Each time I log in I feel I am the only one about Correct?

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When I was a child I had a reoccurring experience with feeling as if I were outside of myself. It was always a fully waking experience, not in a state of half sleep or something. I would feel as if my spiritual self was somehow hovering just behind and over my body and I would feel much larger than the diminutive child I was. My hands would feel like giant paws engulfing the smaller hands of my physical self. This was not ever really frightening, but very surreal and odd.

At an older age, this experience took on a new level but it was induced. I can just recently recall those incidents with clarity. My parents or extended family members and family friends were always involved and I would be lying on my back as they put their hands over me. Their faces would seem to melt into frightful demonic forms but then I'd be taken out of that scene in spirit and would then find myself in a bright, white lit environment. Brilliant, stunning beings would be there, speaking in melodious voices, telling me about my purpose and future.

They would tell me that was a plan to bring heaven to earth, to save mankind and the world from its own base nature and that some were elected to be the protectors and ambassadors of that mission. I was told that I was born to be one of those who were to be a vessel of that divine power and that I would be ascended to become divine, myself. Also that I was a bit of unsculpted clay at that time and only through molding and shaping, which might be painful, would I gain my potential.

Th phrase "light bearers" was used to describe such ambassadors and I now understand exactly what that means and that it is utterly wicked.

I was also cautioned that one of my most solemn duties was to protect the sacred secret of this ancient and future mission at all costs and that failing to do so would be disastrous. The message, they said, would be ready to be received by the world at some specific future point, but until then, could not be spoken of outside of the company of others like myself.

I saw visions of a very idealistic future world where there seemed to be no end to happiness and harmony and I was made to feel very calm, relaxed and comfortable.

The incidents of seeing these beings did not end with the strange induced out of body experiences. I met them many times throughout my life and they would have instructions and guidance and warning to give. They were progressively less comfortable experiences as well, and some which would leave me altogether shaken.

I believed in this mission but I also knew that I was missing a lot of information. I was so accustomed to losing time that it didn't seem abnormal to me. If I did something that I didn't remember doing or a day seemed to be only 4 hours instead of 24 hours long, I had no way of understanding that this wasn't just the way everyone was. I did not have people in my life that would bring this to my attention. They were more invested in me not questioning that than I could have known.

I now have possession of many of those lost memories and it puts this whole thing into a completely different perspective than I had then. I now recall fearsome, hellish beings forming out of the bright, shining creatures that came to me. I remember threats and a more thorough explanation of what this whole mission was about. Love was not a part of it, but power and control very much were. There were parts of me that my normal, conscience mind did not share memories with, at that time. Some of those parts understood very well, the nature of this plan, at the same time my primary consciousness did not. Some of them hid the memories of extremely brutal childhood abuse that was used to make me forget these things, as well. Abuse perpetrated by adults who had vowed their own lives to this vision and mission.

The time has now apparently come that the message is being released. More and more I read the same themes coming from mediums, channellers, "light workers" and every faction of New Age and Universalist sources. They're very close to bringing that ancient vision into the world and they are preparing the people of Earth to receive it. What those who are accepting the message are missing is the full story of what this plan means and how they mean to achieve it. They want cooperation from people in their own destruction, to put it simply.

The "Light Bearer" is none other than Lucifer and the messiah that they will bring in to power to rule this new "golden age" is none other than the Antichrist. The enemy will offer a counterfeit of all the promises of the True Creator and this will deceive MANY people.

patricia hawyes said:

Thank you for caring reply. I would dearly love to hear the actual words that others have heard. I wrote a long reply to you this morning and then clicked on the reply button. Result no text. just to let you know that I am seeking a rationalisation for all so called paranormal experiences.  The bible states that in the beginning the word waas with God. I believe that anyone who believes that the big bang produced all the correct chemicals ready for life to occur accidentally needs their head reading. I believe that only life can give life and a billion billion years of waiting for an accident to happen is taking a wager too far. This beautiful world with all its wonders has to be a product of an exceptional  interlect who planned every stage of evolution until sentient life made itself apparent. To me evolution and creation are the two faces of the same coin.   We shall see what other wonders are similarly argued over. I throw the discussion over to others
Sinclair said:

"Do you agree that every religion believes they are the only ones who know the truth?  "

In the New Age, all religions are "right", except faith in Yahushua Messiah. Just the fact that there are so many choices tells you that this is a world full of wrong people, but that doesn't mean there isn't real truth and if we're after it, then we have to use something a bit more compelling than just a nice feeling that everyone is ok all by themselves. We know better. We're not ok by ourselves. Either Messiah was right or He was wrong but He is not just a nice guy with some nice ideas. If He's not the Messiah, then He's a liar.

God did not disown mankind, He sent His Son to save mankind and when man knowingly, willingly rejects what He's done to reach out with the truth and hope, we can rightly blame those who do that. The bible says that where there is no knowledge of sin, there is no sin. He's merciful and doesn't lay charge to the innocent but you and I have received the gospel. If we reject it, that's on us.

It's not hard to credit. Do we believe the gospel or not? There is no half stance.

"There is a plan and everything is going according to plan."

Everybody has a plan. YHWH has a plan, his enemy has a plan. I'm pretty familiar with the plan to usher in the New World Order. Yes, there is a plan, but the Creator of Heaven an earth has one that tops them all.

"I was transported to a place that felt like home. full of love."

We can be made to feel anything. We're pliable creatures. Don't discount the warning - Satan himself comes as an angel of light. God speaks to our thoughts, not our feelings.

"Are you saying that I am dreaming or was this a real event?"

I beieve you that it was a real event. I have had a lot of very real events not unlike it.

"  I feel the Buddhist beliefs are valid to a point.They are supposed not to kill but they do by letting nature drown a tied dog."

Yes, no common sense there, right? no compassion. fallen nature has no mercy but YHWH does and we are to have it also. Humans were given animals as food but for that very reason we're supposed to have compassion on what we have stewardship over.

The world is full of hypocrisy and a lot of that is found in Christian churches but churches and "Christians" are not God and they are not the Bible. We have to stop judging Him by the faithlessness of the world.

He IS exclusive. When there is only one medicine in all the universe that will cure you, how compassionate is it to be tolerant of the placebos and hand them out so everyone feels good and get their sugar pill?

" You seem to me to be brainwashed into believing  certain old scripts have more value than others ."
I have actually been brainwashed. Brainwashing was my entire life to a point and what I know now is that it hurts to come to the conclusion that you can't be good enough on your own, you're fatally flawed and you need God's help just as He provided it but when you reach out and take that gift, the truth, the REAL TRUTH sets you free. The Bible can not be of any value unless what it says is true and it says there is one way and His name is Yahushua. God doesn't disagree with Himself.

patricia hawyes said:

Do you agree that every religion believes they are the only ones who know the truth?  What you are saying is that a loving Father is disowning the majoity of mankind  That is hard to credit. I was told. There is a plan and everything is going according to plan. Do you agree with that? Whose plan? I was transported to a place that felt like home. full of love. then someone asked what was I doing there as my time had not yet come .  Go back you have work to do.  Are you saying that I am dreaming or was this a real event? I was brought up as a baptist with strict rules to live by. My grandmother used to take me to a different church or chapel every sunday to find a preacher she agreed with. So I have experienced a liitle of every sect plus catholic and Anglican churches. An eclectic mix.   I feel the Buddhist beliefs are valid to a point.They are supposed not to kill but they do by letting nature drown a tied dog. Muslims just recite the koran parrot fashion  and think they are buying Brownie points. They should not drink alcohol but they down it with gusto on the quiet.  I thought that once everyone saw the different points of similarity or differences we could together seek the truth. You seem to me to be brainwashed into believing  certain old scripts have more value than others .The dead sea scrolls were discovered in the recent past. How many more are still awaiting discovery?

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