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On the top of the screen you will see these tabs:

My Page
Faith Statement
About Us

Here are where those things go and what you can do when you get there:

+ Main - The homepage that you begin on when you log in.

+ Invite - From here you may send email invites to the site to friends or anyone else you'd like to join.

+ My Page - This will take you to your own personal profile page on the site.

+ Members - Here you can view all the members who belong to the site and whether or not they are online.

+ Forum - This will take you to the same column of images which you see on the left of the Main page. Clicking on one of these images will take you to the forum category it represents. Use the "Search" box to search the Forum or to search individual Categories.

+ Blogs - This will take you to all Blog posts which you can also view the most recent of on the right of the Main Page, you may also begin your own blog post from here.

+ Faith Statement - This page gives you a concise idea of what the beliefs are which the builders of this site hold as true.

+ Scripture - This page has links to the KJV Bible, the Septuagint, 1 Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees and Strong's Concordance.

+ About Us - This page contains links to three other pages which will familiarize you with how we run the site, what we're about and what our goals are.

+ Chat - This will take you to a full screen version of the live chat room, the chat room is also available as a small corner screen or pop-out window if you click on it from the bottom of the screen on any page.

*You can also use the "Quick Add..." drop-down box on the top right of your screen, under "Settings", to add Blog Posts, Discussions, Photos, Videos, Notes or Invite Friends.

Adding Images and Video Content

1: Click on "Add Photos" under the Slideshow on the left of the Main Page

2: Next you can create Albums to categorize the images by clicking on "My Albums" from the screen where the images are loaded

3: And then clicking "Add an Album" on the following page

4: You can then drag and drop what images you'd like in that Album from a box on the left to a box on the right.

5: To add a Video, click on "Add Videos" at the bottom of the Video column on the right of the Main Page.

Sending and Receiving Mail

1: Click "Inbox" at the top right of your screen to be taken to your TNL Mailbox

2: Here you can access received mail, or compose a message for any other Member who is your Friend

3: You can also send mail to any Member from their own Profile Page by clicking "Send Message" on the top left.

Joining and Adding Groups

On the right of the Main Page beneath the Videos column you will find Groups...
The Idea of a "Group" is a specialized interest project or study sub-site where you can get together with anyone else also interested in the same.

1: To join an existing Group, click on its icon and join from the page you are directed to.

2: You are able to start your own Group as well by clicking on "Add a Group" under the Groups column on the Main Page.

Forum Discussion Posting and Replying

On the left of the Main Page you will see the long column of images which represent our 12 Forum Categories.

1: To add a new Discussion, choose the Category which best fits your topic (don't worry if you can't decide which is the best one..if your Discussion needs to be moved we can do that for you)

2: Click on its representative icon or name (ex: "The Chief Cornerstone")

3: And then on "Add a Discussion" at the top right of that page

The Latest Activity on the Main Page displays all the most recent posts whether they are Discussions, Replies or Blog Posts, etc (with the exception of Profile Comments)...but most activity is pushed off of the Main Page in two or three you may miss quite a bit of site content and discussions if you have never visited the Forum Categories themselves.

To find and reply to a Discussion which is no longer on the Latest Activity

1: Click on the appropriate icon or name on the Main Page.

2: On the following page you will see a top title, separated from the rest, called the "Category Introduction"...this is an introductory article only, and not an active discussion.

3: Beneath the introduction is the list of discussions which have been opened in that category (there may be more than one page of discussions).

*Note - for some reason we have yet to figure out, the number of replies listed to the right of each Discussion is not always correct.

4: Click on the Discussion you wish to reply to

5: And post a reply to the Discussion from the bottom of the Author's post

6: Or reply to another Member's response beneath their comment.

7: If you reply to a comment by someone else, it will automatically include their entire comment in your reply.. you can leave that there and type above it, or right-click, "select all" and "delete" it before beginning.

News Feeds

Currently we have three RSS Feeds on our, Bible Prophecy In The News ( and The Voice ( Clicking on any of the news headlines from the feed will take you to their sites.

It should not be automatically assumed that we endorse every view point from these RSS feeds, but we tried to choose ones which reflect a good portion of the same topics we talk about here.

Your Profile Page

You are able to change the look of your own Profile Page, add your own Apps, Invite Friends, add your own RSS Feeds, change the Content, and change your own Avatar.

1: To personalize the appearance of your Profile go to Manage - "My Page" under your avatar at the top left

2: From here go to "Appearance"

3: You are able to select from this page the "Basic Theme" and one of the Ning-provided templates or you may alter a Ning template (color, font, text color, etc) from "All Options"

4: If you feel Really ambitious you can go to advanced and enter your own CSS code to create a very snazzy custom profile look

5: Be aware that choosing a Basic Theme or Ning template will remove all of the TNL CSS features from Your Page. In other words the semi transparent text boxes which scroll over a stationary background on the TNL theme will no longer be there

6: If you want to keep that look but replace the background image, you can locate the name of the background image in the advanced CSS code and replace that with your own.

7: To replace the default Avatar with your own image...go to Manage - "Photo" under the Avatar at the top left

8: And upload an image from your computer.

9: We have a page here which has a few images that you are free to browse through and use. If someone uses one of them, we'll take that one down so members can be unique.

+ Choose a Profile Picture

Hopefully i've covered the basics here but if anyone runs into technical difficulties or needs help doing something, please feel free to contact me or one of the administrators - Prodigal Son or Bean.

Peace in Yahushua..

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Comment by Cyprium on August 31, 2010 at 5:36pm
Note on Chat Room:

Members who sign into the site automatically are in the chat room. It is often the case that members in the chat room will not be aware if you try to type to them and this can rather defeat the point of a chat room. Three tips to help this is can log out of the chat room once you are signed on if you don't plan to use it...or can turn up the volume of the message indicator in the chat room which will alert you to anyone trying to talk to you in there...or can send private messages (emails) through the site to alert someone you are in the chat room and want to talk to them.

I realize this is a cumbersome system for chat and i apologize for that...unfortunately that's how the Ning platform works, so we'll just have to work around it.
Comment by MARORO OKWERA BENARD on July 6, 2012 at 6:45am



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