For some, the idea of governments using technology which is able to modify the weather in any way they might like is still thought of as impossible fiction. It should be very clear to anyone living on Earth that there is an undeniable increase of disastrous weather, yet that fact is still rarely considered in connection with the knowledge that it is within the technological capability of mankind to have produced what is being observed.

It would seem that people are much more comfortable with blaming themselves as the cause for the myth of CO 2 global warming than considering that there are devices which are not in their control and have great potential of influence on the weather patterns, such as those which have been seen taking place this year. These capabilities are not a secret, there are even companies willing to be hired out to conduct weather modification for a price by means of some older technologies which have been in place for years. You may view one such company at this web address:

"This company has existed since 1961. Some it's services are described -

About Us
Now, more than ever, the worldwide need for solutions to atmospheric necessities such as water resource management and environmental quality monitoring, is critical. With nearly a half-century of successful programs, our experience speaks for itself.

Let us help you better manage your atmospheric and water resources.

"The Sky's The Limit"

We've developed an array of effective meteorological support services and a powerful selection of supplementary instrumentation. Our services are essential to climatology studies, precipitation enhancement and storm damage mitigation, fog dissipation, weather forecasting, and many other meteorological projects.

aerial cloud seeding

Weather Modification, Inc. manufactures a variety of cloud seeding equipment. We complete FAA-approved installations of seeding equipment, emphasizing functionality, safety, reliability, and ease of use.

ground cloud seeding

When controlled via satellite, they can be sited virtually anywhere. When weather at the seeding location is critical, complete meteorological stations can be co-located with both fixed and mobile ground-based units:"

This year has seen an incredible number of extremely destructive disasters, causing great loss of life, property and peace of mind. Earthquakes, fires, floods and snow have not only occurred at greatly increased frequency, but have struck in some most unlikely regions for the particular type of disaster. Places which have experienced fires are Oregon, South American, BC, Canada, Portugal and Russia. The fires in Russia have come as the result of a heat wave and drought worse than anything which has happened in the region for 1000 years. Flooding has occurred in China Mexico and Pakistan, the last of which has left 8 million people in urgent need of help. The year began in this part of the world with great quantities of snow in many areas ill equipped to handle the volume of it, including Washington DC. Earthquakes and volcanic activity have been, perhaps, the most notable disasters, including the mysterious Haiti Earthquake which damaged an area not exceeding the exact border of the country.

It is likely that asking the average person if it is possible for man to direct the weather to his whim they will deny it. Most still assume the weather that they experience is a force of nature or of the Creator which no man can tame or change. It should be the dominion of the Creator and it will be again, but proving that weather can be manipulated by technology and that this technology is both in existence and put to use is relatively simple, so that when such uncommon and unprecedented periods of disaster happen as they have this year, it should be a matter of very simple sense to question if it could not very well be the result of such manipulation.

Wikipedia entry for weather modification:

"Weather control is the act of manipulating or altering certain aspects of the environment to produce desirable changes in weather. Weather control can have the goal of preventing damaging weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, from occurring; of causing beneficial weather, such as rainfall in an area experiencing drought; or of provoking damaging weather against an enemy or rival, as a tactic of military or economic warfare..."

Both the United States and Russia are known to possess facilities which are for the purpose of manipulating the ionosphere and altering Earth's magnetic fields, a process by which weather can be directed and earthquakes can be induced. The technology also has a more disturbing capability, the ability to cause mood and emotion alterations in humans exposed to either a negatively charged ion atmosphere, or a positively charged one.

Air molecules effected by precise radio frequencies discharge negatively charged electrons that combine with hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere and by this can cause rain. Scalar wave technology is able to pinpoint any place on the Earth where it then disrupts the atmosphere with ELF (extremely low frequency) sound, at about 10 hertz. With use of this it is possible to alter the jet stream or trap a region in a weather system for prolonged periods of time.

According to Wikipedia entry above this sort of weather manipulation was created for good. By it hurricanes and tornadoes might be prevented, rain brought to places that have needed it or steered away from places which have had too much. According to everything which is told about this technology from mainstream sources, which is very little, it would seem to be a capability which has only good intentions. It is further assured that the UN has banned all use of such devices for the purpose of warfare. So then, where was this technology when a hurricane named Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans? Why was it never used this year to stop the suffering in Russia while a drought devastated their land and resulted in fires? Why was it never employed to put an end to the flooding in Pakistan?

When it is no longer deniable that weather modification devices and facilities exist, then we must ask for what is it being used if not for the good of mankind. After gathering the evidence which is available by observation and by admission of those who possess the technology, is there any reason we should not strongly suspect that it is being used to the contrary of everything that it is said to have been created for? Lying is not a new idea to those in power. Creating excuses by which the people can be further convinced of their need to be controlled is not new either. While they devastate the Earth and her inhabitants with weather manipulating technology, they will happily allow you believe that it is you who destroy the Earth.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP belongs to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as well as branches of the military. One of the more well known facilities of ionosphere manipulation research, it is strange that this place should be the project of the military if technology of this type was never designed to be used as a weapon of warfare.

If all of what was claimed of the uses of these things were true, if the only reason manipulation of the atmosphere was done was to genuinely benefit humanity, i would still not be in favor of it. It is without any exception that all attempts of creatures to behave as if they were the Creator result only in failure, even catastrophic failure. There is no evidence, though, that the intent has ever been a benevolent one whether misguided or not.

If any great expectation should exist for 2012 to be a year of great disaster, it might be most reasonable to suspect that it will come in the form of world controllers using such an expectation to cause untold calamity. They would be excused from their part in it in the midst of ignorance which still believes that such things can not be done of man.

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perhaps he was mistakenly looking for an emotional acquisition to fill his spiritual void.. anger at who they think is "God" seems to spawn a lot of behavior of this type among non-believers.. it is sad because they torture themselves in a vain cause when they could be redeemed instead.. hopefully Marques is willing and will get saved sooner than later.. based on his contributions here i think prayers and "knocking off the dust" are in order.
I think it's shame he left without trying to have a real, honest discussion too. He had expressed to us that he wasn't a Christian when he there was no real expectation that he'd agree, but at the same time there could have been a genuine exchange of views and support for those views without any offense being involved i think.

He had a few more posts up just prior to his leaving but i don't think anyone got a chance to read them before he left and it all disappeared.

Well..we can pray for him still.

UN Climate Concern Morphs into Chemtrail Glee Club

"In Cancun, Mexico, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is under pressure to overturn the UN ban on chemtrails. This would dissolve an agreement reached in October at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity conference in Japan. In that landmark decision, the 193-member CBD agreed by consensus to a moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments.

The US has not agreed to it.  Citing profits, the US further refuses to cut greenhouse gas emissions attributed to global warming, the purported concern of the United Nations. Instead, it seeks to expand its geoengineering projects for which hundreds of patents have already been filed. (See sampling below.)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) opened the Cancun conference last week by discussing geoengineering options that will be further explored in Peru later this year. Such environmental modification (ENMOD) programs include putting mirrors in space, iron seeding the oceans, planting genetically modified forests, and chemtrailing the skies.  Of course, all of these activities are already well underway.

The next UN climate change assessment report, AR5, is due out in November of 2014. It will include geoengineering options, said Indian businessman and economist, Rajendra Pachauri, who chairs the IPCC. In his introductory comments in Cancun, he stated, “The scope of the AR5 has also been expanded over and above previous reports, and would include, for instance, focused treatment of subjects like clouds and aerosols, geo-engineering options,” and the usual climate related issues...."

Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?

(Yes,A while ago)

Daily Mail

Technology created 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain region last year

For centuries people living in the Middle East have dreamed of turning the sandy desert into land fit for growing crops with fresh water on tap.
Now that holy grail is a step closer after scientists employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi claim to have generated a series of downpours.
Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state’s eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.

Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is no rain at all.

People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightening.
The scientists have been working secretly for United Arab Emirates president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
They have been using giant ionisers, shaped like stripped down lampshades on steel poles, to generate fields of negatively charged particles.
These promote cloud formation and researchers hoped they could then produce rain.
In a confidential company video, the founder of the Swiss company in charge of the project, Metro Systems International, boasted of success.
Helmut Fluhrer said: ‘We have achieved a number of rainfalls.’
It is believed to be the first time the system has produced rain from clear skies, according to the Sunday Times.
In the past, China and other countries have used chemicals for cloud-seeding to both induce and prevent rain falling.


Short URL


Fox News Advocating Weather Modification; Is It Still A Conspiracy Theory?

"Apparently weather modification is only a conspiracy theory when the alternative media talks about it, even when the existence of the practice is completely and totally irrefutable.

When we discuss weather modification (also known as geoengineering) and associated projects it is a paranoid conspiracy theory.

When Murdoch-owned Fox News talks about it, it is a legitimate choice to help stem the tide of wildfires sweeping the state of Texas.

As the video reveals, weather modification is nothing new. The woman featured in the clip mentions that the state of Texas stopped being able to match funds for the program in 2002, meaning that the program is at least 8-9 years old.

In reality, weather modification has been in use for decades, going all the way back to the Vietnam War with a U.S. military cloud seeding project known as  Operation Popeye,
Project Popeye, Motorpool, and Intermediary-Compatriot.

The projects ran from 1966 to 1972 and used the exact same technology mentioned in the Fox News video: silver iodide..."

full article:

Playing god again.
"Laser light can not only trigger lightning but redirect it, causing it to strike in the same place over and over, according to new research. This means lasers could serve as lightning rods. Because that would be awesome.
Laser lightning rods have been a research subject for several decades, because they could trigger lightning and guide it to a specific place. Firing a laser would create an ionized channel in the atmosphere, which could conduct the lightning to the ground. Laser lightning rods could be an alternative to lightning rockets, according to Aurlien Houard of the Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée in Palaiseau, France, a co-author of this study. Lightning rockets can apparently trigger a lightning strike by bringing a conductive material, like some type of salts, toward the static layer of a thunderhead. But a laser would be easier to control than a rocket."

Army Developing Laser That Shoots Lightning
PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. (CBSDC) – Soon, superheroes such as Thor won’t be the only ones who are able to use lightning to destroy their target.
U.S. Army personnel at Picatinny Arsenal are developing a military weapon that is able to shoot lightning bolts down laser beams, destroying any potential target with enough power to fuel a large metropolitan city.
The development of the Laser-Induced Plasma Channel comes as the military places more emphasis on eliminating targets that conduct electricity at a better rate than their environmental surroundings in the air and on the ground, according to the U.S. Army.
“We never got tired of the lightning bolts zapping our simulated (targets),” George Fischer, the lead scientist on the project, told
Though the actual time of the lightning only goes for two-trillionths of a second, the amount of energy generated by the LIPC is jaw-dropping, estimated to be more than enough power to fuel a large city, Fisher said.
“If a laser puts out a pulse with modest energy, but the time is incredibly tiny, the power can be huge,” Fischer said. “During the duration of the laser pulse, it can be putting out more power than a large city needs, but the pulse only lasts for two-trillionths of a second.”
The lightning, which equates to 50 billion watts of optical power, is still in development mode as scientists continue to hammer out details for how to synchronize the LIPC with the high voltage, toughen up the device to survive extreme conditions and make the LIPC sustainable for the long term.

"Millions without power as stifling heat wave hammers eastern US

The eastern U.S. on Monday was hammered by the fourth consecutive day of stifling heat after a weekend of violent storms that killed 15 people and knocked out power to millions.

More than 2 million people were still without power Monday morning, with the biggest concentration of outages in the Washington, D.C. area.

"Hot and hotter will continue to be the story from the plains to the Atlantic Coast for the next few days," the National Weather Service said.

Monday morning brought another grim challenge when many embarked on a difficult commute over roads with darkened stoplights...

'Sultry week'
And it was set to remain unseasonably sweltering, with heat warnings continuing into Monday after hundreds of daily high temperature records were broken throughout the region over the weekend, the National Weather Service said.

Temperatures approached or exceeded 100 degrees in many storm-stricken areas, and utility officials said the power will likely be out for several more days.

The heat was set to linger over the East Coast for a few days at least, reported.

High pressure in the upper atmosphere will shift back to the central states, focusing the core of above-average temperatures over that region of the country eastward into mid-Atlantic,” it reported. "Minneapolis, Minn., St. Louis, Mo., Chicago, Ill. and Washington, D.C. are just a few of the cities that should prepare for a sultry week ahead."

Emergencies were declared in Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C., on Saturday because of damage from storms that unleashed hurricane-force winds across and a 500-mile stretch of the mid-Atlantic region.

Storm-hit East could face power outages for days

The storms' rampage came as sweltering temperatures topped 100 Fahrenheit in several southern cities, including Atlanta, where the mercury hit an all-time record of 106 degrees on Saturday and reached 105 on Sunday.

Over two dozen cities across 10 states set or tied all-time record high temperatures on Friday and Saturday, including Columbia, South Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Severe weather was blamed for 17 deaths since Friday, The Associated Press reported, most from trees falling on homes and cars. Meanwhile, Coast Guard officials say they have suspended the search for a man who disappeared early Saturday while boating during the storm off Maryland.

On Sunday night in North Carolina, a 77-year-old man was killed when strong winds collapsed a Pitt County barn where he was parking an all-terrain vehicle, authorities said. In neighboring Beaufort County, a couple was killed when a tree fell on the golf cart they were driving. Officials said trees fell onto dozens of houses, and two hangars were destroyed at an airport in Beaufort County. The damage was mostly blamed on straight-line winds.

Elsewhere, at least six of the dead were killed in Virginia, including a 90-year-old woman asleep in her bed when a tree slammed into her home. Two young cousins in New Jersey were killed when a tree fell on their tent while camping. Two were killed in Maryland, one in Ohio, one in Kentucky and one in Washington.

For survivors, it was a challenge to stay cool over the weekend."

full article:

Sandy the Megastorm on Radar

Current HAARP readings

Pretty Obvious

I think Sandy is clearly the result of a manufactured weather condition. There's more than ample evidence of that...and if you keep an eye on things like the HAARP facility's activities and chemtrailing, you can start to predict the weather better than the meteorologists on the news.

The so-called Mayan prophecy of December 21, 2012 has certainly gained a huge new age following and everything surrounding the predictions tend to be geared towards drawing people into that ideaology of a new age event.

It is a the sense that we are not going to see the destruction of the world in December and we are not going to see a "new age" dawn. We might see the next step (possibly even a big step) towards the realization of the antichrist kingdom. They have wasted a lot of breath and hype to get people expecting something so either they intend to use it to usher in the next vile implement in their plans or they are using it to ensure the wave of apathy and skeptisism that would surely follow a complete non event.

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