it seems that now is a time when it is considered normal to be on drugs. nearly every person in the country either takes drugs daily or is willing to take them when told to by a doctor. few seem to care or want to know what sort of chemical combination they are putting in their bodies and what those things can potentially do to them, they are content to believe whatever is prescribed is safe, even if the drug label itself does not support that.

the same unconcerned ignorance seems also to apply to what people eat. no matter how filled with cancer causing additives, no matter how nutritionally worthless, no matter how it might damage the brain, if it tastes good, it is enough for average consumers.

it is maybe no wonder the majority is ignorant in matters of nutrition and drug use since those who represent the authority on these things to the public is an agency which does not operate according to any good reason when it comes to these things. the FDA has now decided that walnuts should be considered a drug when their health benefits are mentioned even though processed foods can be represented as healthy with no restrictions of this kind.

perhaps it could just seem silly and not something to be very concerned over, but this is only one small step of a trend following laws like Codex Alimentarius which restricts natural and food contained nutrients as drugs. the eventual result of these sorts of restrictions on natural nutritional sources means that eventually without prescription one will not be able to buy foods that contain vital nutrients that are necessary to support life. this result is no mistake, the FDA serves as an agency to further a goal toward depopulation. they have a great desire to see all people on drugs and no one with access to natural things which He has provided for the health of humanity.

"In its latest salvo against our health and freedom, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to Diamond Foods stating that
their claims for the health promoting qualities of walnuts have moved
them from a food to a drug. At the same time, it allows Frito-Lay to
advertise its health-destroying chips (crisps in the UK) as "heart

Here's an excerpt from the FDA's letter to Diamond Foods:

Based on claims made on your firm's website, we have determined that your walnut products are promoted for conditions that cause them to be
drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention,
mitigation, and treatment of disease. The following are examples of the
claims made on your firm's website under the heading of a web page
stating "OMEGA-3s ... Every time you munch a few walnuts, you're doing
your body a big favor.":

• "Studies indicate that the omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts may
help lower cholesterol; protect against heart disease, stroke and some
cancers; ease arthritis and other inflammatory diseases; and even fight
depression and other mental illnesses."

• "[O]mega-3 fatty acids inhibit the tumor growth that is promoted by the acids found in other fats ... "

• "[I]n treating major depression, for example, omega-3s seem to work
by making it easier for brain cell receptors to process mood-related
signals from neighboring neurons."
• "The omega-3s found in fish oil are thought to be responsible for the
significantly lower incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women as
compared to women in the United States."

Because of these intended uses, your walnut products are drugs"

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"the FDA is all about control of the masses and that psychology is on this bandwagon big time. However, the minute I mention that psychology or FDA or any branch of this mind enchantment is about control or if I even say NWO, I will be labeled as a nut case by my own family"

That's because the control is working...on a mass scale, and there is a flavor of it for every palate.

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