Feed my sheep/witnessing to the coworkers ,people thet need to be feed the meat of the word with love and compasion .

I just wanted to say that I had the chance to witness to two coworkers this past friday at work, and it felt great. I gave solid meat of the lords word ,AND worte down the scriptures of revelations matthew24,mark13,luke19,and some other apocalyptic scriptures for them to study  for there self,and the wild thing was they receaved it with excitement.I honestly beleave that pepole/ the lost that are not really educated on the truth of what is really going on are hungry for it.Its the church that is not feeding properly and just teaching a load of garbage to the flock.Pepole are a lot more hungry then what some would thank.I beleave people are ready for solid meat ,it's  how we need to alow the Lord almighty to teach us how to aproch them with the write way of leading them to there own study,and searching for the holy spirit.And I fell Good blessed is the severnt that i find giving meat in do season.Hay I see the gifts that Yahweh is blessing me with.

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Thanks for reply on this tabitha.When the church i was in split and everyone went into there own seperit groups ,i found myself standing alone in the parking lot thinking to the lord saying now what , and i heard the lord tell my spirit start geting ready its going to happen more and more.Then i started seeking the scriptures for myself and started geting some reall revelations in the word.Then started sharing what i saw or what i beleived the scriptures where really saying about end times,then others got so offensive,I told them that the rapture wasnt going to happen ,and that the sabbath was not sundAY,and that america is the bowl judgment in revelations 17:18 Now i find myself alone . One old friend told me after taken time to listen to me talk.Said the only r es he would talk to me cause he new nobody ealse would ,and that rumer had it that a condem pepole .Then to finish off the conversation he said not having anybody to talk to because am to serious all the time cant be fun ,and that it has to be a very missureable place to be.Well i have come to find that play time is over The middile east hates this country more then ever before,and are money i fake,And the more time i have to myself the more and more i feel closer to the lord .When i read about the Prophets of old that got some of the best and most popular visons of the day,thay spent most of there time alone with the lord .Thay did not have time to guff off and play mikie mouse and daffy duck.Because thay recieved insite to the future that this generation is fulfilling today.Most christains cant eaven get past the 4th chapterof revelations because thay believe that when jhon goes in the spirt and it says comeup hither thats the rapture ,and thay dont need to be concerned any more about what the rest of revelations and what it talks about because it dont apliey to them, this is why many will be decieved.

And agian sorry for bad spelling, and poor sentence structure,I never made it to collage,and when i was 16 i got commited to the state.I then was put in a boys home that was severly strick.I also have bad history of durg abuse,whisky abuse.But mosses had a speach disorder ,and the lord still used him.

I have learned that the sheriffs and police force have been working with some pasters at some churches ,so when the government calls for martial law ,the pasters will get behind there pullpits and read some scriptures from romans and hebrews saying summint to the authoritys that have rule over you for thay watch out for your souls .Some pasters have been given tours to the FEMA camps by the police force there self .I woundered for some time when scripture said i will turn them into a snouge of satan what that was talking about ,now i do.Some of these churches are going to be all on board with the nwo,dont thinck they wont ,Even some of your close friends that you really thouth cared for you will turn on you.I sometimes just sit back and meditate on this type of thinking, it happend back in the bible days it will happen agian.Thats one more reasion am leaven this country ,to many people including christains are really not ready for what is coming ,thay are to bussy trying to stay in the game.In daniel11:30 talks about cyprus and how it will be one place that resist the anti messiah when he comes in with flatterys.thats where am going . I have learned the hard way that if people want to stay religously brain warshed let them ,if thay want to beleave that there government has there best intress for them let them beleave the lie,if they want to thinck that every thing there paster tells them behand the pullpit is true ,and dont search scripture for self,let them go into the ditch of biblecail retardation,it if thay think they will be raptured out and wont face death for there faith in christ,let them beleave that ,then when it comes they will give into fear of death at the time of persicution and wont stand .Me i read the scirptures for what it says and not for what i think thay mean,but for as it is written.Just imagen you go to church on a wensday night and your paster starts reading out of the matthew 24,mark13,and reads those scriptures all the way threw even up to when jesus gets delivered up .How many times have you ever heard that type of scripture brake down in the basilica?

  • yes it is reall messed up to think the church would support Fema.B ut these pepole have there kids go and look for easter eggs out in the front yard of church .I can say going threw the life stayle of doing drugs and listenig to heavy music .Having friends that would walk coffe out to the FBI while they where wacthing them.And puting myself in life and death situations back when i was living in sin, makes me bold for the lord now that i am saved .I really am ready to give my life up for christ, the sooner the better the way i see it this place is not my home.I will never summit my faith for the government buda,islam or any other false god .Set me on fire,blow my brains out, take my head of ,feed me to lions,or how ever it may seem fit to kill me ,the way i see it bring it on .I now where my future will be .My father dont raise cowerds .And i love my brothers and sisters in christ ,we need to realy search our selfs and ask are we ready for the fire that will try are faith ,even to the point of death ?

Hay tabitha i think it is good that you are honest about fear .And that for one to share like that is good stuff .In revelations21:8 it talks about the fear problem .Pain in the phyisical realm is what would cause most to give in .But if you ask the lord for strength in that area of your faith with him he will help.Most beleavers dont realy think of having to lose there life for the faith ,the rapture doctrine is what causes this deciption.Stay strong ,i some times fill like there is a war going on in side my head to .Its called spiritual warfare.I pray in my tunges and for others, and then thank the lord cause the victory is in the blood.

Tabitha said:

I will admit that I am squeemish and would probably give into the fear of death myself. I know this is bad. With the constant war in my head, it is even worse. One side of my brain is saying, serve IEUE and Jesus. You know what you believe is true. The other side is saying "This is a lot of childish garbage. That stuff is messed up. You can't possibly make someone happy by keeping it. It's all a mental illness" The truth is that I just want to make people happy, the one's I live with. I do not have the ability at the moment to stand on my own, but am capable of working. My beautiful project designed to be a therapeutic aid for the mind body, and spirit, from the Christian perspective, basically an Edenic spa that connects one to creation, doesn't need any certified people because there is no harm in it that can come, this I feel will just never take off because of the warring thoughts and the day to day living. It seems like every chance that comes up where I have an advantage, nothing ever happens, even when I feel the joy in my heart like something will. Leaving the country is not an option for me yet. I just long that this "Eden project" will be established some day. I feel so stupid talking about it because of what it involves and I have already lost a "little area" I had (wasn't actually supposed to have it the way I did though) and it like to broke me down. The whole thing just seems childish and stupid sometimes because "Whoever thought you could actually use a blackboard for any kind of intimate relaxation therapy?" It just seems so odd, but it is what I love. Just thinking about the possibility of it brings me joy inside. I don't think it's stupid. Neither do any of some of my friends I shared it with. There are just some who will not support things because it just don't seem to fit in the norm with them.

Concerning the churches, I do believe there is a possibility of some of them supporting FEMA. I also believe in the possibility of the return of the Nazi concentration camps this time to America. It is sick to think about it.

Hello Paul...great testimony :). If you can bring the Word to those who need it..that's really a gift from YHWH. Though we all have that duty...it's not an easy one. Anyone who is blessed with patience and the compassion to keep taking the Gospel to the lost has a real gift and sometimes what YHWH uses to impart that gift in His people is the ability to relate...to understand how "lost" the lost can really feel. You said it...He teaches us how to perform His will. We should all be eager students of that lesson.

On the churches affiliation with FEMA...it's absolutely true. In fact...we used to attend a chapel in our area that had two separate local campuses. One of the locations volunteered their campus as a FEMA training center for a period of time. When we heard that news...needless to say, we didn't return.

@ Tabitha
"I believe in a post tribulation rapture somewhat because the great multitude comes OUT of the tribulation washed clean. Believers will be hidden somehow during it though."

The bible says that believers will not see the Wrath...the day of His judgment on the earth. But as for the 7 years prior to it...we were given no promise that we would not be right in the thick of it. In fact..that's the major point told to us. Endure til the end. This is all temporary...we need to put our hopes on what is eternal now, before we are battle weary and in pain and ready to give up. He did not promise us a painless life...certainly not a painless tribulation...He promised us victory at the end in the Risen Savior.

"And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, [many] days.
Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.
And [some] of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make [them] white, [even] to the time of the end: because [it is] yet for a time appointed." - Daniel 11:33-35

"Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:
But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy." - 1Peter 4:12,13

I have to say you bro,and sis are talking the full word og yhwah now.Thats sound doctrine.

One day i was in my bed reading the bible, and i started crying ,this was years ago.And i felt this suppresion come over me and it came out i spoke in trivale,tonges .I dont know what the lnterpitation is .I konw that it is the holy ghost ,the devil cant understand it, but the lord can it is my one on one talk with him and its powerfull very powerfull.

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