of all things that the controllers have done to mankind to hurt them and kill them and debase them, nothing compares to the tragedy of abortion. since the decision in 1973 called Roe Vs. Wade 50,000,000 abortions have been reported in the United States. because of privacy laws only half or possibly less than half of all abortions are reported, which makes the count of murdered infants since that time 100,000,000 or more.

that is 100,000,000 lives which never were lived. is society so depraved now that knowing a hundred million lives were ended is not enough to be horrified? do those who call themselves pro-choice ever seek to know what is being mutilated and destroyed in a procedure called abortion? are they willing to look at the remains of what they call a fetus and say without any affect that they are not looking at the body of a child?

it seems to not matter to most that there is a clear reason why such abominable organizations like Planned Parenthood exist, who's own founder was an outspoken eugenicist who proposed plans such as fooling the black populace through charismatic black leaders to look with approval on the practice of killing off their own children. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry has sought to fool ignorant young women about what it means to have an abortion, never using terms like -mother and -baby, never allowing a pregnant woman to know that what is growing inside her looks and acts like a real human being who can feel pain, never allowing them to see sonograms, never telling them that they risk their own health and maybe their life by going through with such a procedure. read bellow quotes from an office manager and a doctor working for abortion clinics.

"If a woman we were counseling expressed doubts about having an abortion, we would say whatever was necessary to persuade her to abort immediately." -- Judy W., former office manager of the second largest abortion clinic in El Paso, Texas
"I had taken anatomy, I was a medical student. I knew what I was looking at. There was a little scapula and an arm, I saw some ribs and a chest, and a little tiny head. I saw a piece of a a leg, and a tiny hand and an arm, and you know, it was like somebody put a hot poker into me. I had a conscience, and it hurt. Well, I checked it out and there were two arms and two legs and one head and so forth, and I turned and said "I guess you got it all.' That was a very hard experience to go through emotionally." --Former abortionist

the unborn human is fully human -

6 weeks - brain waves are detectable by electroencephalogram

9 weeks - heart beat detectable, fully formed organs

4 months, baby can hear the mother's voice

perhaps the most disgusting and disturbing product of the results of abortion is a thing so little known to most people that it has caused countless ones who are strongly against abortion to unknowingly support it in the most horrible of ways. it is by this that not only have they devised the murder of infants but a means to use that murder towards the poisoning and killing of others. fetal tissue is used in the making of vaccines. this means that every parent who has had their child inoculated with these vaccines, every adult who makes a decision to receive a vaccine is unknowingly allowing the injection of another murdered human being's physical substance to be implanted in them.

"The Chickenpox, Hepatitis-A and MMR vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5 and WI-38. This has never been hidden from the public. When parents take their children to the doctor for inoculations, who asks for the package inserts? Who asks for a list of the vaccine ingredients? Most parents want to know the risks and possible side effects. Parents are mostly concerned with the health of their children as some doctors are. Doctors have been administering the vaccines for years. Yet, how many of them have ever checked into the ingredients? This has always been right at their fingertips. What would happen if they did? They would read that the vaccine contains "MRC-5", "WI-38" (or both) "human diploid cell lines". "

"1961 Leonard Hayflick, employed by the Wistar Institute, research facility of University of Pennsylvania, started working with aborted fetal cell lines (WI-I through WI-25). Cell strains were derived from the lung, skin, muscle, kidney, heart, thyroid, thymus and liver of 19 separate abortions. The entire research was was for the development of viral vaccine cultivation

"The isolation of characterization of human diploid cell strains from fetal tissue make this type of cell available as a substrate for the production of live virus vaccines. Other than the economic advantages, such strains in contrast to heteropoloid cells lines exhibit those characteristics usually reserved for normal or primary cells and therefore make the consideration of their use in the production of human virus vaccines a distinct possibility"-(L. Hayflick and P.S.Moorhead, The Serial Cultivation of Human Diploid Cell Strains, Experimental Cell Research, 1961, 25, pg 618)

1964 Hayflick isolates and gives name to the WI-38 cell line derived from the lungs of a baby girl 3 months gestation."

U.S. Vaccines Derived from Abortion

Polio Poliovax Aventis-Pasteur MRC-5
Measles, Mumps, Rubella MMR II Merck & Co. RA273 and WI-38
Measles-Rubella Biavax II Merck & Co. RA 273 and WI-38
Rubella only MR-VAX Merck & Co. RA 273 and WI-38
Rabies Imovax Vantis-Pasteur MRC-5
Hepatitis A Hivrax
Merck & Co.

Hepatitis A-B combo Twinrix GlaxoSmithKline MRC-5
Chickenpox Varixax Merck & Co. WI-38 and MRC-5
Smallpox Acambix 1000 Acambis MRC-5
Ebola Unknown (still waiting for trial) Crucell & N.I.H. PER C6
HIV Unknown (still waiting for trial) Merck & Co. PER C6
Sepsis Xigris Eli Lilley HEK 293
Influenza (flu) unknown MedImmune PER C6


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Obama Sends $1 Million to Planned Parenthood in Three States After It Sells Aborted Baby Parts

"Today, the Obama administration sent $1 million total to Planned Parenthood abortion businesses in three states even as the abortion company is caught up in a massive scandal related to it selling aborted babies and their body parts.

The Obama administration send federal grants using taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood abortion corporation affiliates in Iowa, Missouri and Montana to help them sign up new customers for Obamacare, which pays for abortions with taxpayer funds.

As the Washington Times reports:

    The chapters were among 100 recipients of $67 million in so-called “navigator” grants doled out by the Obama administration Wednesday to nonprofits in 34 states that help people get covered under the Affordable Care Act.

    Two thirds of the recipients had received grants in previous years, and a pair of the Planned Parenthood chapters — Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa and Intermountain Planned Parenthood in Montana — also received funding in 2013 and 2014.

    Wednesday’s navigator announcement said the Iowa chapter will receive $304,373 to cover 77 counties, the Montana chapter will get $337,555 to focus on rural groups, including American Indians.

    In Missouri, the Planned Parenthood of St. Louis will receive $388,787, particularly to reach minority groups and Latinos, Bosnian and Vietnamese populations with limited English proficiency.

    In response to questions about Wednesday’s award, a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said the nonprofits were selected through a competitive grant process based on factors outlined in a Funding Opportunity Announcement, or “FOA.”

    SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Reacting to the news, pro-life Congresswoman Diane Black ), a nurse for more than 40 years and member of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, said Obama is wrong to ignore how Planned Parenthood kills and sells unborn babies.

“This is unconscionable. A growing body of evidence suggests that Planned Parenthood broke federal law and now the Obama Administration is thumbing its nose at Congress and taxpayers by using this backdoor maneuver to boost funding for the scandal-ridden abortion giant,” she told LifeNews.com. “This is all the more reason for the House to immediately pass my legislation, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act, which would freeze all federal funding to the organization – including navigator grants. As I’ve said in the past, the best time to act on this bill was before the start of the August district work period, but better late than never. The American people expect a bold response to the atrocities at Planned Parenthood and it’s time Congress delivered.”..."

Full Article: http://www.lifenews.com/2015/09/02/obama-sends-1-million-to-planned...



By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 3, 2015

I am one of those “pro-lifers” recently slandered by the corrupt, anti-freedom, anti-life, mud-stream media. I and a number of other pro-life “terrorists” have been holding vigil outside our local government-funded Planned Murderhood abortuary five days per week for some time now.

These people are gentle, peaceful families led by fathers and mothers who make the journey to the murder mill to plead with the mothers who are “choosing” to take the life of their precious pre-born children.

Let it be known that we value all life…born and pre-born…red, brown, yellow, black or white—real pro-lifers don’t kill people. Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and the effeminate males and masculine females at MSNBC, and, dare I say it…certain leg-crossers at Fox News have engaged in slander by insinuating that “those people” like us are terrorists.

I predicted this very response last Friday just after the news broke about the “Planned Parenthood” shooter. Watch this brief 1 minute video. But before I get to my point, let me address the media’s blatant propaganda.

The “Planned Parenthood Shooter” shot no one at Planned Parenthood. If, in fact, that had been his intention, he could have wiped out a whole bunch of people. He shot primarily police officers. Although I would never promote or condone violence, the truth is Planned Parenthood killed more people that day than this deranged scumbag did.

Planned Parenthood killed babies on Thursday. They killed them on Friday. They killed them on Saturday. And I am sure they were back at it again first thing Monday morning. Planned Parenthood MURDERS pre-born babies…that is what they do. Everything else they say about providing “women’s health care” is all smoke and mirrors.

Gerber Foods famously advertised “Babies are our business, our only business.” Planned Parenthood should plagiarize their motto…’Baby murder is our business, our only business.’ Planned Parenthood does not care about women; they care about money.

Let me plant a seed in your brain: why is it that every time there is a Muslim terrorist attack the media is quick to point out that “not all Muslims are terrorists?” But these same God-haters are quick to label ALL pro-lifers as terrorists as they faithfully plead for the protection of all life?

These gentle, loving Christians endure mocking, being spat upon, ridicule by complacent “pro-life” pastors, and constant harassment by the authorities. Yet still they faithfully go to contend for the life of their pre-born neighbors as if doing so were somehow “radical.”

But I digress…

Because of our small, faithful group of “pro-life terrorists” outside the killing center in Columbus over the past month, we can document that 28 mothers were directed to Crisis Pregnancy Centers where they were encouraged to keep their child. We can confirm at least 8 “saves”; mothers who changed their minds and decided to parent the baby, as well as one mother connected to a Christian adoption agency where her unborn child will bless two parents longing to have a child they can love.

During this time no one was shot, threatened, assaulted, or arrested. Although I could have missed it, I don’t believe I have seen reports by alleged homosexuals Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow documenting the life saving efforts of these loving Christians. Fox News still hasn’t called as well.

The real terrorists are hiding inside the windowless abortuary curiously referred to as a “health clinic.” Where I come from, killing a person and destroying a woman’s life is not considered “health care.”

Pardon my “hateful rhetoric” which may “incite” deranged people to do “violence” to those “workers” inside, but they are “accessories” to the killing of innocent babies. But the truth must be told; the real terrorists are not wearing battle fatigues, they’re wearing medical smocks.

You wanna talk terror? OK, let’s talk terror.

My wife and I have recently been blessed with two new grandbabies. They are so fragile. Every time a loud noise or a bright light surprises them they begin to wail. This is a natural reaction to what they fear might be happening to them.

Well, pre-born babies react too. Watch this. Can you imagine the terror in the heart of a cuddly little unborn baby as the warmth and security of mommy’s womb is suddenly penetrated by the cold steel of medical forceps or the sucking sound of a mini vacuum cleaner? Can you imagine the degree of terror this little human must experience as he/she tries frantically to swim away from the invading suction tube? Has this truth become “hateful rhetoric?”

Have you ever watched a newborn snuggle against the breast of his mother as mommy shields him from the sights and sounds of the new scary world he has just entered? Can we even conceive of the untold terror that the innocent pre-born child in the womb must endure in the final moments before his or her body is dismembered?

That is true terrorism, folks. Only God himself can deal with anyone who performs such heinous acts to one of His precious little image bearers. They would throw you in jail if you did such a thing to a dog. But I get it...not all doctors are terrorists..."


18 year old video for the song teardrop played by massive attack. 

One of Margaret Sanger’s Pals Ran a Concentration Camp That Killed Black People

"If Black Genocide were shown on BET, Black Lives Matter would be attacking abortion clinics.

It’s a pro-life commonplace that The American Birth Control League, founded by Margaret Sanger 100 years ago and later rechristened Planned Parenthood, had ties to eugenicists and racists. This is not quite right. It’s like saying that the NBA has ties to professional sports. The birth control movement and the eugenics movement were the same movement — to the point where Margaret Sanger twice tried to merge her organization with major eugenics groups.

One eugenics expert, Eugen Fischer, whom Sanger featured as a speaker at a population conference she organized, had already run a concentration camp — in German-ruled Southwest Africa, before World War I, where he murdered, starved and experimented on helpless native Africans. It was Fischer’s book on eugenics, which Hitler had read in prison, that convinced Hitler of its central importance. Another longtime official of Planned Parenthood, Garrett Hardin, had a decades-long track record of serving in eugenics organizations, and as late as the 1980s was calling for mass forced sterilization of Americans as a necessary solution to the “population problem.”

The same people served on the boards of the American Eugenics Society and Sanger’s organizations for decades, and they worked closely together on countless projects — ranging from researching the birth control pill as a means of diminishing the African-American birth rate (they tested the early, hazardous versions of the Pill on impoverished rural women in Puerto Rico), to passing forced sterilization or castration laws in more than a dozen states that targeted blacks and other poor people accused of “feeble mindedness” or “shiftlessness” and diagnosed as “unfit” parents. Today, Planned Parenthood sets up its centers in America’s poorest neighborhoods, and continues to target the same populations via abortion.
Maafa 21: Black Genocide

That’s the appalling truth uncovered in a neglected 2014 documentary which we feature here at The Stream as part of our #100forLife campaign. Maafa 21: Black Genocide gets its odd title from the Swahili word for slavery, and it is this film’s contention that the eugenics movement in America began in the panic which white racists felt at the end of slavery over what should be done to solve what some called the “Negro problem.” It’s a long, harrowing film, which you should watch in small doses — treating it as a miniseries. And keep a box of Kleenex handy, because you will weep..."

Continued: https://stream.org/one-of-margaret-sangers-pals-ran-a-concentration...

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