I will say that are government has done some good in the past like when we helped the jews When hitler thought he was doing God a faver by bkilling the jews .And this country also has done other lord pleasing deeds as well in the past.But for now i see total rebellion even to the point of our president mocking the Lords words publicly.The video about islams prohet and the date all this happened is no shocker to me. am sure our government new and had this planed the hole time.Just like 911 it has been in our hand the hole time we carry the picture in our hand, time to time the 20 dollar bill.thats why our currency is where its at, not to mention all the unholy garbeg on the one dollar bill.And notice in the past every time this country has pressured Israel to surrender land for peace we get slamend with some of the worst tornados ,hurricains ,and earthquakes .And thats just why I use Jeramiah50:51 and Revelations 17:18 and Isaiah,13:13 and other scriptures that croos reference with them as well.Haven been a drug addict and drunk most of my teen life and adault life ,being heavly influeniced by music like slayer, lamb of god canable corps,morbid angile,and many others . I Know what being under the influenice of satan and the doctrine of demions and devils.It is all in americas famous entertament counducters, branched right pout of holly wood.I am glad that the lord woke me up and saved me and opend up my eyes .I dont go to church, most dont keep the sabbath and to many beleave in a rapture. I dont see god cutting a hole out of a ruff when there is a majour flood and saying[ come up hither],get it !Our country has it coming in a big way .And as far as the false prophet he will come in with flattering words .I belave some of the churches will fall right into it.The really meat of the word is the parts most dont wont to study.But back to the point the government controls religion as well.

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Speaking of the Holocaust...we might ask ourselves, did the US government or its allies ever do anything which was truly in the interest of helping the Jews and other victims of Hitler's government? Hitler was the figurehead of a venture to usher in the NWO with Germany at its lead. Other global interests were covetous of the technological and scientific means by which this was attempted and thus there was a motive that had less to do with humanitarianism than we like to believe.

If you haven't yet, check out the notorious "Operation Paperclip", in which the US recruited and brought over Nazi scientists to further classified military and intelligence research, some of which involved mind control.

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