *most* secret societies, etc, etc are part of the cabal.  I do *not* believe that the president is part of the Cabal (though I think his vp is).  The cabal is satanic, where as the brotherhood of the light is luciferian.  They aren't the same.  But neither are good.  Two rival gangs can be bitter enemies and fight to the death. That doesn't make one good and the other evil.  They're both gangs.  Both bad. The deceiver creates the problem (cabal) then provides the solution (the "Light").  But Q is working in its own name.  "We the people". "Humanity". It's inversion.  Not salvation.  That's what I see.  

We will walk on water.  But Only by looking at Messiah.  Not the waves...and not each other.

As a side, are there any abortion mills where you live?  They are great places to go and pray.  To talk to people.  Serious warfare.  You can literally save lies.  And offer hope.  I hope laws change and it IS good that they are.  

Comment by Sinclair on February 13, 2020 at 6:22pm

In your opinion, is there something particular he should say in regards to confessing his faith? I've heard him speak about "our Lord and Saviour, Jesus" and heard him tell his audience many times that he's Christian. There might be more perfect ways to express it, but if he's a fairly new Christian, would we be this picky if he were someone who was just your average person? "I'm still learning" he says. I think he is, and is probably doing better than i did three years into my conversion. Things that he said prior to that are kind of typical of someone who was raised in the faith but hadn't yet found a reason to personally engage it.

To put Q simply - this is a plan to bring the truth to a public that has nowhere to find it in the controlled media. It has woken up millions to the knowledge that there is a global cabal and it has informed millions more of their precise crimes and playbook. Anything we've historically discussed on this site has at least received a mention by Q, including "bloodlines", freemasons, etc.

I believe there is a difference to be defined in "trusting in man" and trusting in God's willingness to answer our prayers and prepare a leader who, though is flawed as we are, will be directed by His hand to accomplish His goals. David was a leader of the same sort. A very flawed man and yet God called him a "man after My own heart" and he slayed the giant that no one else believed could be slain.

The subject of duality (Satan vs Lucifer) is one that's covered in a lot of topics on this site so it's not a thing that i hadn't been watching for. I'm personally all too well acquainted with the "fake light" side of things. This is what makes me hyper-observant to mistakes being made in relating that Luciferian concept to what Q and POTUS are about in the youtuber's narrative.

I realise this won't mean a lot to someone unfamiliar with the forum, but this person's narrative is suddenly a Huge presence on Voat. The thing about Voat is that it's not a forum that "neutral" people tend to end up on. Being there generally means you're one of two things - a very thick-skinned supporter of the movement Or, a shill. Shill narratives have a way of "glowing" on Voat. Debates with whoever is posting the content don't result in educated discussion, but devolve into typical shill ad hominem attacks and the inevitable calling card of the enemy: "arrests or GTFO" (pardon my bringing that trash here for the sake of making a point). If Voat is good for anything, it's identifying what the [CIA/MOSSAD] is up to lately.

I'm living in a pretty remote area now. There are 300 people in the whole town and there are more cows and sheep than humans, so there's literally nothing out here aside from a fuel station in the town proper and an Amish store, haha. I'm about an hour and a half away from the nearest place with abortion services so for the most part all the good i can do in that realm must be done on the internet. I use to fight that battle on Twitter until i was banned for being a Trump supporter. I miss my Twitter account. :u\

Comment by Seeker on February 13, 2020 at 11:17pm

I see that you feel your position deeply and I appreciate that.  I do not believe that I am being picky about how the president presents his faith.  The previous president made some of the same statements.  I do not believe that made him trustworthy or a true believer.  Do you?

I think it's interesting that you find David and Trump are comparable.  David was full of longing for the Most High.  He was full of His praise.  He made no excuses and was broken over his sins. He asked for forgiveness and accepted the discipline of The Most High. He was full of mercy He was handpicked by Yah, not the will of men.  He constantly referred to Yah as his strength, he trusted in Him and not himself or his own might.  Do you feel that the president is the same?  No matter the answer, again, my intention is to neither persuade or dissuade.  The video made sense to me.  I have no dog in the fight, per se.  If Trump is being used for good, then HalleluYah.  If he is not then that will be made plain and again, ALL praise to The Most High.  I do not have to support Trump or oppose him.  I support the work of my Father in Heaven.  I just do not want to be distracted.  I do not want *any* of us to be distracted.  We go neither to the right nor to the left.  That's all.  

Continue in prayer and you must do as you believe you are led by the Ruach.  

I only wish I had cows and sheep for neighbors, but alas!  And Amish stores are the best.  I have never had a twitter, but I am sure that your absence from the platform is their loss.  And the imposition on your right to speak your mind is not right.  :(

Comment by Sinclair on February 17, 2020 at 7:21pm

I do kind of think that describes POTUS. Though he might have his game face on most of the time, it shows through that there is, in him, a heart that cares deeply about people, which is hard to genuinely have without the Holy Spirit. Billionairs don't usually quietly rescue the poor, pay their debts and their mortgages and stop their limo to intervene in a mugging. When he speaks of the Creator  - he doesn't just repeat a few lines other presidents have said, he speaks like someone who knows that the very mention of the Almighty is fighting words and he means to fight.  It reminds me of  "You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied." 

Anyway, this is just my observation and like i said- i only ask that you keep watching. The fruits will show themselves in the end, like you said. 

It's nice being out here with sheep, cows and Amish buggies but if i didn't have the internet i'd probably forget there was a modern world out there, haha. 

Yes, Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO guy) should be ashamed of himself for the censorship rampant on his platform. I wouldn't have cared about Twitter except its a tool to reach a lot of people with the truth. Worse than the censorship is the accounts he protects. Self proclaimed pedophiles. I think Dorsey is going to have a lot to regret some day soon. 

Comment by david omweno ongori on February 25, 2020 at 8:57am

When you pray and worship in spirit it will definitely direct you to truth.


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