The History Channel has been known in certain circles to be one of the greatest peddlers of false information in our times. Often times adding lies, and misinformation to subjects they have confused the population, and promoted make-believe as truth. Now one of their most popular shows are really going overboard.


It is not a new program, but over the last couple of years it has gained a larger following. Many people today believe the human race was jump started by alien space travellers. They are only have right. The human race's knowledge was jump started, but not by space explorers.


The writers of the show often dipict these so called explorers as enlightened beings, who came to help mankind. They are reckoned with toying with DNA, and speeding our own "evolution". Here are somethings the HC doesn't mention.


These so called explorers claimed to be "gods". They demanded human sacrifice. What kind of adventurer does that? That sounds like the demand of a demon.


While claiming to be gods, and demanding blood they also demanded worship. From ancient Sumer to the Aztec deities these so called bringers of wisdom actually brought lies. Sure they gave some information to humans, but the false info greatly outweighs the truths.


I just watched like three of these episodes and I was inspired to comment on them here. Basically they take the book of Enoch, the histories mentioned there, and change the word angel to alien, and magic to tech. Perhaps tech, and magic are closer then they seem.


It's all too strange that the HC only mentions the "good" things these non-humans did, and never mentions all the evils that they required of their worshippers. It's just like them to tell only part of the story to futher confuse, a already very confused human race.

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