Thoughts? Theories? 

-Do you remember Jif Peanut Butter as Jiffy Peanut Butter?

-Do you remember Interview with the Vampire as Interview with a Vampire?

-Do you remember Sex and the City as Sex in the City?

-Do you remember the Berenstain Bears as the Berenstein Bears? 

-Do you remember Barbra Streisand as Barbara Streisand?

-Has it ever felt like a celebrity died in the past and yet you came to find out that they were apparently still alive?

-Do you remember Hitler having dark eyes?

-Has it ever felt like you remembered a word spelled differently in the past?

-Have you ever heard a song and felt like it had different lyrics in the past? 

-Has it ever felt like a map looked different in the past? 

-Did you think opaque had more to do with translucent than something not able to be seen through at all?

-Do you remember a Biblical verse in a favorite version of scripture as being slightly different in the past?

You might toss stuff away as coincidence or the result of a phonetic mistake or something else, but are you sure you didn't slip into a fresh cycle or age and carry along some memory from a previous one?

What's truly coincidence if you consider stuff here?

How much is the Mandela Effect related to the CERN LHC and is there a phenomenon associated with it that has been becoming more widespread in recent years?

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Anyway, is there another tnl topic with more views? Someone with site stat access able to help me figure out what is going on?

Yes, and uncle Rico :)

About these page view stats.. we can't see a source for the views. Did you post the topic elsewhere and link it?

Never outside an IM or something like that possibly.

maybe a glitch then.. ?

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