Why does this give me a bad feeling? It's certainly not the idea of easier access to these very important, ancient documents....but who's in charge of doing this and why. Google certainly has no history of being a hero of free speech or helpful in favoring the propagation of unbiased truth. They definitely have never had a reputation of supporting Christian values or interests.

The scrolls themselves are housed within the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. There's no question about the opposition of Rockefeller goals and Christianity in general. Quite a number of scrolls discovered at Qumran have never been made public and i highly doubt that will change now.

Google is solidly under the auspices of the NSA which is solidly in alignment with international globalists, as is all things Rockefeller. My concern is that what will become available to research on the internet will be adulterated intentionally for the purpose of misconstruing biblical truth to fit a secularized or Paganized ideology.

The digital version is already being touted as "better" than the original. One might automatically assume that "better" simply means more legibly clear, but out of the mouth of an official with Israel's Antiquities Authority comes the suggestion that theological doctrine itself might be changed by "new" discoveries in the Googled scrolls.

We should keep these things in mind and not be too quick to even believe what we can see if information becomes presented to the public by way of "new and improved" digital Dead Sea Scroll revelation.

The veracity of what gets shown on the internet in the way of images of the scrolls or translations of them are no less susceptible to alteration than your average picture in photoshop. The trustworthiness of any new information coming out of them is only as good as the trustworthiness of those making it available.

""For decades, access to 500 scrolls was limited to a small group of scholar-editors with exclusive authorisation from Israel to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of fragments, and to translate and publish them. That changed in the early 1990s when much of the previously unpublished text was brought out in book form.

But even now, access for researchers is largely restricted at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where the originals are preserved in a dark, temperature-controlled room.

Miss Shor said scholars must receive permission to view the scrolls from the authority, which receives about one request a month. Most are given access, but because no more than two people are allowed into the viewing room at once, scheduling conflicts arise. Researchers are permitted three hours with only the section they have requested to view placed behind glass.

Putting the scroll online will give scholars unlimited time with the pieces of parchment and may lead to new hypotheses, Shor said.

"This is the ultimate puzzle that people can now rearrange and come up with new interpretations," she said....

"The more accessible the fragments are the better. Any new line, any new letter, any better reading is a great happiness for scholars in this field," "


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giant dragons were spotted at Rockefeller Archaeological Museum on 6-6-66.. the dragons were perched on the roof of the building in Jerusalem.. here's a polaroid to prove it..

one digital picture is worth a thousand lies..

"This is the ultimate puzzle that people can now rearrange and come up with new interpretations,".. wow.. let the cat out of the bag why don't you Miss Shor?

isn't that what the controllers would like.. new interpretations.. new wisdom.. new revelation.. newly revealed hidden knowledge.. a faceted spike to wield against the shallowly rooted people who would accept any shiny side of the lie as long as the reflection showed them as gods..

a dozen years ago scanned microfiche fragments of portions of the scrolls could be found online.. needless to say that luxury didn't last for long.. sounds like now it will be a corrupt NIV type version of the DSS.. one where Yahushua is not YHWH.. i cringe at the thought of what "rearranging" and "new interpretations" will bring to those who view the "improved version" of the repackaged scrolls..

perhaps there will be "new scrolls" as well.. a major "new find".. a "final key" could be brought from the shadows to sparkle online as the new last word on the divinity of Messiah or perhaps the events surrounding His return..

it's not a pretty picture for anyone.. confusion and misconceptions will undoubtedly arise from this elite-funded "favor" to the people of the world.. hopefully there will be real scholars who will be willing to publish the truth about these inconsistencies when (i would say "if" but i just don't think this is an "if" situation) they are unveiled.

we should pray for not only the true biblical scholars' voices to well up and be heard but also for their protection in Yahushua in the dark days the shadows of these Rockefeller-financed scroll productions will cast.
"In terms of other dangerous information, I recently read this concerning the fact that the sound of ancient-babylonian music is being made available on the internet, for free. It mentions "even a magic spell" and "including an erotic hymn to the goddess Ishtar""

That is incredibly dangerous, as such things have real power and ability to draw fallen entities and cause real spiritual influence. many would happily persue looking into this i believe. spiritual experiences and power are very attractive to people and the source of it is often not an issue. people often foolishly convince themselves they will have control over what they meddle in.

"in connection with this new free information I read the following ... www.stevequayle.com
http://www.bbsradio.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=... don't know if this is dangerous information. However, as Cyprium's post mentions, this is more biblical information that is now available on the internet."

This information perhaps contains many truths, the danger is the certain prediction of when or how such things will happen. this person has no basis to know whether such things have already happened, if they are occurring now, in the near future or even years from now but states with confidence that "This is a huge heads up as the time of their appearing is HERE! " and "the Grand announcement THAT "WE ARE NOT ALONE" IS EMINENT!". statements like these result in certain expectation of those reading it, which will almost certainly be frustrated because this man does not make the statement out of knowledge but guessing. predicting future is never wise unless that prediction comes from YHWH Himself.
"The $3.5m. project will enable the IAA to use digital imaging technology that processes each piece with different wavelengths, giving researchers a unique view of the separate layers of each parchment and bringing to light sections of the fragments that have faded with time."

"..the infrared imaging will allow the researchers to see parts of the fragments that have turned black with age.."

"IAA hopes to start using the technology in two to three months, after which they will partner with Google-Israel to upload the images to the Internet."

(Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)

"Google will also help design a way to present the information that will include transcription, translations, and bibliographies."

"The first images will be available to the public in the spring of 2011, though it will take a long time for the IAA to scan the 30,000 fragments that make up 900 separate manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls."

"The accessibility to the public is one of the most exciting aspects for IAA.."


would the great excitement over the accessibility to the public be because there would suddenly be published, "incontrovertible" evidence that leads to acceptance of a false Messiah?
I am with you on the feelings. While I will be overjoyed to be able to see these . I have talked to scholars who have had the honor and never thought I would, since I am no scholar. I know that those who are in control of these items are not trustworthy. Therefor, I cannot possibly trust that this is going to turn out good.

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