The tactics of Yah's enemies are many, and perhaps ancient in design. The end times, and the eventual one world government/religion have been designed and plotted from days of old. When the time arises to declare martial law there will be excuses given out for the declaration. One excuse they will have to enter urban areas, invade homes, and terrorize the people will be in the name of law and order. They will claim to be searching for and trying to dismantle gangs. Modern American gangs may begin to be classified as terrorist organizations. A threat to national security. Many people are involved with gangs in someway or another during their youths, and grow out of it. But perhaps any ties to gangs, even in your youth may make you eligible to receive a ticket to Guantanamo Bay, or perhaps a FEMA camp. But if examined closely, we can find the premises to conclude that modern American gangs are not an urban phenomenon, but something that has been planned out, and introduced into society by the Illuminati, and the devil worshipping elite.
Consider this. Why do gangs, and fallen angels share many of the same symbols, and habits? Some examples are five point stars, six point stars, crescent moons, pyramids, strange crosses, and numbers. The pitchfork is depicted in pagan art many times. Both eastern and western. It is carries by Krishna, and also Neptune wields one. It is also the symbol of one of the largest gangs in the country, the Gangster Disciples. Gangs are known for their hand signs that they flash to people. They use these signs to indicate which gang they belong to. If one would consider pagan art again, notice all the "gods" who flash similar hand signs. Are we to believe some young men from the ghetto just happened to use the symbols of fallen angels to represent their gangs? Where did they even discover these symbols? When these organizations were supposedly made in the 70's there was no Internet access or any real conceivable way these guys could have stumbled upon these symbols. I don't believe gang leaders in the 70's were looking up ancient religions in the local library, and decided to use the symbols of these pagan faiths to represent their gangs.
Lastly I believe that the gang epidemic is getting out of hand, and has been since the 1980's. The government knows this, but never makes a serious effort to curve this. Instead they let depraved youth grow up in these conditions, join the local gang, and then commit sin, and end up in some federal or state correctional facility were they can be used for many things ranging from being guinea pigs for medical experiments to just a labor force. Sinning is cool in gang culture. If the government wanted to, they could wipe this problem out. Its just they don't want to. Gangs serve the NWO purpose quite nicely. And when the time comes, gangs will be one excuse they give to raid a home near you.
Psalms 25:6-7 - Remember,O YHWH, Your compassion and Your lovingkindnesses, For they have been from of old. Do not remember the sins of my youth or my transgressions; According to Your lovingkindness remember me, For Your goodness' sake, O YHWH.

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it is true that the CIA brings nearly all of the drugs sold on the streets into the country and it would then also make sense that they have been behind the setting up of street gangs which they can then use to tear down communities and help get residents hooked on the drugs that they distribute to the gangs and profit from them. the CIA was an occult orginization in origin so it is not surprising that gangs might have been initially introduced to occult symbols in this way.

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