I've been thinking about this diet again and was wondering what others have eaten on it for the firt step where I think you're only suposed to eat 30 or so carbs a day to detox and lose weight. Do you have to eat a bunch of meat and animal products for the first part of it to work? are there veggies that are low enough carb to eat on it for the first part for it to work mostly eating them? I've noticed the amount of carbs in milk and yogurt I buy and it's a good amount for the first part, it might only be a few things for a day unless I ate alot of hard cheese and cream and was wondering what others ate for it on the first part so it worked with very little carbs? Do the carbs in plain yogurt and milk matter? Do I have to count them? Will this mess up my body's metabolism if I eat low carb veggies but don't get the recomended calorie intake? Also in the ice cream I have there is organic carob bean gum and organic guar gum are those going to effect anything?

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i mean in the first part the ketogenic part so should i eat low carb veggies or just lots of cheese or what to fill up?

Meat is by far the best when it comes to filling up. You might find yourself pretty hungry just trying to use dairy and vegetables

so 30 carbs or so a day for a month for the first part basicly if i were to try it?
Prodigal Son said:

calorie counting is basically pointless in terms of trying to lose weight. In this plan, you particularly do not want to reduce calorie intake. It only leads to be hungry, weak and eventually malnourished. Dairy carbs count if you are counting carbs. You can't exchange carb count for calorie count.

Roughly, yes. I would not be terribly concerned with going over a little. If your main goal is weight loss, you will lose weight just by not eating grain. If your main goal is healing, then you can adhere more strictly to the restriction.


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