If you live along the Gulf Coast, it is time you be on high alert. The situation which is developing around the aftermath of the rig explosion is one which points to this being not even remotely an accident. As we have been blessed to see the plans of the ruling elite fall on several occasions due to the voices of many awakened individuals all over the world, let us hope this instance will become one of those, but if it does not, you residents of the Gulf Coast must be aware of what the future might hold for you.

BP and government has something to hide in connection to the Gulf Oil Spill, it can't be denied. Bp has bought up search results from Google and Yahoo in order to purposely lead people away from what alternative media sources have to say about the Gulf Oil leak. Goldman Sachs got rid of 44% of their BP stock prior to the rig explosion. Workers who were aboard the rig were cornered and forced to sign statements that they had no "first hand or personal knowledge" of the incident before they were allowed to go home. Rumors have circulated that BP has intentionally made certain that the oil continues to leak, as far as even sabotaging their own efforts to stop it. It is certainly true that they have covered up the magnitude of the problem.

The dispersant Corexit, which they have used on the oil slick is a serious health concern and people who live within breathing distance of this highly toxic chemical need to be aware that this is a poison so nasty that even the EPA demanded a better solution but BP refused. BP itself will not release the entire list of ingredients of Corexit to the public but one known agent contained in it is 2-butoxyethanol. This chemical is known to cause respiratory distress, nervous system and kidney damage and damage to red blood cells. It is no wonder that those who were employed to help clean the spill began to complain of illness, which BP handled by suggesting that it was perhaps food poisoning. It would potentially be less harmful to humans and the ecosystem to allow the oil to gush into the Ocean for as long as it will than use Corexit at all. Knowing that adding toxins to the food, water and air that the public has access to is a favorite soft kill tactic of the elite, this also, seems like no accident.

The government response to the oil rig explosion was immediately to send armed swat teams in. A strange reaction to an oil spill and one which is becoming stranger as reports of battle experienced, armed troops and fully armed National Guardsmen are moving into Louisiana, arriving in armored, camouflaged HUMVEES equipped with gun turrets. Fema has also been reported to be present. A possibility of evacuation plans for parts of Florida, Louisiana and Alabama have come from sources inside the military and National Guard. Georgia National Guard, Georgia State Guard, Military Police, Light Infantry, and HAZMAT have received warning orders awaiting an order of deployment. There is a potential for this to proceed to an evacuation and relocation of as many as 50 million Gulf Coast residents. Where will 50 million residents be moved to? Fema camps, which are no more than prisons, detention facilities with fences, barbed wire and armed guards.

If you suppose that it could never happen here, remember that there are over 600 facilities waiting, new and unused for just such a reason. Speak to those who lived through the horror of a Hurricane called Katrina, which afterwards they were denied necessities, denied escape routs, shot for trying to take necessary food and water, forced into holding areas and treated like animals, resulting in the unnecessary death of many. This was simply a test and perhaps a test for an incident which is being set up right now in the Gulf Coast region.

Residents of the Gulf Coast, if you hear so much as a whisper of a rumor of evacuation of your area, if you witness one military vehicle or armed military personnel, make your next decisions very wisely. It would be my advice, do not be there when the troops come, do not wait to be "relocated". Relocate yourself to anywhere you can.

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From Steve Quayle's website:

EXTREME ALERT — Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational: The operational name for the Gulf Coast Evacuation is "Swift Fox". Yesterday morning at around 8:30 Mountain time, I received information that specific towns, in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia were having hotel rooms rented in mass by different named "Societies" using Federal government credit cards. The block hotel room rentals are for half the available rooms in hotels with a minimum of 120 rooms. Specific conversations were "overheard" that would indicate that the planned Gulf Coast evacuation is soon to be implemented. The only scenario I hear that may force the government to evacuate the coast is a multiple plume situation. Apparently, the unmitigated oil spilling has caused a pressure flux which, ironically, has caused a spider web network of Gulf seabed fissures, which has caused at least one other confirmed oil plume. NOAA is searching for two more suspected ones". This quote is from an insider who is really concerned as he should be. Here's additional info he provided. His comments in the following quote: "I know FEMA has already scoped out FEMA camp locations, i.e. vacant lots and swaths of land that can be leased temporarily in Texas and Georgia".

The inside guy said it is up to the President to give the go-signal. There is an evacuation plan drafted and in place, ready for execution only *if* the administration deems it necessary. That can happen two ways. FEMA makes an emergency declaration with recommendation to POTUS (President of the US) for an evacuation or 2/3 of the Gulf States request federal help for an evac. States can individually declare an evacuation of their Gulf residents, but that would be a state action only, not FEMA/Federal".

yes, i have also heard that there is a possibility that a North Korean torpedo hit the rig. i believe this might be the case but i also think that Obama and the US government complied with whatever was used to target it. i think this event has the potential to become much more of a problem than it has been already and perhaps that is exactly the intention.
"Oil spill media blackout UPDATE for Tampa, Florida: Gulf oil spill sea floor leak now confirmed

BP has confirmed that there is an oil leak on the sea floor several miles away from the Deepwater Horizon's damaged blowout preventer. The undisclosed specific location of the sub- sea leak is reported to be billowing oil and deadly methane gas.

While the live BP video feed has been focused on the BOP, some oil industry experts have suggested that the leak being reported today has been played down, despite a report from Florida Senator Bill Nelson last month. (See video below)

The third oil leak, which was admitted to by BP shorty after the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20,1020, may now be emerging from behind what many believe has been an oil spill media blackout."

read the rest here: http://www.examiner.com/x-55371-Tampa-Gulf-Oil-Spill-Examiner~y2010...
not certain if you are asking if that is the worst that could happen or if it could happen. seepage and leaks outside of the well head itself are happening but i do not think it is the worst that could happen. here is an article telling about leaks -


the worst that could happen or one possibility of worst events is that all this fails ( and it is meant to maybe) and they decide to use the weapon they have prepared for it, a nuclear triggered emp device.

Uncool Sam said:

The firm was hoping the cap could stay in place until relief wells stop the leak but there are fears now that oil may begin leaking into the bedrock around the well.

Scientists are now puzzled as to why the pressure measured at the well cap is lower than expected. They fear the worst case scenario -- oil leaking into the bedrock surrounding the well, making the seabed unstable.

Has anyone got other websites to back up this rumour that it is the worst case scenario?
Riki Ott: ‘People Now Dropping Dead’ In the Gulf
The Intel Hub
By Shepard Ambellas

On the sixth month anniversary of the oil disaster in the gulf, we are still seeing a total media blackout.

The people particularly in Grand Isle have been poisoned by genocidal tyrants that care more about their pocketbooks than they care about human life or mother earth.

According to Riki Ott “The people that did evacuate (the gulf) are glad they did”
And for good reason.”

She went on to state that deaths from the disaster are now a reality:

Riki said during an interview ” I am dealing with about 3 -4 autopsies right now… I know of people who’s esophagus’ are de-solving, disintegrating… I know of people with 4.75% of their lung capacity, with enlarged hearts… All of these people have oil in their bodies.”

It has been well documented that millions of gallons of toxic dispersants have been sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico; including near beaches, population centers, people, and boats.

it is a tragedy that what perhaps kept so many who got ill staying there was a sense of trust in what was being told to them about the lack of any oil or toxic chemicals. the dispersants breaking the oil up to a point it is not visible on the surface of water seems to be enough evidence of the media telling the truth for most.

the deaths that happen as a result will be unlikely to be labeled as being caused by any such thing officially and so we might never know the full sum of people who become ill or die from this toxic exposure.
BP blamed for toxification
Fishermen, cleanup workers and residents of Gulf Coast believe they are being sickened by toxic chemicals from BP spill

James Miller, a commercial shrimper, lifelong fisherman in Mississippi and former BP oil response worker, is horribly sick.
"I've been vomiting, my head feels like it's going to explode, diarrhoea, and I keep passing out," Miller, who worked in BP's so-called Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) oil response programme, said from his bed at Biloxi Regional Hospital on November 5.
Four days earlier, Miller, his wife and dog were boating on the Gulf of Mexico near one of Mississippi's barrier islands when all three of them fell ill.

"My wife and I felt the chemicals immediately and my dog even started hacking like he was trying to cough up a bone," Miller explained.
Later that day he began vomiting and experiencing a severe headache and diarrhoea. Then on November 4 he passed out in the shower. Concerned by his uncontrollable nausea and bleeding in his esophagus, his wife took him to the emergency room.

"The doctor just told me I have acid reflux," Miller, who has been experiencing many of his symptoms since joining the VOO programme, said. "They don't even know what this is. I told him I needed to be tested for toxic chemicals. I'm in a major hospital and they are telling me they don't know what this is."
Miller's friend, Chris Balius, also a former VOO worker, was in a boat near Miller's on that same day out on the Gulf.
"I was hit by it too," Balius explained. "Headache, nausea, diarrhoea, and now my eyesight is failing. When I was in the VOO programme, I had to let someone else run my boat after 30 days because I got so sick. Every time I go on the water I get sick, so I no longer go, and don't allow my family to go anymore."
Joseph Yerkes, who lives on Okaloosa Island, Florida, was in BP's VOO programme for more than two months, during which time he was exposed to oil and dispersants on a regular basis.
"I worsened progressively," Yerkes said. "Mid-September I caught a cold that worsened until I went to a doctor, who gave me two rounds of antibiotics for the pneumonia-like symptoms, and he did blood tests and found high levels of toxic substances in my blood that he told me came from the oil and dispersants."
Increasing numbers of people across the Gulf Coast are suffering from symptoms that doctors and toxicologists are linking to chemicals from the BP oil disaster that began last summer when the blowout of the Macondo well gushed at least 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf.
BP responded by using at least 1.9 million gallons of toxic dispersant to sink the oil.
Widespread toxic exposure
"The dispersants used in BP's draconian experiment contain solvents such as petroleum distillates and 2-butoxyethanol," Dr. Riki Ott, a toxicologist, marine biologist and Exxon Valdez survivor, said. "People are being made sick in the Gulf because of the unprecedented release of oil and toxic chemicals from this past summer in response to BP's disaster."
Ott is frank in her assessment of the ongoing health crisis residents are facing in the Gulf.
"It's clear to me there are four to five million people, from Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana, through the big bend of Florida, who are being exposed to dangerous levels of dangerous chemicals," she said.

"Oil and dispersants are in the air and water, that are at levels that exceeded the acute or intermediate threshold that federal agencies have declared to be safe. Just speaking of air exposure, and there are scientific papers on this, if you release one molecule of toluene, at three metres above the ground, into a six kilometre wind, that molecule, uninterrupted, will travel 34 kilometres."
Charter plane pilots who have conducted Gulf over-flights have reported having to wipe an oily, orange film from their plane afterwards. Following this, the skin on their hands peeled off. "The oil and dispersants are in the air and in the rain and are making people sick," Ott said. "These Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are there, and at dangerous levels."
Pathways of exposure to the dispersants are inhalation, ingestion, skin and eye contact. Health impacts include headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pains, chest pains, respiratory system damage, skin sensitisation, hypertension, central nervous system (CNS) depression, neurotoxic effects, cardiac arrhythmia and cardiovascular damage. The chemicals are also teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic.
"People experiencing these symptoms, that is their body trying to tell them they are in a dangerous situation," explained Ott. "Exposure to dispersants makes everything worse because they affect the CNS more. They act as an oil delivery system, bringing the oil deeper into the body."
Wilma Subra, a chemist in Louisiana, tested the blood of eight BP cleanup workers and residents in Alabama and Florida. "Ethylbenzene, m,p-Xylene and Hexane are volatile organic chemicals that are present in the BP crude oil," Subra said. "The blood of all three females and five males had chemicals that are found in the BP crude oil. So the presence of these chemicals in the blood indicates exposure."
The BP workers and community members had shockingly high levels of toxic chemicals like Ethylbenzene and Hexanes in their bodies, with one 48-year-old male showing the highest concentrations.
"I'm that 48-year-old male," Gregg Hall, from Pensacola, Florida, said. "I've been nauseas and had headaches, burning eyes and numb feet for months. The bays here are now toxic. It's all around us, yet the government keeps telling us everything is fine."
According to Ott, doctors along the Gulf coast are treating the symptoms of the widespread exposure to BP's toxic chemicals with antibiotics.
"You can't take antibiotics and expect to get better," she explained. "Environmental medicine is what these people need, but it is hard to find that in the Gulf, where the oil and petrochemical industry reign supreme and medical doctors there are reluctant to call a spade a spade."

For more on this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=21822
Corexit, Oil Dispersant Used By BP, Is Destroying Gulf Marine Life, Scientists Say

The People Are Dying: Evacuate the Gulf Now!

"There are many quiet voices, fearing repraisal who say that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, is still leaking oil. There are others, shrimp fisherman out of work, who are hired by BP to help with Corexit dispersal missions. Over five years after the accident, Corexit is still being sprayed at night by BP, for profit, and they are using people from the Gulf who have lost their incomes and need the work. They will speak privately, but are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their income. I have spoken with a half dozen over the last three years. These Corexit spraying missions are endangering the quality of the air, the water, the land and the food. The Gulf is catastrophe of Bibllical proportions waiting to consume millions with related health effects caused by Corexit..."

Full Article: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/10/24/the-people-are-dying-e...

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