Thoughts? Theories? 

-Do you remember Jif Peanut Butter as Jiffy Peanut Butter?

-Do you remember Interview with the Vampire as Interview with a Vampire?

-Do you remember Sex and the City as Sex in the City?

-Do you remember the Berenstain Bears as the Berenstein Bears? 

-Do you remember Barbra Streisand as Barbara Streisand?

-Has it ever felt like a celebrity died in the past and yet you came to find out that they were apparently still alive?

-Do you remember Hitler having dark eyes?

-Has it ever felt like you remembered a word spelled differently in the past?

-Have you ever heard a song and felt like it had different lyrics in the past? 

-Has it ever felt like a map looked different in the past? 

-Did you think opaque had more to do with translucent than something not able to be seen through at all?

-Do you remember a Biblical verse in a favorite version of scripture as being slightly different in the past?

You might toss stuff away as coincidence or the result of a phonetic mistake or something else, but are you sure you didn't slip into a fresh cycle or age and carry along some memory from a previous one?

What's truly coincidence if you consider stuff here?

How much is the Mandela Effect related to the CERN LHC and is there a phenomenon associated with it that has been becoming more widespread in recent years?

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Does this not seem familiar to you?: Judge not, lest ye be judged.

i don't believe that has changed.. 

i do believe this tho.. no matter what decisions are made in the multi-verse existence.. nothing is changed by those different decisions.. every decision will still have the same outcome as every other decision.. hence, judgement is sure.. it is what it is, and no matter what we do, nothing will change what we have done.. our only hope for our bad decisions is tho repent and be forgiven in Yahushua.. to turn our hearts - here and now.

You don't believe what has changed? Are you familiar with any translation that has that? I might have read that over 100 times in a RNKJV in the last 10 years, but what exists in a KJV or RNKJV now?

And don't you believe ages have repeated in a ouroboros type way and deja vu is a result? Do you think every single detail about every age is the same, if so?

i think you have one choice to decide each action.. and even if that choice is made a thousand times.. the outcome will still be the same.. thus, judgement is sure, finite, sealed for that action.. repentance and forgiveness is the only option.

You might be avoiding what I asked after acting like you were an intellectual warrior and others were fools. If you don't think there have been any Mandela Effect type changes in reality, okay, but why mock others if you're a true follower of Yahushua?

I answered your question once.. and no one mocked you or called you a fool.. how about lighten up

What were you trying to imply with what you posted if not that one or more person was lacking intellect with their head in the clouds? And I'm still not sure what you meant by i don't believe that has changed. You think there is still a KJV that says that in Matthew 7:1?

the point of posting the videos is.. regardless of any possible variations of any kind.. nothing will change the outcome of anything.. we are judged on our choices.. to do good or evil.. we aren't judged on having "51% good choices as the reason we get into heaven" (false religions do teach that tho)

we're judged on one choice for all time and all places (accepting Yahushua).. otherwise there could be no true judgment for individual people..

every other subsequent choice we make falls under that same rule.. we can't change our past choices to equal anything different no matter how the circumstance are altered.

Major Tom to ground control is about making a choice to accept Yahushua and is not meant to mock someone's reasoning ability like their head is in the clouds? Strange way to get a point across maybe.

"check ignition.. and may God's love be with you.."

And Uncle Rico? : ]

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