Message From the Elite: "You Will Eat the Fodder We Feed You"

If you want to raise some livestock, it's necessary that you first put up a good fence or enclosure, next you'll want to control which animals breed with each other..and certainly of perhaps greatest importance is making sure they get the food you want them to eat. If you were an ethical farmer, you'd probably give the animals free range and let them feed at pasture...if your concerns were more selfish, you'd more likely keep them locked in close quarters and feed them cheap, unnutritious fodder and shoot them up with antibiotics and hormones to force their production level up.

As you gaze around your world, it might come home to you that you are, in fact, the livestock kept for the use of the elite power holders of the world. Your masters aren't ethical farmers either...they are greedy and prone to "livestock abuse". They have fenced you into the small, unnatural enclosures of urban dwelling, piped in toxic water for you to drink, and put in place a grid to surveil your every action. Far be it from those who think of everything where their cattle are concerned to neglect to be assured that you are provided with the fodder that they want you to have. A cheap, unnutritious diet which they will be happy to add to their regimen of antibiotics and vaccinations which you, their farm animals, are prescribed.

The idea of livestock having access to anything they'd want to eat is ridiculous of course...sheep are dumb, they might decide to dine on something poisonous. The question is, do you consider yourself a sheep or a human being? If you are a human being, i might assume that you have enough intelligence to make choices between consuming what is dangerous and what is healthful, and even if i were wrong in my assumptions, i would still have to afford you the right to make a choice because it's simply wrong to impose what i feel is best for you on your person by force. If the government powers that mandate laws on food safety felt that you were a human being with the natural right to make those choices...this would be a vastly different country, maybe even one approaching something like "free", but alas, they count you as livestock.

To bring into focus the disturbing reality of "their" view of you...consider raw milk. Most people have been raised up on a repetition of argument for the pasteurization process. Children are informed in school and tend to believe for the duration of their lives that this process is what ensures milk is clean enough to drink, so one doesn't catch some "nasty bug" from drinking the raw product. In the growing awareness of healthful, natural living, however...some have come to realize that when they have access to consuming raw milk, their health is greatly improved. Ailments which have plagued them their whole lives disappear, they stop needing to visit a doctor and they generally get sick less often. For this reason, there is a growing would-be market for raw milk. I say "would-be" because the sale and distribution of raw milk is illegal in many states and if the government had its way, it would be illegal in all 50.

From it's growing popularity has come serious irritation from the "Masters of the Herd"...they can't have their livestock learning that there are better ways to eat and live than what they have provided and so the raids have begun. You might expect that some viciously evil criminal bent on causing death and mayhem had been apprehended if you witnessed on of these raids....complete with swat teams and armed officers...but the "criminals" have been no one of greater threat than small farmers, often Amish farmers. The charges are flimsy...even if you feel inclined to uphold a law against the sale and distribution of raw milk, it is mostly the case that these small farmers are only serving the raw milk to their own families or giving it away to neighbors and friends...neither of which are illegal.

In one such incident in which an Amish farmer was raided, the officials proclaimed "We have credible evidence that you are involved in interstate commerce." The said "credible evidence" was not explained and amounts to hearsay as a justification for the raid. What's the law though to those who are above it? If the law can't get the job done..just weasel around it...can't have the sheep feeding on open pastures.

In another incident it was shareholders in a dairy farm and the operators of said farm who came under fire. In the case of shareholders, people pay to have shares of dairy cows which they then can take milk from for their own use. No sale of milk is actually taking place..but still, something must be done...livestock are getting something other than their prescribed fodder. Here is the description of the event by one of the shareholders:

""I was placing empty bottles in carriers when I noticed a Cincinnati police cruiser moving through the parking lot slowly toward the trailer. Another cruiser followed. Officers moved toward the cow-share owners and told them not to pick up the milk that had already been set out, and actually moved in to prevent members from picking up the milk."

Out of several unmarked cars emerged men in plain clothes who "gathered near the tailgate of the trailer," Miller says. Only one would identify himself, an agent of the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture (ODA), she says. Other agents were there from the Kentucky Public Health Dept. and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Joanne Miller thinks there were about eight agents there, plus the four Cincinnati police. As the agents began confiscating the milk both from the truck and from a few shareholders, and loading it into an ODA van, she says, they told objecting shareholders, "What's happening here is not your concern.""

People who feel that human beings are human beings and therefore have the intellectual capacity to choose their own foods are fighting back. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit stating that the ban on raw milk is fundamentally unconstitutional...which it surely is if we are to accept that in the definition of the pursuit of life and liberty and happiness includes choosing what one wishes to eat or not and that the control of the health of one's own body is not just a right afforded by constitution but afforded by the very definition of being a human being, made in the image of the Creator. The FDA's response to the lawsuit, though cleared up for anyone still guessing about where they stand in the structure of society according to the ruling controllers...with no attempt at a sugar coating. Here is their response:

""Plaintiffs' assertion of a new 'fundamental right' to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law." [p. 4]

"It is within HHS's authority . . . to institute an intrastate ban [on unpasteurized milk] as well." [p. 6]

"Plaintiffs' assertion of a new 'fundamental right' under substantive due process to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law." [p.17]

"There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food." [p. 25]

"There is no 'deeply rooted' historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds." [p. 26]

"Plaintiffs' assertion of a 'fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families' is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish." [p. 26]
FDA's brief goes on to state that "even if such a right did exist, it would not render FDA's regulations unconstitutional because prohibiting the interstate sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk promotes bodily and physical health." [p. 27]

"There is no fundamental right to freedom of contract." [p. 27]"

In case the full weight of their message didn't fully digest in your mind...meditate on this for a moment: "Plaintiffs' assertion of a 'fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families' is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish."

In other words...the government gavel has dropped on the matter and it has been ruled that you are far too ignorant and degenerate a creature to have control over your own health, the foods you wish to eat and those you don''s not your's theirs. Don't for one minute believe that anything else is meant to be sent here other than "You Belong To Us".

The only question left to be asked is why the controllers of your person would wish to keep things like raw milk out of your hands. Taking a look at some other things they want to keep out of your hands might explain a lot. Codex Alimentarius...the devil of food and safety laws which sadly went without nearly enough attention from people as it loomed closer to reality in the last couple years, was recently implemented by Obama when no one was looking.

To explain Codex Alimentarius briefly...this abomination defines anything which could remotely have an effect on your health a "drug"...and so includes everyday vitamins, minerals and natural herbs that might grow in anyone's back yard. Since these things are now're not allowed to have them without a prescription..even as a food source. To ensure that you will not be getting those dangerous vitamins in your foods they will mandate irradiation of all foods you can purchase and a widespread use of GMO products so that vitamins and minerals can be kept at such low levels in your food as to be negligible.

The problem is that vitamins are not just good for you...they are absolutely necessary for survival. Just try living without consuming any vitamin C for a while and find out what occurs. First you will have hangnails and cracked lips, then you will have spots developing on your skin and bleeding from your mucus membranes, eventually you will have large open sores and begin loosing your teeth and at last, you'll die....but i wouldn't really recommend taking the experiment that far. The cure? Eat an orange.

It just so happens that raw milk has such a powerful potential for healing in the human body that to allow it's sale and distribution widely would revolutionize the health of the populace. People would suffer from far fewer ailments which are simply taken for granted as being "normal" and good reasons to go see a doctor. The pharmaceutical industry would take a large financial hit...but the most sinister of reasons is that the elite would lose valuable ground in their attempt to cull their herd. Depopulation is the holy grail of agendas on the elite's to-do list.

These are some of the benefits which are denied people who have only pasteurized milk to drink:

Raw milk is will get sick much less often with a diet including raw milk.

It is actually Fights Cancer..

It is easily digested...people who are lactose intolerant are so because the milk they drink is pasteurized and no longer has the appropriate enzymes to aid digestion of the milk.

It prevents tooth decay....who needs fluoride?

Raw milk raises your metabolic functions, fights obesity and helps build muscle.

It drastically improves asthma conditions and fights insulin resistance in diabetics

If this world, this society and its governing made sense..if it is organized for the good of people and not for their harm...we would see this product promoted, not banned. We would see farms run the old fashioned way...ethically..with clean and natural conditions which produce healthy animals and thus healthy milk. Instead we have a society which promotes giant agribusiness...encourages the use of chemicals, antibiotics and steroids...cramped living conditions and poor nutrition which then produce sickly animals and thus filthy milk which is sanitized to be drank, dead microbes and all.

But what can you expect for real cows when human beings are farmed in a like manner?

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Not Just this country either::

Canada passes Codex food law that permits police to trespass, seize private property without warrant

NaturalNews) The Canadian Parliament recently passed its own form of legislation S. 510, the draconian U.S. "food safety" bill that threatens to eliminate the freedom to grow, sell and buy clean food. Bill C-36, deceitfully branded by the Canadian mainstream media as a "consumer protection" law, is actually part of the larger CODEX Alimentarius food tyranny plan. It eliminates the law of trespass and allows Canadian police to invade private property and confiscate whatever they wish without a warrant.

Massive outcry from natural health product companies and consumers killed several previous versions of Bill C-36, including C-52 and C-6. Proponents of the new bill say it will protect consumers by banning the producing, importing, advertising or selling of any products that pose an unreasonable danger to consumers. But in actuality, Bill C-36 is nothing more than the same affront to health freedom that the previous versions were.

Passed on December 14 by the Canadian Senate, Bill C-36 allows government authorities and health inspectors to invade personal property and arbitrarily confiscate any items deemed "unsafe". It completely bypasses all existing privacy and confidentiality laws that protect citizens from such unlawful interference, and restricts citizen access to courts for due process in such matters. And perhaps worst of all is Canadian citizens are now considered guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty as has long been the standard.

Several Canadian Senators, including Elaine McCoy, Josephy Day, Celine Hervieux-Payette, George Furey and Tommy Banks all spoke out against the bill as a violation of civil liberties. Banks even told the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) that the bill "is undoing 400 years of common law."

In accordance with CODEX Alimentarius guidelines, Bill C-36 will harmonize Canadian law with international law and trade restrictions concerning food. So whatever outside groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) decide concerning food safety will now hold sway over Canadian law.

Learn more:

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally

Cite interstate commerce violation

A yearlong sting operation, including aliases, a 5 a.m. surprise inspection and surreptitious purchases from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, culminated in the federal government announcing this week that it has gone to court to stop Rainbow Acres Farm from selling its contraband to willing customers in the Washington area.

The product in question: unpasteurized milk.

It’s a battle that’s been going on behind the scenes for years, with natural foods advocates arguing that raw milk, as it’s also known, is healthier than the pasteurized product, while the Food and Drug Administration says raw milk can carry harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

"It is the FDA’s position that raw milk should never be consumed," said Tamara N. Ward, spokeswoman for the FDA, whose investigators have been looking into Rainbow Acres for months, and who finally last week filed a 10-page complaint in federal court in Pennsylvania seeking an order to stop the farm from shipping across state lines any more raw milk or dairy products made from it.

The farm’s owner, Dan Allgyer, didn’t respond to a message seeking comment, but his customers in the District of Columbia and Maryland were furious at what they said was government overreach.

"I look at this as the FDA is in cahoots with the large milk producers," said Karin Edgett, a D.C. resident who buys directly from Rainbow Acres. "I don’t want the FDA and my tax dollars to go to shut down a farm that hasn’t had any complaints against it. They’re producing good food, and the consumers are extremely happy with it."

The FDA’s actions stand in contrast to other areas where the Obama administration has said it will take a hands-off approach to violations of the law, including the use of medical marijuana in states that have approved it, and illegal-immigrant students and youths, whom the administration said recently will not be targets of their enforcement efforts.

Raw-milk devotees say pasteurization, the process of heating food to kill harmful organisms, eliminates good bacteria as well, and changes the taste and health benefits of the milk. Many raw-milk drinkers say they feel much healthier after changing over to it, and insist they should have the freedom of choice regarding their food.

One defense group says there are as many as 10 million raw-milk consumers in the country. Sales are perfectly legal in 10 states but illegal in 11 states and the District, with the other states having varying restrictions on purchase or consumption.


Many food safety researchers say pasteurization, which became widespread in the 1920s and 1930s, dramatically reduced instances of milk-transmitted diseases such as typhoid fever and diphtheria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no health benefit from raw milk that cannot be obtained from pasteurized milk.

Acting on those conclusions, the FDA uses its regulatory powers over food safety to ban interstate sales of raw milk and has warned several farms to change their practices.

According to the complaint the FDA filed in court, the agency began to look into Mr. Allgyer’s farm in late 2009, when an investigator in their Baltimore office used aliases to sign up for a Yahoo user group for Rainbow Acres’ customers, and began to place orders under the assumed names for unpasteurized milk.

The orders were delivered to private residences in Maryland, where the investigator, whose name was not disclosed in the documents, would pick them up. By crossing state lines the milk became part of interstate commerce, thus subject to the FDA’s ban on interstate sales of raw milk. The court papers note that the jugs of milk were not labeled - another violation of FDA regulations.

Armed with that information, investigators visited the farm in February 2010, but Mr. Allgyer turned them away. They returned two months later with a warrant, U.S. marshals and a state police trooper, arriving at 5 a.m. for what Mr. Allgyer’s backers called a "raid," but the FDA said was a lawful inspection.

The investigators said they saw coolers labeled with Maryland town names, and the coolers appeared to contain dairy products. The inspection led to an April 20, 2010, letter from FDA telling Mr. Allgyer to stop selling across state lines.

He instead formed a club and had customers sign an agreement stating they supported his operation, weren’t trying to entrap the owners, and that they would be shareholders in the farm’s produce, paying only for the farmer’s labor.

Customers hoped that would get around the FDA’s definition of "commerce," putting the exchange outside of the federal government’s purview.

The FDA investigators continued to take shipments, though, and last week went to court to stop the operation.

Ms. Ward, the FDA spokeswoman, didn’t say exactly why they targeted Mr. Allgyer’s farm, but that violations generally are determined either by FDA investigations or by state-obtained evidence.

Pete Kennedy, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, said undercover stings are not unheard of.

"It happens quite a bit. It’s almost like they treat raw milk as crack. It’s happened in a number of states, and at the federal level," he said.

His organization has sued to try to halt FDA enforcement, and the case is pending in federal court in Iowa.

Mr. Allgyer’s customers declined to talk about the operations, and when asked whether they knew what would happen to the farm’s distribution, they said they would have to wait and see.

One of those customers, Liz Reitzig, president of the Maryland Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, said she started looking for raw milk when her oldest daughter began to show signs of not being able to tolerate pasteurized milk.

She first did what’s called cow sharing, which is when a group of people buy shares in owning a cow, and pay a farmer to board and milk the cow. But Maryland outlawed that practice and she was forced to look elsewhere for raw milk, and turned to Mr. Allgyer’s farm.

"We like the way they farm, we love their product, it’s super-high-quality, they’re wonderful. It’s just a wonderful arrangement," she said.

"FDA really has no idea what they’re talking about when they’re talking about fresh milk. They have no concept - they really don’t understand what it’s like for people like me who have friends and family who can’t drink conventional milk," Ms. Reitzig said.


I read this headline, and my jaw dropped. I read the article, and my chin hit the floor when I read:"It's good," said worker Jiang Yao. "It's better for you because it's genetically modified." 


 China Genetically Modifying Cows To Produce Human Breast Milk

Updated: Wednesday, 08 Jun 2011, 7:54 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 08 Jun 2011, 7:54 AM EDT


BEIJING - Chinese scientists have genetically modified dairy cows to produce human breast milk, and hope to be selling it in supermarkets within three years.

The milk produced by the transgenic cows is identical to the human variety, with the same immune-boosting and antibacterial qualities as breast milk, scientists at China's Agricultural University in Beijing said.

The transgenic herd of 300 was bred by inserting human genes into cloned cow embryos which were then implanted into surrogate cows. The technology used was similar to that used to produce Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned by scientists, in Scotland.

The milk is still undergoing safety tests, but with government permission it will be sold to consumers as a more nutritious dairy drink than cow's milk.

Workers at the university's dairy farm have already tasted the milk -- and said it is sweeter and stronger than the bovine variety, according to Sky News .

"It's good," said worker Jiang Yao. "It's better for you because it's genetically modified."

The scientists have also produced animals that are resistant to mad cow disease, as well as beef cattle that are genetically modified to produce more nutritious meat.

The director of the research project, Professor Li Ning, said Western concerns about the ethics of genetic modification are misplaced.

"There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don't get enough to eat," he said. "It's our duty to develop science and technology, not to hold it back. We need to feed people first, before we consider ideals and convictions."

Dolly the Sheep was created at Geron bio-med/ Roslin Institute. I really never had any doubt that there was a specific reason this was done by this company or in this location. Roslin is the site of both  Rosslyn castle and chapel. Both of these places were built by one branch of my own family. If you've ever seen this place and know a bit about occult things, you can't miss the implications. It's become a real tourist interest ever since that ridiculous book / film The DaVinci Code. It's also led to a lot of speculation into my extended family, either in the direction of the outlandish claims made by the film or in a much less flattering (but sadly more accurate) way.

 I don't bother questioning that the cloning, genetic engineering and other such abominations going on with Roslin Institute have a direct correlation to occult motives. A lot of people might assume that GM is science and the occult is some sort of magic, but the line between those things is not at all so defined up close. It would be no surprise to me if occult motives form the foundation of all GM experimentation.

"Andrew Sinclair, Grail theorist, fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge and author of The Secret Scroll, recently wrote to The Scotsman, deploring much of what he calls "the monstrous Da Vinci Code" but claiming that the chapel’s complex carved symbolism refers to "many unfolding secrets of existence", including the double helix of DNA, and pointing to the biotechnology pioneers and cloners of Dolly the Sheep at the nearby Roslin Institute."


The Green Man - Rosslyn Chapel



angel bound upside down - Rosslyn Chapel

Oh poor Prodigal Son..he's a vegetarian...Lol. I can see him now..sobbing as an apple pleads with its big blinking eyes for him not to eat it.


Barry...fortunately shrooms looking at people is not often a sign they have been genetically modified. It's normal.

Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk


What other countries are producing the same?

See, a nice leg of lamb never has a face. This is why i don't trust vegetables.

Barry L Brumfield said:
Okay, Bean, thanks to your artwork, those among us that never eat anything with a face will now starve... I do  remember some shrooms that looked back at me just before I ate the last bite... I think that plane's ethylene dibromide nozzles are leaking again.

Bean said:

Do you fancy a jelly baby made from human DNA?

"Reports last week that researchers could be just six months away from producing the world’s first artificial meat, using thousands of stem cells bred in a laboratory, sent a wave of fascination around the world. Yet there is an even more ghoulish prospect ahead: the idea of eating artificial food made from humans.

This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatin from human DNA is attracting “increasing interest from research and industrial circles”, according to a new study by scientists from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The paper, published recently in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, revealed that successful experiments had been carried out in which human genes were inserted into a strain of yeast to “grow” large amounts of recombinant (genetically engineered) human gelatin..."

"In fact, human-derived gelatin is already in use by the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of certain pills and vaccines."

full article -

The word for this is: cannibalism

With Father there is clean, unclean, then abomination. The mixing of humans with the fallen ones being the ultimate in uncleanliness, the abomination.  Shrimp are also so unclean as to be an abomination.  Clean and unclean are not taught in the christian church, because so many teach that Jesus died to save you from the law, not from your breaking that law.  Even the clothes we were effect us.  Did you know that black as a color lowers your wave length?? I hear.  Do I understand it?? not quite But the smart people I know who do say I will feel better if I wear white, instead.  Its not as slimming but apparently I will be generating a higher frequency or some such thing I never knew  existed.  Pentacostals don't even tell you this



This is just one of many truths the church has lost , buried in the very Word they have beautiful covers and for that they carry in their handbag or leave in their cars to tote into a building, but never bothering to know about all that stuff that "does not apply to them" .

That God said so long ago, does not even register.  They have lost almost all truth, and replaced it with a plastic jesus, why not have plastic meat too?  Joel said the end times hunger would be for knowledge from the Word.  The world is starving itself to death.

If tampered with genes automatically nullifies one's ability to be saved... i very much doubt anyone could be saved. Not only is the world a melting pot of bloodlines but now there are new and interesting ways to mess with someone's genetic code After their conception.


Genetically Modified foods, for example, are able to literally alter the DNA in the cells of the person consuming them. Furthermore... those aren't just changes which affect the individual who ate the GMO product, but their future generations as well. Some similarly effective contaminates are used in chemtrailing as well.


The only blood that's going to count, in the end, is the blood of Yahushua,


Those that wildly speculate on the genetic inheritance of the Right to be saved have forgotten that they, themselves, never had a right to be saved. It's always been an unmerited mercy.


As far as "junk" DNA goes...some might have forgotten to take another matter into consideration with that. Mankind is a fallen race who live in fallen flesh. The incorruptible resurrected body of believers will be perfect. Consider that this so-called junk DNA is simply parts of the genetic code which can not operate in fallen flesh. The fruit of the tree of life might just be the switch which turns these inactive parts on to cause the body to become what it was meant to be... immortal and incorruptible.

I don't think that the "contaminating" parts... in other words, genetic material that doesn't belong in the pure human person... is dormant. Those traits express themselves frequently and show no signs of being inactive.

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