it is a terrible shame that in these days of great deception and confusion, when His flock is most in need of mature and capable ministers of His word, that instead the shepherds are such a disappointment. perhaps somewhere out there, there is a little shack of a church with a tiny congregation who is dedicated to seeking hard after His truth, no matter where it leads, but i have no knowledge of it if it exists. instead i see everywhere churches that are dedicated to increasing their following, increasing their wealth and increasing the size of their buildings.

in the average church building you will never hear mention of the day of YHWH that is fast approaching us. you will never find their leaders calling their people to fast and repent and rend the garment of their hearts before their Elohim. even wicked Ninevah knew how to repent. these churches do not challenge their congregations to understand the nature of what is happening in this world, or the evil controlling it or how to walk out of that Babylon. they do not mention words like antichrist, new world order or nephilim.

the leaders of the churches of this age are either by choice or by ignorance steadfastly following the teachings of their "great men of faith", but not the Everlasting Word of His Testimony. their teachers are men who's own goals and desires and understanding they do not know, yet they should have recalled that YHWH calls a curse upon those who would trust in men rather than Him. these shepherds do not care to understand the very scriptures they are entrusted to teach. you will hardly hear the bible read in a church but for one or two verses which are used to teach a message that should be common understanding for a child.

there is no attempt to bring to light true translations of scripture in the believers of this age. if the text they hold is called a bible, it is good enough whether it is a horribly inaccurate translation or nothing more than a paraphrased guess. even those who would condemn some bible versions would at the same time teach their congregations that the KJV is flawless, but will they test it's flawlessness against the original languages or inform their people of inaccuracy where it is found or even attempt to know by whom and for what purpose the KJV was compiled?where are the shepherds who will not accept such immaturity for themselves or their flock?

where are those who have the boldness to tell whatever truth He has given, whether popular or not? are there none left who will challenge the seminary teacher's new religion of soft faith? His people are inadequately prepared for the coming tribulation because they have been robbed of the opportunity in their churches to be exposed to the great wealth of training He meant for them to have. they have been trained to react with suspicion and fear toward any subject in scripture which does not get a mention in their church building. they are taught by design to want no more of the truth than what the elite rulers of the world would want them have, and this becomes less and less.

how many believers now know His word, read it daily, study it, and feed on it? a majority might say they do, or do somewhat if not as much as they should, but perhaps i would guess that most know and understand just as much of the scriptures as they have heard from the mouths and pens of pastors who are as incompetent in it as they themselves are. there is no way to know His message without reading it, there is no teacher of it who has better understanding than His own Spirit. when did His people forget it?

it could even be said to be worse than just ignorant teachers, for many of them have become wolves instead of just lazy shepherds. clergy all over the nation have been recruited under homeland security as part of what is termed the Clergy Response Team. your pastor will never mention he is a member because the goal of this group is to convince their congregations to bow down before the government in all the oppression they wish to force upon the people. gun confiscations, mandatory identification, relocation to FEMA facilities, forced vaccinations and martial law are just some of those things which Homeland Security has called upon these clergy members to lead their people to submit to. it would come as little surprise to me if those same members of the Clergy Response were in place to attempt to convince their followers to accept whatever mark or number the Beast has waiting for them.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge" He has said in times past. it is time for His people to live for Him and by Him that they might at last live with Him. it is perhaps past time for His people to forsake their childish shepherds and their big churches and begin to seek with all their might after His truth and that alone.

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In addition to all that you have said, I would add that many of today's Christians truly believe they are suffering persecution for their faith. And yet what faith? And, in what? Our mega churches are being funded by members with mega-$$s who believe their material lifestyle demonstrates God's blessings for their righteousness.

It is wrong to suggest that any "suffering" that we Americans may do today resembles in any way, shape or form the suffering of believers in Jesus' time, or currently in other parts of the world. There is no comparison.

I wonder if we will see the return of burning of "heretics".
It is more than a little upsetting to see such a prosperity message being taught to so called Christians in America. if such a thing was a measure of blessing then we could easily call the wealthy elite blessed. perhaps before long they will know the meaning of persecution and they will either fail to remain faithful because they will see this as a sign that they are not blessed any longer or they will finally awake to realize that the truly blessed do face persecutions.

If these very wealthy churches did what was right would they not surely send aid to those believers around the world who really are giving their lives for the sake of the gospel?

In an article entitled 'Pastor of California Church sponsoring interfaith dialogue with Wiccans teaches tolerance to "concerned citizen": Wiccans covered by God's grace' We can see one of the most perverse displays of wolves raiding the sheepfold while the Pastor of the flock looks on approvingly...denying the Exclusive power of Messiah to save.

"Besides being a grossly misunderstood religion–Wiccans and Pagans are often characterized as Satan worshippers who sacrifice animals even though there is no Satan in the Wiccan faith–and animals are considered to be as sacred as humans–the truth is Wiccans believe Satan to be a human created Christian construct and thus, not a part of their religion."

While it might be true that "Wicca" is not well understood by the public, it is an absolute falacy to say that this religion does not worship Satan and demonic entities. Though their deities might not be viewed by the practitioners of Wicca as any such evil spirits, those belief based perceptions can not change the nature of what they actually are.

It is also falacious to say that Wicca does not practice animal sacrifice. Though there might be modern groups who do not participate in those things, traditionally, not only is Witchcraft a sacrifice based religion but it never stopped at animal sacrifice, either...human sacrifice was a requirement for the major Sabbats, a fact which is desperately buried, obfuscated and denied by neo Wiccans and "religious tolerance" advocates alike.

Now we have "christian" churches welcoming this brutal, demonic belief system into a fellowship of tolerance. Tolerance of evil is evil.

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them]". - Ephesians 5:11

The original article at the source has disappeared. Here's a brief mirror version.

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