The Watcher Rebellion

Not many bible readers give a lot of thought to a man named Jared who lived in the sixth generation of mankind, descending from Seth. Indeed he was not notable, at least in scripture, for anything other than being the father of Enoch... it was what took place in his lifetime that would literally change the course of human history dramatically and forever.

Jared's name itself is a memorial to the event, being translated from Yered... the name means "the descent".. or "a descending". Religious traditions of countless cultures all over the world testify to who or what descended... His Word of Truth answers that question also and does so with an accuracy that has been lost or purposely hidden in the various pagan cultures who echoed the historical event in their accounts.

YHWH created, not only a varied and interesting array of life on Earth, but also a varied and interesting array of spiritual life in heavenly realms. Amongst these beings which are collectively thought of as "angels" , is a certain type called the Iyrin. This word translates to "wakeful or watchful ones" or more commonly, "Watchers".

These beings were stationed to be observers of creation to the end that they would be privileged to learn the mysteries of YHWH's design and take a record of that which they observed for a testimony to all creatures of His perfection. A particular group of Watchers, 200 in all, were stationed to observe the Earth specifically under the leadership of one named Shemyhaza.

In the process of observing Earth, these 200 Watchers were witness to some amazing aspects of His creation which are commonplace for mankind, but to beings who had nothing comparable to them in their own existence, seemed incredibly fascinating.

The most fascinating aspect of all was the miracle of flesh creatures' ability to procreate... and the most fascinating aspect in that detail was the human female. The human female was the nearest opposite sex creature to the Watchers themselves. No female or need for females existed in the world of angelic beings, but having seen such a creature as a woman, the leader of the 200 was captivated.

This interest might have remained an innocent, clinical fascination but for some influence which pushed this from a place of clinical interest to an obsession. There is fair evidence to suggest Azazel, a fallen angel who is interestingly implied to be the leader of these rebels in some instances in 1 Enoch, was that influence.

At the point where fascination became obsession, Shemyhaza led his 199 subordinates to descend to Earth at a precise geological point located at the summit of Mt Hermon. Here it was also, that the decision was made by him to cross the boundaries of his nature and propose that he and his subordinates take human wives and conceive children with them.

Shemyhaza being concerned that the others might change their minds and leave him with the burden of guilt, it was suggested to him that they all make a binding oath with one another that they would not turn back from the plan. This they did, and so the mountain, Hermon, is named to this day after that event... it's name meaning "a curse".

It is supposed sometimes that the Watchers had to take unwilling women and force them to comply with their demands to be a wife to them... but realistically, they had no difficulty finding willing participants. Just as the rich and famous and powerful men of this day have no difficulty finding partners.

Humanity was face to face with a collection of beings who had knowledge that had the power to make their lives easier... who had the means to give advantage to anyone who allied themselves with them... who were physically impressive and nearly indestructible, even in a flesh form.

Fathers were not as reluctant as they perhaps should have been to marry their daughters off to these Watchers in return for the prestige and advantage of being the "father in law" to an angel. Women were not as reluctant as they should have been to enter into marital union with a tall, blond, blue eyed creature that would elevate their lives to the equivalent of human "goddesses".

The resulting offspring of these unions were huge... much larger than their own fathers' physical forms, and so large, in fact that their appetites could not be satiated with all the food mankind had to offer them.

The giants then turned to eating animals... unheard of until that time... and then finally to eating humans. The giants themselves were not the only boundary crossed in hybrid life-forms.

The Watchers were also approached by their counterparts who had fallen in allegiance to Satan and who did not have the luxury of a physical presence in earth, and were requested by them to engineer body forms which they themselves could inhabit.

The creatures were the chimeras... made by genetic manipulation, they were variously part animal, part human, part animal, part angel, or a combination of different animal species, and all of the above. Not every chimera body was used as host for fallen angels.. but many were and hence comes the legends of "gods" having forms which were part animal and part humanoid.

Aside from the abominable breeding experiments, the Watchers also sinned in one other serious way... and that was teaching mankind the secrets of certain areas of knowledge which they had accumulated in their duty to observe and record the nature of His creation.

Often this is noted as being some kind of "magic" knowledge... what people do not readily understand by reading the descriptions of these secrets in the archaic way they are presented in 1 Enoch... is that these things are what we would find to be very ordinary, everyday fields of science and technology which are hailed as great accomplishments of mankind and seen as wonderful progress in this day and age.

The pre-flood world was no primitive scene... due to the Watchers intervention... it was a high tech and very advanced world utilizing technologies that would make some of those today look cumbersome and crude by comparison.

Man has not actually advanced... nor discovered great scientific finds... modern man has simply re-discovered or been re-introduced to very old knowledge in a rather incomplete fashion and instead of it being a virtue and a sign of progress... it is instead only causing mankind to become more lazy... less able to learn.. .less willing to rely on their Creator.

Human history might have ended here. Mankind as a pure species might have become entirely extinct and the world little by little descend into a state of irreconcilable ruin... but to prevent any of this, YHWH sent the flood.

Prior to the deluge, the nephilim were turned on one another in an incited civil war and the rebellious Watchers were detained and forced to witness the deaths of their children and then they, themselves were bound and imprisoned in subterranean cells to await the last days.

As believers we should not so lightly dismiss the warning that the last days would be like the days of Noah prior to the flood.

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