Powers of the Air

What is an "alien"? Incorrect assumptions in answer to this question have led to some confusion...perhaps intentional confusion on the subject and as a result has led non believers to imagine certain possible attributes of "extraterrestrials" which might be benevolent and belief in them provides some seeming evidence of there being no Sovereign Creator who has given His testimony to humanity. On the other hand, the confusion leads believers to reject without consideration all evidence pointing to the presence of extraterrestrial craft or the phenomena of abduction.

The assumption that aliens should be a flesh life form in possession of advanced technology that enabled them to reach earth from light years away is the prevailing idea in most people's minds when they hear the term "alien" and the most thought of representation of what these should look like are the well known "greys". Taking only the basic terms "alien" and "extraterrestrial", there is no actual insinuation that this must be the case, rather those terms only mean that such creatures must be non- native to Earth and have come originally from beyond it. Both of these terms can be applied without error to angelic beings.

This brings us to the assumptions people have about what angels are, which is perhaps as confused as the idea of aliens. Angels are generally thought of as ethereal, unsubstantial and are thought of to utilize mysterious forces of power unknown to man (not unlike magic). They are generally not considered to use or need to use conveyances or to work within a normal range of universal laws governing matter or energy. They are thought to flit about on gossamer wings all over the universe like invisible cosmic butterflies.

None of these assumptions come from solid evidence of what a spirit should be like or what they should do and how they do it but they are ideas so well accepted, even by believers who should know better than to construct extra-biblical concepts, that most can not wrap their minds around the possibility that an angel is something entirely different than their idea of them.

From ancient to medieval and beyond, artifacts and art has portrayed images of flying craft not unlike photos and drawings in modern times of witnessed "ufos". There is a strong correlation to be noticed between abduction experiences today involving removing sperm and eggs from subjects and the Watcher breeding experiments of the past. It is not difficult to see a striking resemblance between angelic beings and the modern extraterrestrial phenomenon.

If we begin to pay close attention to the media and entertainment, there is a noticeable trend proceeding from the propaganda machine which places aliens near the top of their priority and if we investigate the message that is being pumped to the masses it looks like this: aliens are benevolent, aliens genetically engineered humanity by mixing their dna with primates, aliens do not approve of the way humanity has treated the earth, aliens will step in to either direct humanity toward a next evolutionary step or they will destroy humanity or perhaps evolve some and destroy others.

This deceitful message is not a new one, it is a very old spin on the invasion and transgression of the Watchers which can be seen in Sumerian mythology. Having antiquity seemingly on the side of such theories leads wayward seekers down a path of assumption about the credibility of pagan mythology. As it is often stated that pagan mythologies "pre-date" judeo-Christian teachings, it is then held that the greater antiquity of certain pagan writings ought to be assumed more correct.

This comes from a lack of objective consideration of certain things, such as...1. If a true history in alignment with scripture is a fact then that history was well known before written records was a rule. 2. if any writing does exist which came from an original older than the oldest pagan material it is at the mercy of a community of scholars who have historically set their goals in direct opposition to providing evidence of scriptural truth. 3. the scriptural account of the history is supportable by evidence which can be collected and examined on a first hand basis rather than a list of "expert" opinions.

It is forewarned in scripture that in the last days mankind will be subject to a "strong delusion" a delusion so seemingly real and so pervasively believed that even the elect will almost fall for it. How would the world react if extraterrestrials made themselves a public and unavoidable fact and then made a claim backed up by antiquated pagan tradition and various fools gold evidences that they were indeed the Elohim of Genesis who created mankind and did so by taking their own genetic components and adding it to apes?

Might theie reception also be decided by their appearance? Among many ufo/alien buffs is a strong belief in a line of misinformation dealing with "races" of ETs. It is often reported that there are "greys" and "reptilians" which are malevolent but that a pretty blonde haired and blue eyed type called "Nordics" are friendly. Be very cautious what you decide is friendly...even your fellow man is capable of pretending friendship when it is not sincere and yet people tend not to consider that beings of greater age and experience than they could lie convincingly. Don't forget...those pretty blonde, blue eyed "aliens" are also called Watchers.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason Yahuwah will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
- 2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12

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"So even if the fallen watchers do exist, I doubt that these blue eyed blondes are even going to appear because they know how the majority of the population are going to welcome them. Intense hostility." 


Pea shooters and potatoes wouldn't be considered Intense Hostility, Tristran.



Even with that rewording, its still 33%. One Third would reject according to that theory, of 18 people. So the other Two thirds would accept. That's a minority rejecting, with a majority accepting. Don't think I would hold too tightly with that snyopsis.

Here are some things to consider about this,

The 33% comes from a total of 18 people all of which have in common the fact that they are already exposed to numerous theories on aliens. This will not represent people in a world wide poll.

The mainstream is grooming the public for the acceptance of the existence of aliens at this point, not necessarily a friendly acceptance. One must come before the other since there is still no mainstream disclosure of their existence we won't see an introduction of good versus bad until that has run its course but in the area of fringe thought, many already love the idea of beneficent alien entities.

What the minority is not willing to support is not of any interest to the ruling controllers. Public opinion, in fact, only counts as far as it is visible to the masses. In other words the mainstream can and does make many subjects appear to have support by the majority when they really don't. Even if the case was that the majority were not willing to be accepting (in a friendly sense ) of an alien presence on earth, the only opinion that would matter would be the one published in the media.

How many insupportable ideas are already reality? Without doing any objective polling my guess is that at least 50% of all people are against the policies of TSA. TSA still exists and still scans people every day. Most would probably be willing to say that they are against losing the sovereignty of their nations to the UN, and yet many have.

All of these things aside, what if there was hostile resistance to "alien" presence? First you must assume that the resistance is comprised of people with the best weapons earth has to offer, which if we are talking about Christian people, they don't. Secondly one must assume that weapons of any physical type are in any way effective against these beings. Since we are not speaking of flesh and blood beings by nature, but interdimensional immortal entities, they can not be intimidated by the use of physical weapons.

These are the "powers of the air" and the "rulers in high places". the only effective weapon against them has always been faith in Yahushua.

Tristran Hepburn said:

"It is often reported that there are "greys" and "reptilians" which are malevolent but that a pretty blonde haired and blue eyed type called "Nordics" are friendly. Be very cautious what you decide is friendly"


Recently I asked a question on a website forum asking people how they would greet aliens that might arrive from another planet.

Note. Many new-age websites class ET's as the Galactic Federation. This title seems to cause much hostility from humans.

Here was my question.

"If the Galactic Federation does exist, would you be willing to accept their help, knowledge and tech?"

After a few days I summerised the results as follows.

"Accept alien intervention: 8

Accept alien intervention dependent upon upgrading this world's technology: 4

Rejection: 6"

With 6/18 (33%) rejecting them it looks like the et's won't even bother to appear for fear of being shot at.


Note. This information was from a forum where the readers know a reasonable amount of information about aliens and alien hybrids (nephilim) .

So even if the fallen watchers do exist, I doubt that these blue eyed blondes are even going to appear because they know how the majority of the population are going to welcome them. Intense hostility.

The idea of the benevolent alien, as i said, is, at this point, a fringe thought. It is an attractive fringe thought to many though, even if it is just thought of as a fantasy. Movies such as ET and Avatar are little mind triggers for the public to entertain while the disclosure of an actual entity is still waiting to be realized.
All social trends begin this way. A small idea planted through media that becomes fascination and then acceptance and finally every day life.
Does the resistance against the illuminati agenda successfully dispossess the controllers from their thrones? It never has. The rulers of this world have killed millions with no repercussions in the natural sense. They might be recognized as what they are by the few, suspected as corrupt by some and respected by some but they continue to do what they have always done because what they do is not the "published and accepted" view.
No one will attack an "alien". It would be very difficult to attack a human in a high position of leadership. It would be impossible to physically attack an extra-dimensional entity with no need for a physical body.
Anyone who chooses to follow Messiah will be marked by the Beast system when it comes in full as being a threat to the general public. There will be no legal grounds or civil rights for those who choose YHWH in those times. Persecution and execution will be what believers face but that is also what our Master faced and is not to be seen as defeat, but as a reason to rejoice.
Blessed are ye, when [men] shall revile you, and persecute [you], and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great [is] your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. - Matthew 5:11,12

Some other groups polled on the same topic:

    Thread: Contact aliens a good or bad idea?
    Good idea
    18 51.43%
    Bad idea
    17 48.57%
People around the world seem to share Harrison's more positive outlook. In the new study, he cites one poll that found that 86 percent of Americans believe that aliens are more likely to be friendly than hostile.
Summary: In studying the UFO phenomenon I am always stuck by the results of the most recent surveys. Recall the argument that there would be wide spread panic if the government announced that there was an extraterrestrial presence visiting earth. Well every polling result in the last 10 years simply doesn’t support that argument.
Do the aliens visit the Earth with benevolent purposes ?
What agenda do extraterrestrials have ? Is it good or evil ?
    • a) They are here for goodness of mankind
    4 votes (50%)
    • b) If they had been benevolent, they wouldn’t have visited people in the dark
    0 votes (0%)
    • c) There may be some good ones beside those who’re believed to have secret age(nda).
    4 votes (50%)

"...off-world legal professional..."?  the only one of those worth consulting would be our Father on His throne in Heaven.. =)

Comparing the alien hybrids to the nephilim will be almost impossible. lol
Yes, it is actually entirely impossible to convince others of nephilim unless they already believe scripture is truth. If a person denies scripture they will inevitably deny anything which would support scripture. The foundation of truth is our Savior...that means faith in Him must come before acceptance of any other truth on these matters. It will never go in the opposite direction.
The person you quoted doesn't claim to be an alien/human hybrid...it seems they claim to be an actual alien.
"Yet, there are those T. Humans who would chase away, persecute, and attack ET's like myself and a few others here who only want your true and absolute freedom."
Apparently one who has a mother....and a space lawyer. To that, all i can say is...
Tbh, if someone were to have mentioned this to me a week ago, i would have thought them crazy.
The problem with most Christians today, is that most dont know there were books/gospels left out of the bible. Therefor most have not read them.
I myself have only read a few.
I have heard about the Anunnaki, and about how the first writings were Sumarian and talked of these "beings".
I then came across a passage in the bible, metioned in this topic, Numbers 13:33. However in the KJV it says the name Anak, when refering to the nephilim.
Put two and Two together and a crazy idea becomes easier to comprehend.
If these books/gosples were written out in their entirety, and added back to the bible where they belong, the bible might make a whole lot more sence to those that find it difficult to follow. I am surprised no one has done this yet.
For those of you that have found or created those polls metioned in previous posts i bring to you this theory:

someone mentioned only 33% would follow these "beings":
as far as I see, there are many different religions today, all competing. The first one to show absolute evidence will most likly have the upper hand, and more will flock twords that religion. In saying this, the church of Scientology has a belief of an alien entity named Xanu (so ive read).
That being said what would happen if "aliens" came around, proving the church of Scientologys religion to be "true" by their evidence. Then alot more would see this evidence, including once atheists, and flock twords that religion, making it the "newly started" "one true religion"?
People would then find themselfs, upon the "aliens" orders, making images of "them" as per Revelations 13:14.
For some it is easier to believe in something if your shown proof. After all that is an atheists motto.

@Tristran - I think what Cyprium is talking about is not putting A before B. You wouldn't expect a child who can't solve 2+2 to complete a complicated mathematical equation. Who's going to digest information about angelic hybrids before they even understand who Messiah is?

Besides this, knowing who He is, is what's going to save them. Knowing about nephilim is really just filling in the blanks once you get to the advanced course but its not saving anyone.

It doesn't matter all that much what people believe about us personally does it? Any believer is likely to think better of you than most atheists (or at least that's how it should be) and that's because believers are already family. The only way the family grows is for the lost to hear the gospel.

@David - I just want to add that there's a big difference between the old testament books that were left out and the so called "lost" or gnostic gospels. Be careful with those gospels. Gnostic is just really another word for Luciferian. It's very tricky how they've been connected with other omitted books like 1 Enoch, which completely agrees with the rest of the old testament. The gnostic gospels do not agree with the canon gospels.

Also, take care with other books labelled "Enoch". There's a 2 and 3 Enoch that have nothing at all to do with the bible or 1 Enoch.

Not to be getting all preachy, its just easy to get mixed up with all the information out there on the books.

Edit: (because I'm apparently not very bright haha) I meant B before A of course. Sorry there.

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