Written in 1907, the song

"Will the Circle be Unbroken"

turns 117 next year.

"Old as dirt,"

still as relevant today

as when created.

While reflecting on my recent (unintentional?) experience with strong delusion, some thoughts came to mind so i made them into a little poem. It's about being set free from the cycle of self-inflicted destruction through sin, and this song came to mind.

Even tho the song seems simple, it has a double-edged nature. Which circle is the song actually asking about? Circle of life? Circle of death? Circle of sin? It doesn't specify, but in a quick search on this very old song, i did find this:  

"The pinnacle reason why this song has been able to transcend the test of time

is due to the honesty and truth embedded within the meaning...

Within these grief-stricken lyrics entails an awfully daunting question,

that question being:

When you close your earthly story / Will you join them in their bliss?

"An existential question of vast enormity

that is further bolstered by Habershon’s lyrics,

as the following verses deliver a poignant sense of melancholy

with lines such as: Is a better home awaiting / In the sky, in the sky, as well as

Do you love the hymns they taught you /Or are songs of earth your choice?" American Songwriter

If you find yourself in the dark cycle of self-destruction, asking the question "Will the circle be unbroken?" remember, God is able, and He is willing. The one person holding the circle together is you. But your Creator, your Savior - He's the One able to deliver you.

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