Ironically, but not surprisingly, i found this image included in a huffington post article that was aimed at making fun of "outdated" ideas of what was good and healthy for a person.

While some chemical remedies used back in the day are a bit startling... i can't even say that those were as horrifying as most prescription meds in the modern era.

Other examples, however, deserved no such ridicule. Though you would Never find such mentions of malnourishment from lack of animal fats, today...the truth is, this country is sick in epidemic proportions from the systematic replacing of animal fats with vegetable fats as the "healthy" and more available choice.

Vegetable fats largely come from seeds, whether they are corn, soy beans or canola...seeds which (even if they escaped being GMO) are packed with high volumes of indigestible fats and proteins that lead to a breakdown of the digestive tract and end in malnourishment. At this point, most are led to believe they are simply "gluten intolerant"...or have some other sensitivity which just strikes random people for no known reason.

Animal fats are vital, easily digestible and bio-available to all the body's needs. Cholesterol provides the first step in making every hormone the body needs to survive, including is not a killer. A diet high in vegetable fat and low in animal fat very often results in obesity and diabetes, but inspite of the excess weight...the sufferer is truly dying from starvation.

Sometimes it pays to revisit yesterday's common sense with an open mind and less respect for the quacks of the day.

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@ Deborah - Isn't it interesting how absolutely dead on correct that was? It's now the age of "don't kill anything - unless it's your fellow humans , of course". The vegan lifestyle is just like a religion. The only thing they have energy to be militant about is not eating an animal, but they are serious when it comes to that and they don't mind evangelizing their point of view and demonizing those who disagree.

The vegetation cult began with Adam trying to cover his sin with a leaf and continued with Cain trying to offer a bloodless sacrifice. The heathen nations were big on grain growing, but Israel was a nation that kept flocks. Egypt despised them for it. Nothing much as changed.

@ Tabitha - "Heritage wheat is said to be tolerated by those with gluten intolerance which means, the real problem is probably the GMOs with high carb consumption"

Heritage grains have a bit less phytic acid than conventional wheat. Not sure about gluten content but it's the acid that causes the problem with the gluten. Even non-GMO conventional wheat contains these things, though because the plant has been selectively overbred. I think soaked and fermented grains are more tolerable to people who can't eat conventional wheat and other grains. White rice flour has the least phytic acid of all grains and coconut flour is a good substitute for grain flours.


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