Whether or not you believe that entities of an extraterrestrial nature are making contact with humans on Earth, it is difficult to not notice how much more the subject is coming up in all areas, from entertainment to serious claims of scientists and government officials. there should be no doubt, at least, that creatures which come from outside of Earth is a subject which those who are directing the flow of society and opinions want people to think about.

many dates have been predicted about when there could be some sort of public disclosure from governments to citizens about the existence and contact with extraterrestrials. i do expect such a thing to happen, but i do not expect it to happen the way most others do who are expecting it. i expect no announcement from leaders to shocked citizens watching their televisions in disbelief as perhaps Obama or some other nation's ruler introduces an alien standing next to him to the world. what i see happening and what i believe we will continue seeing is a steady progress of small disclosures, first by less mainstream scientists and then gradually more mainstream ones along with events which are witnessed by people in various places of more and more frequent unexplainable events coming from the heavens.

by such a time that a world leader would openly introduce or announce extraterrestrials to the world, people will no longer be shocked. they will be already aware and prepared for the introduction. that is what this time is for the rulers of the world and their allies, who are fallen angels. it is a time of gradually preparing the masses as is always done when they choose to introduce any new condition to humanity. now is perhaps the perfect time for the first words from heavenly realms to reach the ears of humans, even if it remains a carefully controlled rumor.

Last year NASA explained away metallic objects which could be seen orbiting the sun on their SOHO live feed. a police officer attempted to chase tall blonde humanoids at the site of a crop circle formation only to be outran at beyond 50 mph. Israeli military officials earlier this year reported contact with similar tall blonde extraterrestrials who identified themselves as being such. witnesses in various states in the Midwest region have reported several instances of seeing huge fireballs of blue or green which so alarmed them that they reported a possible missile attack on more than one occasion.

On April 5th Intelsat's Galaxy 15 satellite stopped responding to commands. a solar flare is blamed for destroying the satellite's ability to receive communication even though it has continued in its orbit and its C -band telecommunications is still functioning. this piece of equipment can potentially take over the signals of other satellites and it leaves questions as to what would stop it's ability to receive commands as it otherwise is fully functional, now especially, since something strange has gone wrong with another piece of space technology since the Galaxy 15.

Voyager 2, an unmanned space probe launched in 1977, was sent to explore the far reaches of the solar system with a message on board. this message is called the Golden Record. this is a collection of recordings of sounds and images from diverse cultures of life on Earth and are intended to be found by extraterrestrials.

someone has perhaps answered the greeting because on April 22 of this year began sending back strange messages which scientists say they are not able to decode. a German scientist named Hartwig Hausdorf is convinced that Voyager 2 has been intercepted by extraterrestrials and is sending back data from them. the space probe is otherwise functioning properly, just as Galaxy 15.

NASA will almost surely provide an explanation which has nothing to do with the possibility that non humans have responded through Voyager 2. maybe it is an interesting time to consider what the word nasa means in Hebrew and Chaldean.

nasa - to lift or carry away.

nesa - carry away, make insurrection

nasha - (identical Hebrew spelling to nasa minus one vowel point difference) to lead astray, seduce, beguile, deceive.

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Weapons bans in space too?

"Aerospace expert and astronaut create treaty for peace in space

Aerospace consultant, Dr. Carol Rosin, announced today at the International UFO Congress a proposed treaty she developed with her colleagues, including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, to keep space free of weapons.

3/2/11 Update:

Astronaut and Aerospace Experts Introduce New Space Treaty

Proponents of the banning of space-based weaponry have drafted a Treaty which will ban space-based weapons and acknowledges the existence of extraterrestrial cultures.

Dr. Carol Rosin released the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011 during her presentation at the International UFO Congress held last weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona to a standing ovation. Dr. Rosin, an aerospace consultant, drafted the Treaty along with Dr. Scott Jones, a former senior aide to U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell, Apollo astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Boeing executive Abe Krieger, and retired naval Commander Will Miller...."

Official ET Disclosure? --> "NSA Document Admits ET Contact"

“Disclosure, pure and simple. They aren’t making any fanfare about it, but there it is. They have just made open disclosure.”

E.T. Phones Thailand and Picks Up the Tab for the Call

KAO KALA, Thailand—Everybody from fund managers to jet-setting diplomats is talking about the world's center of gravity shifting to Asia. Now, extraterrestrials appear to be taking notice, too.
Trackers in Colorado at the Mutual UFO Network, one of the oldest unidentified-flying-object research organizations in this world, say that since the slump of the Western banking system in 2008, UFO sightings among Asia's fast-growing economies have accelerated. Suspicious UFOs have shut down airports in China, buzzed resorts in Borneo and lit up the night sky in Myanmar.
All of that is dealing a fresh blow to the prestige of the U.S., which, as the DreamWorks animated movie "Monsters vs. Aliens" observed, "is the only country aliens ever seem to visit."
"It's not surprising, really," says Debhanom Muangman, a 75-year-old Harvard-educated physician and one of Thailand's leading UFO investigators. "Aliens have been coming to Asia for decades, but now they sense a change. This is where the progressive countries are, so they are coming here much more often now."
Extraterrestrials first hit the public imagination in a big way in Thailand in 2006, when villagers in the rural northeast found discarded fever-cooling gel packs and mistook them for visitors from outer space. One woman told local newspapers she cooked a gel pack and served it to her children in the hope that it would make them more intelligent.
In Nakhon Sawan province, 160 miles north of Bangkok, scores of UFO enthusiasts now regularly camp out on a hill known as Kao Kala, which they regard as a kind of Stargate to another dimension. It's a diverse group, including medical students, interior decorators and a soap-opera actor who goes by the name Pete.
On a recent evening, devotees wearing necklaces depicting alien portraits trooped to the top of the hill to harness extraterrestrial energy to treat illnesses by laying on hands, or to meditate before a statue of Buddha. Periodically, people jumped up with video cameras when planes or other, less obvious, light sources appeared before settling in for a night of chanting.
"The aliens have been coming here to Kao Kala for at least 10 years," said Dusadee Prasomsuk, 39 years old. "When we meditate we can understand what they're trying to tell us—we feel it through our bodies and we understand."
Regardless of whether aliens exist, the slew of sightings is providing yet another measurement of how the world is changing as Asia becomes wealthier and more successful.
Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in California, uses radio telescopes and other advanced equipment to scour the universe for signs of intelligent life. He reckons the growth of Asia's economies is one of the primary factors contributing to more and more UFO sightings.
"I ascribe this simply to two things," Mr. Shostak says. "The greater reach of TV, which means that more people have seen television specials dealing with UFOs, and the widespread availability of the Internet, which allows people who would formerly describe strange sightings to their neighbors to now send me an email."
Dr. Debhanom in Thailand, for instance, says he saw his first UFO in New Hampshire when he was training to become a doctor in the 1950s. When Dr. Debhanom returned to Thailand he heard about many more sightings as the country went through its economic boom of the 1980s and 1990s and media networks expanded to include cable TV and, more recently, the Internet.
Still, these aren't American-style alien encounters. The aliens that Thai researchers say they have encountered bear little resemblance to the typical creatures depicted in Hollywood films, which have included resource-grabbing monsters or eerily calm, environmentally friendly creatures.
The aliens that allegedly visit Southeast Asia tend to have a rather different view of the universe, following Buddhist precepts such as reincarnation and greeting one another by cupping their hands together in the shape of a lotus flower.
After years of trying, Dr. Debhanom says he finally made contact with bona fide aliens one morning at 2 a.m. in 1996. Surprisingly, he recalls, they called him on the phone, using an ordinary land line.
"They said they were from Mars and spoke a strange version of Thai. They also said not to worry about the phone bill," Dr. Debhanom recalls.
Since then, he reports that aliens often have contacted him with warnings about where they will appear, enabling Dr. Debhanom and other researchers to report a series of UFO sightings. Their conclusions: Aliens are typically slightly taller than humans, communicate telepathically and sometimes are accompanied by pets resembling hairless dogs.
One alien visitor calling itself "Kai"—the Thai word for chicken—often visits to warn of natural disasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami or political upheavals that could affect Thailand's economic progress, Dr. Debhanom says. Kai previously presented himself as Eddie to U.S. authorities at Area 51, the famously secretive U.S. military base in Nevada, while he told officials in the former Soviet Union to call him Ivan, Dr. Debhanom says.
Other researchers have gone further. Several members of the Chansamnuen family in Nakhon Sawan province say they have managed to communicate with the aliens telepathically. It began with Cherd Chansamnuen, an army sergeant, who used to go into a trance and then begin speaking and issuing commands in a strangely altered voice.
"The air began crackling," says Thanyasak Patamatanasun, 39 years old, a member of the Kao Kala group who once attended one of Sgt. Cherd's attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. "Then an alien voice spoke to us through Sgt. Cherd and told us he was there to help human beings reach the next level of development."
Sgt. Cherd has since died, and his mission is now pursued by his three daughters. One of them, Wassana Chansamnuen, a 38-year-old nurse, says she, too, is able to enter a trance and receive messages from otherworldly entities.
Says Ms. Wassana: "Everybody can develop this ability."

"If aliens showed up at your doorstep, how would you say hello? The UN has a protocol for that."
"What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth? What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond? Consulting a cast of world-renowned scientists, survival experts and defense experts, this two-hour special, Alien Invasion explores this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out -- the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond. Well turn to science and history to figure out what works. Well show how humanity can survive this ultimate test"
Lol..but hopefully the "alien" wouldn't run for office. I guess you never do know though...

Barry L Brumfield said:
An extraterrestrial alien standing next to Obama on American soil would be ingeminate reduplication. Neither would have an American birth certificate, but I reiterate. B

"How would I respond to aliens showing up at my door? Like this; "the Lord Jesus, the Son of the living God rebukes you". Then I would pray for them, but would resist the laying on of hands."


Great answer Barry...i doubt the UN protocol would ever be so sensible. It is insane though....or maybe it makes perfect sense...that there is a publicizing of the fact that the UN Has a Protocol For That. That fact, and the little National Geo show are just two more examples of a public being primed to believe the big lie.

"No extraterrestrials will be coming, demons will be let loose from the bottomless pit and men will call them aliens in a vain attempt to prove there is no God and Genesis is a fairy tale"


True, and such is the nature of how people accept information from those who are supposed "experts", the information which is being released by such accepted and believed sources will move the idea of aliens completely out of the area of fringe speculation and into a place of common knowledge and belief, as so many other fairy tales have been embraced and so many truths have been dismissed.

could witness the gospel after calling on YHWH to bind and silence them.. then call on Him to rebuke them afterward.. telling the gospel of reconciliation to the enemy is the best way to love them i think.. even if they do look funny.

Tristran, Kathy sent me that same press release a few days ago, and i read it earlier today.. retty interesting, and it reminded me of this picture as well.


The witnesses said that they felt compelled to speak out about the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites and urged the U.S. government to finally reveal the facts to the American people.  [...] Hastings concludes, "...What we need now is a courageous government whistleblower to come forward with the facts, and some daring journalists willing to treat the story seriously and write about it."  


"Michio Kaku and Paul Krugman agree, we need the aliens to save the world
August 15, 2011
Print Version
Source: IntelHub - Cryptogon
Update: A new video from CNN has been released that openly admits this alien invasion would be FAKE! Are we being set up for a Project Blue Beam style false flag?
Dr Michio Kaku, renowned physicist, author and the apparent mouth piece for the scientific dictatorship that is the NWO, talks on the corporate media about the likely hood of an alien invasion.
Project Blue Beam is a very controversial subject and concerns the government carrying out a fake alien invasion to forward the agenda of creating their much sought after One World Government.
What better way to make the people surrender the last of their rights and freedoms then to be presented with an unbeatable enemy from another world??
The fact that Michio Kaku is on the corporate controlled media talking about it is enough to ring the alarm bells.
People watching this video and reading this quick article may well laugh at the mere suggestion of such a thing but i can tell you one thing, the elites that would carry it out sure as hell take it seriously.
And as ex Nazi and ex head of NASA once said …. “the last card, the last card we play will be a fake alien invasion”
Stay alert! Question everything!"

That's going to be their message precisely....i remember years ago when the first "insiders" came forward with their testimony about having had contact with the so-called aliens. They reported, either in their own ignorance or because they were pre-programmed with the lie beforehand, that the aliens gave them startling proof that they, themselves had invented the story of Messiah. This is like a multitude of things in the world when it comes to "proof". what people are willing to take for proof is the weak foundation of "expert" testimony...even if it flies in the face of basic observation. Fallen angels might have a lot of ability prove they know the ins and outs of genetic engineering...but let's face it, they can't claim to have created the Universe and everything in it and we can't ignore the basic observation that Someone did.


What's most powerful of all is that people Want to believe this crap....and that's usually the bottom line with the world and their logic...what they really like believing. No Creator = no accountability.

What a great big cost for such a tiny, insignificant thing. The need to be right..to be morally unaccountable..in short to be the big shot in one's own small world at the cost of never having known Real Love...Real Freedom and Real
Life. They don't know how sad it is that they can't just say "i'm a sinner and i
need a Savior".

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