In regards to dreaming or dreams experienced in sleep, most are taught to consider these things simply as the result of a bored mind remaining active while the body sleeps. Additionally, it is often explained that subconscious thoughts and desires are expressed, via collages of images and sounds that appear strange and indirect upon waking reflection, symbolic and cryptic.

In some respects, some or most of this is based in some kind of fact. It is true that there is knowledge a human being might have that does not surface in waking life in a completely on-the-surface sort of way. Also, one might indeed use dreaming as a venue for expressing the repressed in a round-about sort of way.  What is less mulled over is the spiritually-based nature of dreaming.

It can be argued that there is an actual "dream realm", one kind of spiritual realm that one participates in when they dream. It is not quite the same as if a person suddenly "fell" out of their body in waking life, but it is a legitamate disembodied experience, at least for the most part. I say "for the most part"- as there is still a connection of sorts, a component, or "tether" which links the spirit to the vessel via the third eye and through the endocrine system to keep basic functions going.

And then, there are those particularly interesting dreams. Vivid dreaming which are made extra "potent" possibly by a variety of things- a shared experience with one or more other, something demonically influenced, and other ways mysterious to myself at the moment. I myself have had a few instances of sleep paralysis in the past, as well as a several dreams which have been Extremely potent and different from "common" dreams in perhaps most ways. I would like to share one example, which has stuck with me, and left a very signifcant impression. I have a desire to share the events of this dreaming, and I must say, my reasoning for doing so is simply because it is such a wonder to me. I also open this discussion for all to share their more interesting dreaming experiences in life. As fellow believers in Him, it is possible there is some valuable knowledge or wisdom to be accumulated in some dreams, dreams which manifest at interesting times, with an interesting sense of impact to the individual.

Within this last year, I had one very vivid dream where I had traveled to an abortion clinic. I am in the clinic in spirit, without my vessel. I see a "doctor" preparing for one of those wretched "procedures", and am filled with dread. I attempt to stop the thing from happening  at one point by even going into the doctor's body, to posess him. I believe I succeed, and am inhabiting his body for a moment, before being compelled (for some reason I do not remember or understand) to leave him. Next I know, it is a bit later, and I see a woman who has just had the thing done to her. She is filled with regret, and weeping in her bed. I approach her, and she begins to perceive me, and asks who I am. I tell her that if she asks Messiah for forgiveness, she will have it.



I would be very interested to see any kind of input or own experience anyone has regarding interesting dreaming they have had. Blessings in the Name of Yahushua Messiah.



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I have had dream events in which I had a strong sense that I could be literally harmed and was unable to wake from the dream even though I came to a realisation that I was dreaming.

I was caught by some unfriendly "people", injected with something and taken to some manner of facility. Thankfully, a friend showed up in the dream and dispatched my captors and helped me wake.

It would be easy for me to hear this from someone else and figure that it was likely just a vivid nightmare but that sense that I would not be able to wake no matter what I did was unshakable. Some very strange things can be done through occult means to get to people without ever physically coming near them.

I don't doubt that Father in heaven had everything to do with that friend showing up in the dream. A continuation of the first event happened later to the friend who had appeared in the first.

Well, Scientology has a thing called “exteriorization” where the soul or person lives 3 feet behind their physical body.  Metaphysics calls it “Astral Projection” but this “Exteriorization” is nothing more than an old occult technique, where one would split a part of their mind and place it into a vehicle of energy, which was exteriorized from the person’s stomach or chest area.  This is an occult skill and is nothing that L Ron Hubbard came up with from the sheer force of his great mind.


This quote is from a website  I would rather not post a link to as there is so much rather graphic sexual content on it.  It is written by a man who is a part of the cult of hollywood and the covens so deeply established there.  This little comment about  spiritual realms was an answer to a question I had.  I knew that often, in my own space outside my body when I sensed the One Spirit I do seek, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, I sense Him to be right behind me to the left of my body.  Somehow peering over it whispering in my ear when to move, when to stay and so forth.


We all carry with us our spirits.  Both good and not so, and some that even may be seeking to be good and have not quite found it yet, kind of like us all.   As you noted, we do carry into our dreams the "problems of life" and there we do "work on things".  Its a fact of who we are as flesh people that we have ties to the spritiual realm.  Some "cultures" actually open up doors into those realms artificially.  That is the basis for Monarch and other not quite as " official" choices that people have made throughout time.  Some families have traditions of downloading spirits into the body and then where does that initial soul go?  The answer : into that spirit realm about 3 feet behind our bodies.  I think that is the extent of the space measured in the physical, but almost infinite in the spiritual plane.


Its a dimensional look at this place we call earth.  Many dimensions surrounding the spark of life incased in this flesh and sometimes filled with spirits desiring to influence you, whether for good or ill, is why we are told to ALWAYS test the spirits.

I usually have weird or bizarre dreams. Or dreams of infatuations I've had in the past, and when I wake up I remember how I felt about them, it seems so real. Of course it's not really significant because when I think of them now, I can't remember the feelings. I'm also married, and struggle a bit with it, so perhaps my mind is trying to conjure up a fairytale. I've had some really disturbing dreams too, where there have been killings. Some dreams have been so wonderful that when I wake up I want to go back to dreamland. Don't recall having any spiritual dreams though, wish I could have those dreams where God actually talks to me. 

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