Sure..this is just what the world needs. There seems to be a growing interest in what aliens might have to offer in the realm of spiritual advice and teaching. Let's not forget for a moment that the world has literally been under the spiritual mentor-ship of "aliens" for nearly all of human history and the result of that has been a slow and steady decline of morality and a wider and wider gulf between man and his Maker.

Thanks to "alien" intervention in spiritual instruction, the world now has thousands upon thousands of pagan religions from which to choose...a flavor for every palate..which interestingly enough all lead down to the same foundational precepts and all omit the vital truths which actually do have power to form a relationship between the Creator and a human being.

Surely the open appearance of creatures claiming to be creators will have a ready a willing audience in today's society hungry for some "new" teaching on the meaning of life and a doctrine of divine human destiny that is easy for pride to swallow...not to mention a message with relieves sinners of their responsibility to their own actions and their own need to be made clean before a Righteous Creator.

"Enemy Mine, a 1985 science fiction film derived from an award-winning 1979 novella, depicts an intergalactic war between human beings and an alien race
called the Drac. Marooned by their battle-damaged space fighters on an isolated,
inhospitable planet, a Drac and a man start off as enemies. Out of survival
necessity, however, they make a wary peace.

Eventually, the two become the dearest of friends. The Drac shows a sense of his own spirituality and the divine. The Drac reads frequently from a small book of religious/philosophical
text, and often ponders the larger questions of life, speaking about them with
his newfound human companion.

Ultimately, the alien’s faith and friendship motivate the human being to consider something other than his prestige as a top-scoring fighter pilot focused solely on advancing his military
career. The alien reminds the man that life is so much more than just a scramble
for conquest and material success. The human being is much better off for having
learned to respect and even love an alien as a being of great faith and

Another example of speculative fiction that directly addresses spirituality is the Green Stone of Healing series. It features an intelligent non-human being, known as a Mist-Weaver, who exhibits capabilities that human
beings more readily ascribe to angels or the supernatural. The Mist-Weaver is
able to appear and dissolve at will, transitioning from material to non-material
realities in much the same manner as the divine heralds of earthly religious

As would an angel, the Mist-Weaver takes a physical form to converse easier with the human characters. The Mist-Weaver clearly has a profound sense of the divine and his connection to it and to all life, and tries
to encourage that spiritual connection in his human counterparts. But his
spiritual teachings often leave them baffled because they are very different
from human understanding. The Mist-Weaver’s presence spurs his human students to
examine the limitations of their faith and their spiritual understanding, just
as the burning bush, signaling God’s presence, presented Moses with challenges
of faith and self-growth."

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' I consider I know what I am talking about.'


hmm.. sounds like it could qualify as 'famous last words'..

" We have nearly 2000 communications from our discarnates, and their love communicated in those cannot be faked."


I am often amazed that so many have such confidence in their own ability to not be fooled. It is especially amazing when they are individuals who know that they are communicating with creatures of power an intelligence. Still they are assured in themselves that such beings could not deceive them. Emotional outpouring can be falsified by anyone, certainly by creatures accustomed to lying convincingly. If more understood that love is not defined in nice feelings or in soft words, they might not be so easily convinced such beings are loving.

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

Rising greenhouse emissions may tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report for Nasa


Been an awful lot of alien articles the past few months.

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