If you have not read the article "The Breaking of Ouroborus" by Cyprium, i recommend beginning there before reading this, as much of what is written in this article will make better sense read second to this one.

The CERN LHC (large hadron collider) is a massive particle accelerator near Geneva Switzerland, costing 9 billion dollars to build. The goals of this machine are claimed to be aimed at understanding the answers to the fundamental questions of physics, including the hope of discovering the hypothetical Higgs boson. In theory, the Higgs boson, often called the "god particle", is a massive scalar elementary particle which gives all things mass. This particle would supposedly be the framework of all things existing in physicality.

The LHC intends to collide particles at a rate slightly under the speed of light and in the process will be potentially creating black holes, exotic matter and wormholes. The worried public has been reassured that nothing disastrous can occur from the experiments which they intend to do at CERN. It is assured, they say, that such things as black holes and wormholes would remain so incredibly small and exist for such a tiny fraction of time that they would be harmless and merely side effects of their intended goals.

So far, though the LHC has encountered many and strange interruptions which has prevented it from reaching it's full potential yet, it has already produced black holes.

"I can confirm that, yes, the first stages of the experiment resulted in the appearance of a miniscule black hole," said the spokesperson to gathered reporters on Monday. "The black hole is being kept under quarantine and our scientists have been monitoring its progression,"


CERN's large hadron collider is expected to produce wormholes as well. Wormholes are a means by which traveling through time is possible, though for one to be traversable it must be much larger than the subatomic size which CERN claims will be the only ones possible with their particle collider. The function of a wormhole can basically be understood by the analogy of piercing two ends of a piece of paper with a needle and then folding that paper so that those two holes connect. The necessity to travel across the paper's surface is bypassed, the paper itself representing time and space.

Two physicists, Irina Ya. Aref'eva, and Igor V. Volovich disagree with CERN's assurances that traversable wormholes are not the direction CERN is headed toward.

"We suggest that there is a possibility to test causality at the LHC. We argue that if the scale of quantum gravity is of the order of few TeVs, proton-proton collisions at the LHC could lead to the formation of time machines (spacetime regions with closed timelike curves) which violate causality. One model for the time machine is a traversable wormhole. We argue that the traversable wormhole production cross section at the LHC is of the same order as the cross section for the black hole production. Traversable wormholes assume violation of the null energy condition (NEC) and an exotic matter similar to the dark energy is required. Decay of the wormholes/time machines and signatures of time machine events at the LHC are discussed."


The LHC is now operating at 7 TeV (teraelecrtronvolts, 1TeV=i trillion electronvolts) with a stated goal of eventually reaching 14 TeV. It is argued that traversable wormholes could not be created on earth since the energy required would be something comparable to stellar explosions, though the amount of kinetic energy necessary to produce results of a certain kind within a collider are less than that required to produce the same results in space.

The formation of exotic matter would be necessary to the formation of a traversable wormhole as a result of the Casimir effect which is a sort of localized vacuum phenomena in which a mass negative region of space-time can exist. Exotic matter violates energy conditions, having negative mass or repulsion to gravity. At high enough energy of collision exotic particles can be formed and have been detected at the LHC.

Time in no straight line, it is a circuit and circuits repeat themselves. Why this should be is not questioned as much as whether it is but the fact that time is a circuit is observable with no doubt. It can be observed as simply as watching the eastern Horizon at sunrise on the morning of the Spring Equinox. As time passes, the sun rises through the houses of the zodiac in a circular pattern which eventually arrives back at it's beginning point. Why time exists in a cycling pattern is directly connected with the origin of sin and that there are beings, including Satan who are interested in maintaining a timepath which never exits into eternity and so to the judgment and defeat which is determined to them.

As these days give every sign of being the last days, Satan knows his time is short in a literal way. Knowing he will not be successful against the Most High, he knows that his chances only rest in a device to maintain or begin anew the next cycle. It would seem that this is what CERN"S Large Hadron Collider has been built to achieve. It is evident not only in the published science involved but the geometric design of the machine. CERN represents it's goals with a statue of Shiva. Shiva is a deity who represents death and rebirth, a being connected with the idea of a circuit of time which folds in on itself to meet end to beginning.

Octagonal Design

In Buddhism a symbolic object exists called a dharma wheel. It is an 8 spoked wheel that represents the noble 8-fold path to enlightenment. It is described as a way which leads to the ceasing of suffering and the achieving of a new and more enlightened consciousness which perhaps can be said to sound quite a bit like the promise of world peace in a "new world order".

The Dharma wheel is one version of the same symbolic reference in many occult traditions. An 8 spoked wheel was found in the tomb of William Sinclair at Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. The Sinclair family is known as one of the blue blood families which grew out of the Merovingian line with strong connections to the Templars and Freemasons. The Chapel was built to incorporate a great deal of Masonic and Templar symbolism. The 8 rayed star is the symbol of Ishtar, a human woman who was wife to a fallen Watcher and is considered a goddess by many names in many different pagan cultures. The octagon is found in Nazi symbolism and at the Vatican as well.

The symbolism of 8 and what its meaning is connected to a circle of time is found in an ancient inscription in Egypt.

"I am One who becomes Two,
who becomes Four,
who becomes Eight,
and then I am One again. "

8 is a number which universally symbolizes the new beginning following the close of a repetitive time sequence. The 8th day in weeks is also the first.

The design of certain components of the LHC will remind you of the symbols just spoken of.

The Aerial view of LHC will remind you of the Ouroborus

The Dharma wheel and 8 fold path is not simply a religious concept. Physics itself involves a theory called the the 8 fold way. This is a theory for organizing subatomic baryons (a composite particle made of three quarks) and mesons (made of one quark and one anti quark) into octets. Both of these particles belong to the hadron family.

It is most interesting to notice that the LHC has repeatedly been prevented from reaching it's intended potential by various strange circumstances which have even led some scientists to wonder if the machine was being sabotaged by itself from a future point or perhaps even time travelers who already understood the dangers of the thing. One occurrence was nothing more than a little bird who dropped a bread crumb into the machine. I believe it is neither the machine itself or time travelers but it is not coincidence either. I believe that YHWH Himself hinders their progress and it remains to be seen if there will come a point when He will allow them to attempt all that they design to do with it.

The latest thing to hinder the LHC's progress is an unknown vibration which they term "the Hump". It is a high frequency vibration between 31 and 38 KHz and has caused beam losses for the collider while in operation. CERN is not able to identify what the vibration is or where it might be coming from except that it either originates directly below or directly above the collider ring. It is just such a vibration as to cause the perfect means for disruption of the machine. It is my conclusion that He has drawn a line which will not be crossed except by His will at His timing if ever and even should this device accomplish to create a continued time loop, He has promised that His plan for eternity will not be thwarted.

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"Today, I seriously entertain notions of giants, hollow earth, UFOs and aliens by God's design"

i think the definition which most imagine when they think of an alien can be what stops a believer from considering them. a physical, mortal life form with intelligence that is at least human level or beyond existing on another planet and having the means to come to Earth can not be found in scripture. beings who are extra dimensional, immortal and able to traverse between both dimensional planes and physical locations in the heavens is in scripture. that is the definition of an angel.
I agree with what you are saying. If these ideas had never been separated from the traditional teachings they may seem completely reasonable. What I am reading at this site and others, now that I have opened my mind, seems totally reasonable, and my Bible is making more sense to me.

This was a recent status post by me on my fb page: "Again, I am struck (or stuck) with the question, What if...? What if...? What's the worst that could happen? If it didn't change the outcome, what if...? That's my challenge to you."

Today I added to this:
"What if the truth of God as given and written by man originally was knowingly or unwittingly changed by future scribes and translaters? There is still truth in the Bible. What if the Bible really tells us that there are multiple worlds? God is still the Creator. What if the Bible really tells us that God and His heavenly host travel across time and through space? God still watches over us. What if the Bible really tells us there was forbidden sex with human women and fallen angels creating genetic anomalies? And that God destroyed many nations and peoples in an effort to remove these genetic impurities? God still loves us. What if part of Jesus' message was a warning about these genetic anomalies for His time as well as ours: that evil is indeed among us? Jesus still came to be an example and died on the cross to redeem God's children. And He promised He would come again. If it doesn't change the outcome...what if?"

One of the first things we are taught is to trust. Have not many of us well embraced this teaching? We "trust" our leaders (parents, teachers, pastors, government officials, law enforcement officials, soldiers, etc) because after learning to trust, we are taught that leaders are good and have only our well-being at heart. So we trust our leaders and every idea that they spew. And we, in turn, pass on that teaching, first to trust and then that leaders are right and know best.

Being presented with these ideas now, if to be believed, means that one must realize that leaders have knowingly or unwittingly taught them ideas that were not true, which leads one to doubt his own ability when he sees the length, width, breadth of his own belief in lies. For many the damage is done: can one every really know truth? They will either retreat back to what is comfortable, even if based on lies; they will become converts to truth; or they will become cynical and skeptical, which outcome could be good or bad.
"This was a recent status post by me on my fb page: "Again, I am struck (or stuck) with the question, What if...? What if...? What's the worst that could happen? If it didn't change the outcome, what if...? That's my challenge to you.""

It's so interesting that you frame this thought with the question "What if?"...that same question has become a sort of staple concept to some of us in order to put in a nutshell the whole idea of pushing the boundaries of what we "know".

A friend of mine and some other members on here, Jacob, compiled a blog which is something like a summarizing of all those "strange" concepts: ufos, nephilim, expanding earth, etc. The name of that blog is actually called "What If?" and it presents a pictorial version of a world history which includes all these things, each section beginning with the question "what if....etc.."


If people, instead of allowing themselves to be intimidated or uncomfortable with their world view being challenged, were willing to see that there is awe inspiring wonder in exploring the infinite possibilities of what the Creator has designed, they might find the experience of waking to the truth to be a joyful one rather than a terrifying one.

There are, without a doubt, some very ugly truths in the world... but in spite of the unknowns between now and the end of the story..we have the assurance that the end is Good. For this reason i have to feel sorry for the secular humanists who are awake to the government corruption. What do they have to hold on to in that grim picture of the world? For them there is no ultimately guaranteed justice to any of this..just a dim hope that human beings will somehow fix it.

It's dangerous to have zeal without knowledge and it's useless to have knowledge without hope...so we should thank YHWH with all our being that He not only gave us the facts, but the faith.
The LHC is purposely attempting to create strange matter..it's no byproduct of intended results. I have no doubt about the possibility of serious negative effects to the Earth itself.

"After reading this, I am now wondering if there will be a 'normal' world before the end of next year."

I guess that depends on what you call "normal"..lol...normal might not have happened on Earth for thousands of years at this point anyway.

As for aliens saving humanity...that is precisely what the global controllers are planning to convince people is true. The "aliens" (fallen angels), however..are no one's friends...and this is likely part of a great deception that's on its way to happening.
"Well, as I do not know what the level of technology was like before the great Flood, I can't even imagine what "normality" was like back then."

Actually..i think what would Really be normal is the way it was before any introduction of that forbidden knowledge. Simple, uncomplicated life full of nothing but what YHWH made. That's the way it should have stayed...technology has been interwoven into lives to nearly a point of dependency, but that also helps people become apathetic, lazy and less willing to learn.

"If the elite are descendents of the giants that roamed the earth during the days of Enoch and Noah then it makes sense that this catastrophic event at CERN will not happen,"

I do believe using CERN in the capacity for which it was built is their plan..but if you go back through the history of the LHC, you'll see that time and time again, right as it's about to be fired up or hit a critical point in its use, something wrecks it. Once it was a small piece of bread dropped by a bird..lol YHWH has His own plans and no one is going to mess with those.
"Time Machine Built in Europe? Russian Physicists Say Large Hadron Collider Can Be Time Machine At Full Power

“Modern principles of theoretical mathematical physics allow the possibility of time travel,” explains Volovich, a member of RAS. “One of the admissible models of working time machine is the so-called wormhole, that is, a space-time tunnel leading to another time or space. And the probability of formation of a wormhole in the LHC is comparable to the probability of occurrence of the black hole itself, which can occur when particles collide with high energy.

As explained by the physics, wormhole is a tunnel connecting different parts of space and time. Entrance to the tunnel may be the size of a star, a planet, a house and even a speck of dust, depending on a purpose of the tunnel use. After all, there is a difference between sending a photon or a group of tourists. You can get to another galaxy, or another universe. And you can also get into in the past. In terms of the physical properties, the entrance to the wormhole is very similar to the entrance to the black hole. The difference is that you can come back.

Since the LHC is designed, figuratively speaking, to create a part of space on Earth, then it can be used to obtain dark energy. This is also an important detail of creating the miracle machine. Another necessary condition for making the machine work is to distort space and time so it closes up in a ring. And the LHC is quite capable of that.

“This phenomenon in physics is called “closed time-like curve,” explains Professor Arefyeva. “It allows, at least theoretically, returning to the past.”

“Is it possible to have a paradox described by Bradbury, when a traveler caught in the past accidentally steps on a butterfly, which results in coming to power of a different president in his time? “

“We expected such issues,” says professor Volovich. “We came to this conclusion: time travel may change the course of history, but not very significantly.”

To make time machine the reality, the scientists stress the need for the LHC to reach at least the design capacity (now it is working at half capacity) and stop breaking down.

“So far, our biggest home is that the LHC will demonstrate the existence of wormhole. If some of the collision energy in the collider disappears, this can be explained by the creation of particles that pierce time through wormholes.”

Research and Development Center of the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), promised that the LHC will start working as expected in September. Then it becomes clear whether Russian physicists were right in their solution of the most intriguing problem of mankind."

CERN Scientists Eye Parallel Universe Breakthrough
By Robert Evans
October 20, 2010
GENEVA (Reuters) - Physicists probing the origins of the cosmos hope that next year they will turn up the first proofs of the existence of concepts long dear to science-fiction writers such as hidden worlds and extra dimensions.
And as their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva moves into high gear, they are talking increasingly of the "New Physics" on the horizon that could totally change current views of the universe and how it works.
"Parallel universes, unknown forms of matter, extra dimensions... These are not the stuff of cheap science fiction but very concrete physics theories that scientists are trying to confirm with the LHC and other experiments."
This was how the "ideas" men and women in the international research center's Theory Group, which mulls over what could be out there beyond the reach of any telescope, put it in CERN's staff-targeted Bulletin this month.
As particles are collided in the vast underground LHC complex at increasingly high energies, what the Bulletin article referred to informally as the "universe's extra bits" -- if they do exist as predicted -- should be brought into computerized, if ephemeral, view, the theorists say.
Optimism among the hundreds of scientists working at CERN -- in the foothills of the Jura mountains along the border of France and Switzerland -- has grown as the initially troubled $10 billion experiment hit its targets this year.
By mid-October, Director-General Rolf Heuer told staff last weekend, protons were being collided along the 27-km (16.8 mile) subterranean ring at the rate of 5 million a second -- two weeks earlier than the target date for that total.
By next year, collisions will be occurring -- if all continues to go well -- at a rate producing what physicists call one "inverse femtobarn," best described as a colossal amount, of information for analysts to ponder.
The head-on collisions, at all but the speed of light, recreate what happened a tiny fraction of a second after the primeval "Big Bang" 13.7 billion years ago which brought the known universe and everything in it into being.
Despite centuries of increasingly sophisticated observation from planet Earth, only 4 per cent of that universe is known -- because the rest is made up of what have been called, because they are invisible, dark matter and dark energy
Billions of particles flying off from each LHC collision are tracked at four CERN detectors -- and then in collaborating laboratories around the globe -- to establish when and how they come together and what shapes they take.
The CERN theoreticians say this could give clear signs of dimensions beyond length, breadth, depth and time because at such high energy particles could be tracked disappearing -- presumably into them -- and then back into the classical four.
Parallel universes could also be hidden within these dimensions, the thinking goes, but only in a so-called gravitational variety in which light cannot be propagated -- a fact which would make it nearly impossible to explore them.

Atom Smasher Ramps Up Chase for 'God Particle'

The world's largest atom smasher has been upping its game ever since it opened in 2008. Just last week it reached a new milestone – the particle accelerator is now smashing unprecedented numbers of protons into each other during each collision.


Guess it is up and running well. Super.
LHC researchers 'set to create a mini-Big Bang'

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are getting set to create the Big Bang on a miniature scale.
Since 2009, the world's highest-energy particle accelerator has been smashing together protons, in a bid to shed light on the fundamental nature of matter.
But now the huge machine will be colliding lead ions instead.
The experiments are planned for early November and will run for four weeks.

This next article is a bit older, but found it worth sharing.
LHC finds 'interesting effects'
This article is too long to actually post, but it is quite interesting.

CERN, Germans And The Vatican

Scientists collide lead ions in Big Bang machine

GENEVA (AP) - Scientists at the world's largest atom smasher say they have succeeded in recreating conditions shortly after the Big Bang by switching the particles used for collisions from protons to much heavier lead ions.

A spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, says the Large Hadron Collider recorded its first lead ion collisions Sunday.

Barbara Warmbein says researchers are trying to detect a thick soup of matter called "quark-gluon plasma" in the hope of gaining a deeper insight into how the universe began.

Warmbein said Monday that it will likely be months, if not years, before scientists make significant new discoveries.

"Beam Me Up: 'Teleportation' Is Year's Biggest Breakthrough

Thanks to physics, and the truly bizarre quirks of quarks, those Star Trek style teleporters may be more than fiction.

A strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe -- a multi-state condition that has scientists theorizing that teleportation or even time travel may be much more than just the plaything of science fiction writers.

Until this year, all human-made objects have moved according to the laws of classical mechanics, the rules governing ordinary objects. Toss a ball in the air and it falls back to Earth. Drop a coin from your roof and it falls into your yard. But back in March, a group of researchers designed a gadget that moves in ways that can only be described by quantum mechanics -- the set of rules that governs the behavior of tiny things like molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles.

And the implication -- that teleportation and even time travel may someday, somehow be a reality -- is so groundbreaking that Science magazine has labelled it the most significant scientific advance of 2010.

Physicists Andrew Cleland and John Martinis from the University of California at Santa Barbara and their colleagues designed the machine -- a tiny metal paddle just barely visible to the naked eye -- and coaxed it into dancing with a quantum groove: First, they cooled the paddle until it reached its "ground state," or the lowest energy state permitted by the laws of quantum mechanics (a goal long-sought by physicists). Then they raised the widget's energy by a single quantum to produce a purely quantum-mechanical state of motion. ..."


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