1. The "All Seeing Eye" which serves as the capstone (though still disconnected) of the Pyramid.    Also known as the Eye of Ra...the elevation of false deity to the rightful position of the Chief Cornerstone.

2. Annuit Coeptis - "He has given his approval to our undertaking" it would be incorrect to assume YHWH is who is meant in this context.

3. 13 steps from foundation to capstone...expressing the duration between the foundation of the USA to the realization of a New World Order .

4. MDCCLXXVI - taking the first character in each group of three gives this value - 1,110, dividing by 3 (geometry of the pyramid) = 370 the numerological reference of 370 is the left hand (Luciferianism) , the Sabbatic goat, creation, foundation. taking the remaining characters, the value = 666 

5. Novus Ordo Seclorum - A New Worldly (Secular) Order

6.13 stars in a hexagonal formation

7. E Pluribus Unum - cited as meaning "out of many, one"..more rightly interpreted "we all are of one mind or purpose".

8.The Phoenix - not an eagle...the phoenix represents the resurrection of an old empire, rather than a new endeavor.

9.13 arrows

10 In God We Trust - the "god" spoken of here is known by Freemasons under the name GAOTU (Grand Architect of the Universe)..a being who would rightly be called chief of the master builders...the same builders scripture states rejected the Chief Cornerstone (Messiah).

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