How would you deal with ear infections naturally? I may have one right now or in both ears but as a baby they gave tubes in my ears because it was chronic. I've seen these wax funnel like things you light at one end to heat them up and help melt the wax out or something? but it'd be cool to know entirely how to handle them naturally Father willing

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See your post on congestion. The tubes that run behind the ear canal can be infected from sinuses being infected, and those, in turn, infected by teeth that have issues. It's three problems with one root cause. I'm familiar enough with that effect. You can treat simple ear infections with warm garlic oil but this sounds like it isn't just an ear infection.

It is called ear candling... but really only removes wax build up. I do this treatment regularly on my little boy, and its helps his sleep and concentration, but no good for ear infections and can actually cause more harm than good and is a contraindication to the treatment.

Hope this helps

God Bless

p.s. check out the onion therapy for ear infections


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