Resurrecting our Dead Beef through Cloning: Frankenfood

This from an article at Natural News:

"We already know that cloned beef has entered the food supply both in the United States and the UK. Now, thanks to revelations from JR Simplot, a U.S. company specializing in the cloning of cows for beef production, we're learning that dead cows are cloned to produce the next generation of beef cattle.

"Here's how it works: A large number of cows are slaughtered and then chopped into steaks that are tested for their flavor, texture and other qualities important to steak eaters. The source animal of each steak is recorded, and cells from that source carcass are preserved for possible cloning in case the steak turns out to taste good. Once all the steaks are gauged for their desirability, the dead cow carcasses from which the flesh was cut to produce the steaks are harvested for their DNA.

This DNA is then used to clone new cows who are fed, raised and slaughtered to see how their flesh steaks taste. This cycle is repeated through multiple generations in order to "evolve" cow clones with great-tasting flesh.

"The animals are hanging on a rail ready to go to the meat counter," JR Simplot employee Brady Hicks (yes, that's his real name) told BBC News, 'We identify carcasses that have certain carcass characteristics that we want, but it's too late to reproduce the genetics of the animal. But through cloning we can resurrect that animal.'...

"...The upshot of all this is that the beef people are buying and eating in the US and UK right now could be from cow clones raised from the dead carcasses of other cows whose DNA were harvested for cloning. Yep: Only in the food industry do you see this sort of Frankenstein science -- trying to create life from dead body parts through a process they call "resurrection"... and then serving up Frankenfoods to consumers.

"Far from the world of live foods, beef products are dead food made from dead cows that were given life by taking dead cells from the carcasses or other dead cows who were only kept alive in order to harvest their dead DNA. If it sounds a little sick and demented, that's because it undoubtedly is. This process violates so many principles of ethics and spirituality that it's hard to even know where to begin.

"Of course, by the time a thousand cow carcasses are all ground up, mixed together, extruded, irradiated and packaged, no one can tell where the beef actually come from... or even if it was cloned in the first place. Slap a greasy patty of cloned beef between two hamburger buns at a fast food joint and no one is the wiser.

"That's sort of the point, actually: The beef industry knows that people don't really have much of a clue where their beef comes from -- and they don't want to know! So even if beef comes from cloned animals raised from the harvested DNA of dead cow carcasses, the average consumer remains clueless.

"The goal of the beef industry is to create the best-tasting beef in the world at the lowest cost possible. Period...

"...If you haven't yet seen The Meatrix, be sure to check it out.

"...By the way, very few American consumers know the truth about this. They have no idea cows are being cloned from dead carcasses to create cloned beef that the FDA has already declared to be "safe" for the food supply. To help spread the word, please share this story using the Facebook or Twitter buttons above. People need to know the truth about what's really going into their foods.

"Whole Foods, by the way, has banned cloned meat products in its stores. So if you do eat beef, you can safely shop for it at Whole Foods without encountering cloned beef. Of course, you'd probably be better off with a predominantly plant-based diet, but that's another article altogether.

"Cloned beef will NOT be labeled as "cloned" in the USA. So there's no way to know whether conventional beef you're buying at the grocery stores (or eating at a restaurant) actually contains cloned beef. The industry will lobby hard to avoid honest labeling in much the same way that the GMO industry doesn't want foods labeled as "genetically modified."

"There's one thing we all know for sure: The beef industry prefers to keep consumers in the dark about where all that beef really comes from."

From John Titor, a self-proclaimed time traveler from 2036, come repeated warnings of the real threat of CJD - Mad Cow Disease:

"FORUM MEMBER: Name any near future event that makes history.

JOHN: FEB 15, 2001 - You mean other than the mad cow pandemic, the breakthroughs in high-energy physics and the unknown functions of the 5100?

JOHN: MAR 24, 2001 - Yes, and people are still dying and a great deal of them are passing from CJD. As I said, with my very first few posts almost 6 months ago, I want to emphasize how devastating this will be."

John states repeatedly that this is the direct result of past behaviour and his posts hint at the resentment held by his peers for past generations and the decisions they made. He constantly is prodding at the forum members, chastising them for being blind to the truth, wondering how and why we are so apathetic.

I don't question our apathy anymore. Nor do I chastise or scold. I have not always known the truth and there is not just one reason to cite to explain this. We, as a society, are here because of choices made, knowingly and unwittingly. And if the story of John is true, then I venture to say that if John survives long enough, he may yet live to see his society begin the trek down the same path, and for the same reasons. John suggests that the people of 2036 have been "burned" (literally and figuratively) and those who have survived are adamant that it will not happen again. The colonists who came to America had the same determination...

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The things they want people to eat are only getting more and more disturbing are they not? You would think there would be a limit to what people would stand for..but the level of apathy and ignorance just seems to graduate right along with it.

This one who says he's a time traveler is very interesting. I haven't checked that out yet but i hope to get to that soon. Interesting that he says mad cow disease is a serious problem in that near is suspected even now that the disease is much more widespread in humans than is being given any attention. Some cases of it, particularly in the the elderly can be passed off as Alzheimer's, other cases could pass for Parkinson's.

If John has actually come from that future time i wonder if it is a future we will see or a timepath that was irreversibly altered by the mere fact that some have come back from it.

I still find it difficult not to question the apathy myself, and even find it pretty difficult at times not to scold people over it. That might not be fair of me..i have experienced a different set of circumstances than a lot of those people and i am not able to say that had i experienced the life that they have that i would not be just as oblivious. I suppose the frustration just becomes overwhelming of wanting to make a difference where no difference can be made.
The first question people are likely to ask about the consequences of cloning beef from dead animals relates to prion diseases such as mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. This question is a sensible one since prion disease is most often connected to cattle who have eaten feed which contains the remains of other dead cattle.

Cloning from a dead animal is not necessarily comparable to a live animal ingesting the remains of a dead one. The genetic material of a dead animal is placed within the egg cell and so a clone is developed, although there is still mitochondrial DNA to consider. It would seem that prion disease has a compounding effect and those animals who eat dead ones, are butchered and the byproducts enter the bovine food chain again are one danger which leads to a build up of abnormal protein action. A study conducted on mice shows that mitochondrial DNA in the brain tissue of a mouse suffering from prion disease is impaired and potentially contributes to or initiates the pathology of prion disease. We could see the same compounding effect of mad cow disease through cloning perhaps that is seen in cattle being fed cattle.

There is a myth in science too, though i think, that prion diseases are at their root a problem of cannibalism and that prions are the sole cause and factor. Some have suggested too that there is an unknown pathogen involved but i lean towards believing that the real root contributor to the disease is manganese sulfate used as a pesticide on feed crops for the animals (as well as crops for human consumption).

In normal protein function a polypeptide first exists as a shapeless coil and then amino acids act on the polypeptide to form a three dimensional functional structure. A failure to properly fold results in a protein which is ineffective at best and at worst a toxic prion.

A prion or proteinaceous infectious particle is an infectious protein. It is infectious by virtue of the fact that it transmits its improper folding to healthy polypeptides and initiates a deteriorating chain reaction. There is no actual replication of the protein itself but simply convinces healthy protein structures to join its revolt.

The normal protein type called PrPC naturally binds copper and copper has a highly important function in the proper folding of proteins, when manganese toxicity occurs, the manganese shows an ability to begin replacing the copper. The manganese infiltrated proteins then can no longer fold properly resulting in anomalous prions. Cattle who have died of prion diseases have been found to have ten times the normal level of manganese and half the amount of copper as a normal, healthy animal. The replacement of copper with manganese is a condition which develops more rapidly in a creature who is already copper deficient so that those who are naturally lower in copper are more prone to prion disease. The ruling bloodline families are known to have higher copper than the general populace and so it is a reasonable question to ask how much of a coincidence that is.

Copper is a metal of energy conduction whereas manganese is a metal of energy storage. EM energies which would normally pass through proteins are then trapped within them, eventually resulting in an overload and micro-explosive reactions.

It is interesting also that manganese is a sound sensitive metal which can store sound as well as being metamorphic in the presence of sound. It would seem that for an improperly folded protein to become an infectious type of prion, the manganese does not only need to be present, but "turned on" by certain sound frequencies, particularly ELF which as we know can be and are produced by HAARP technology.

It is no secret that the Global Controllers are very adept in occult knowledge and use it in all areas of their control grid. Manganese has been known for ages as the metal of dark occult forces in alchemical study and as the metal of mania. In the 1800s manganese was used in the process of steel making and those who worked with it began to show a high proportion of Parkinson's disease. Retrovirus reverse transcriptases also contain manganese.

I do not think it is impossible that by way of toxifying the environment and food sources with manganese pesticides and activating that toxicity with technology like HAARP the elite might intentionally produce plagues of prion disease in the global population. Making certain that the public remains unaware of what the root causes of such diseases are will leave what they do to perpetuate this untraceable to them.

Perhaps the future is not written in stone and people do have the ability to act on what they have knowledge of to change at least some small part of what evils wicked men would do to them.
Really interesting information..and a logical conclusion. Manganese+HAARP is an excellent and difficult to detect way to depopulate as well as producing mind control possibilities.

i just have to say are a NERD sir...:)
according to -

nerd also nurd (nûrd)
n. Slang
1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person.
2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.


perhaps i assume that you mean the second. that might technically be true. single minded in some things but socially inept?
interesting stuff about John Titor. his time machine seems actually workable, though it's situated in a vehicle. kind of Back to the Futurish. here is a site that has some material on him -

be careful what you eat i say. no resurrection burgers.

according to the 1950 Dr Seuss book "If I Ran The Zoo" (which i consider to be an authority on many things) this is a nerd -

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