Gotta love the guy..


[Verse 1:]
I never seem to finish all my food
I always get a doggie bag from the waiter
So I just keep what's still unchewed
And I take it home, save it for later

But then I deal with fungal rot, bacterial formation
Microbes, enzymes, mould and oxidation
I don't care, I've got a secret trick up my sleeve
I never bother with baggies, glass jars, tupperware containers
Plastic cling wrap, really a no-brainer
I just like to keep all my flavours sealed in tight

With aluminum foil (foil)
Never settle for less
That kind of wrap is just the best
To keep your sandwich nice and fresh
Stick it in your cooler (cooler)
Eat it when you're ready
But maybe you'll choose (you'll choose, you'll choose, you'll choose)
A refreshing herbal tea

[sip] Mmm, lovely!

[Verse 2:]
Oh, by the way, I've cracked the code
I've figured out these shadow organizations
And the Illuminati know
That they're finally primed for world domination

And soon you've got black helicopters comin' cross the border
Puppet masters for the New World Order
Be aware: there's always someone that's watching you
And still the government won't admit they faked the whole moon landing
Thought control rays, psychotronic scanning
Don't mind that, I'm protected cause I made this hat

From aluminum foil (foil)
Wear a hat that's foil lined
In case an alien's inclined
To probe your butt or read your mind
Looks a bit peculiar ('culiar)
Seems a little crazy
But someday I'll prove (I'll prove, I'll prove, I'll prove)
There's a big conspiracy

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not sure i've heard the original 'Royals' song, .. just heard FOIL today, and think it's great.. don't know what he means by, "I just like to keep all my flavors sealed in tight," but judging by the tin-foil hat culmination, maybe it's his thoughts.. and personally, i couldn't agree more lol.  i really can't say if Weird Al intended this as a 'tip for smarter living' but the fact that tin-foil hats can prevent devices from 'reading your mind' has been scientifically proven:  :)  he certainly got the other stuff right..

FOIL is from his new album Mandatory Fun.. sounds about right for these days..

Weird Al Yankovic - Mandatory Fun

It's a Party in the C.I.A.

Ah but he doesn't know the's tin foil, not aluminum foil....who remembers back when they made foil out of tin? Obviously they stopped because of how effective it's a conspiracy. ;)

i remember tin cans for a minute.. :)  at least aluminum foil is good for some things.. blocking electromagnetic waves.. RFID readers..

"Tin foil, also spelled tinfoil, is a thin foil made of tin. Actual tin foil was superseded by cheaper and more durable[citation needed] aluminium foil after World War II, although aluminium foil is still referred to as "tin foil" in many regions. (See also tin can.)"....

looks like real tin foil can still be found.. for about a hundred bucks..


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